BTC Chapter 437 : Old Lu

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“Then what do you mean? Borrow money to give them a turnaround? Or what?” Lu Zixin asked.

“It’s not borrowing money.” Lu Yue continued. “Their small logistics company has long since ceased to be popular. Now it is all about supply chain management and the Internet things, and it won’t be open sooner or later.”

“Your uncle Yu, just ask me to inquire. Now what industry is good to do, he wants to sell the company’s trucks and warehouses, and wants to change careers.”

“I’m thinking, people have also pulled our home before. Now we have the ability, but also pull others, right?”

Lu Zixin nodded and said, “This is no problem. There are many industries that make money, that is, I don’t know what Uncle Yu can do.”

With the information and resources he has now, it is too simple to point a small entrepreneur.

“I know a little about their company, I will tell you.” Lu Yue said that he has been working with Yu Lang for so many years, he is clear about the business of Yulang.

After some conversation, Lu Zixin got a general understanding. He thought for a while and said: “Dad, this way, I will tell you an opportunity. If uncle Yu asks you, tell him. If he grasp it, it is his luck. Can’t grasp it, I also no way.”

“Good.” Lu Yue nodded and said: “If he asks me, I will say that.”


A few days later, He County Hotel, Yu Lang took his son early, and several business friends went to the place to book a banquet.

“Dad, is it necessary? This is seven o’clock in the morning, you told me to come over and eat at twelve o’clock!” Yu Lang son, Yu Kang said while yawning.

Since last night, Yu Lang has been telling him that what he must do today is to eat with the leaders of the county. He has not been so careful.

Yu Lang is holding a beer belly, his face is round and his hair is sparse, and his son Yu Kang looks like him, and he is equally blessed with a pair of smart glasses.

Yu Kang is still a top student. He graduated from a top-ranking university and has a high self-sustaining attitude. He always feels that his father’s management and management methods are not “advanced”. Therefore, as soon as he took over the company, the reform began, from the goods to logistics method, the result was less than half a year, the company was beaten.

Yu Lang’s face warned repeatedly: “You must remember what you said! The son of Old Lu’s family is now incredible. Even if the county magistrate wanna eats with him, he may not be able to make an appointment.”

“If people are willing to pull you, you will develop, understand? Fortunately, my friendship with Old Lu is good, he is willing to help me. You must pay attention when you talk, don’t offend others!”

“You have said it for dozens of times, I remember.” Yu Kang said and remembered, but he did not agree.

Lu Yue’s son, he has not seen it before. He used to work in his home in the summer vacation and went to a garbage university. Now listening to his dad said that Lu Zixin did a good job in Red Letter Group. He had a net worth, built a big villa and bought a private jet. He was still wondering how Lu Zixin suddenly developed.

Moreover, he does not think that Lu Yue can help. First of all, his son is not necessarily willing to help, is to help, their industry is different, how to help?

Yu Lang’s business friends also asked: “Is Old Lu talking about it?”

“People are now speaking more than we are.” Yu Lang said, “Wait.”

Lu Yue arrived on time, and Yu Lang personally came to the hotel parking lot to meet.

Upon arriving at the parking lot, Yu Lang saw that Lu Yue opened a car he had never seen before, and he did not sit in the driver’s seat.

“Pengyun? What brand of car is this?” Yu Lang doesn’t care about driverless cars, nor does he use Weibo or anything. Pengyun’s car was not officially sold, so he did not know.

“Old Lu, come, today is a good spirit, these days have been raised!” Yu Lang said with a smile.

“Fortunately, fortunately, now pay more attention to the maintenance of the body.” Lu Yue said, “Old Yu, you better have time to exercise, older and more sick.”

“I think too, now I walk every day, this weight can’t be lowered. The dishes are ready, I am looking for someone to bring a good wine, go up and say.” Yu Lang greeted.

There was a group of people waiting in the luxury private room of the hotel.

“Uncle Lu is good.” Yu Kang stood up and greeted.

“Hello.” A few friends of Yu Lang also said hello in the past. These people are some of the bosses in He County. They have considerable assets, and several of them also know Lu Yue.

Their greetings expressions were a little unnatural, because in the past, Lu Yue gave them greetings, and now, in turn, some are not used to it.

“Hello.” Lu Yue enjoys this feeling and is valued by people. This kind of self-immobilized chopsticks, others will not dare to eat first!

“Sit, everyone is sitting.” Lu Yue said, just starting to eat, inevitably, like a friendship.

After three rounds of drinking, Yu Lang transferred the topic to his company. He sighed and said: “I have been doing business for decades, I have to retire, and I have such a thing. The planting is too embarrassing. I really didn’t expect it.”

Referring to this, Yu Kang looked ashamed and said: “Dad, I will remember this lesson. I will definitely earn this money back!”

“How do you earn? I have told you long ago that doing business is not about reading the knowledge on the books or on the Internet. The knowledge inside is very deep!” Yu Lang directly taught him, “If you listen to me early, then not being deceived!”

“Eat a meal, grow a smart. I am looking for a bank loan, come back again!” Yu Kang said.

“This is not a problem of loans and no loans!” Lu Yue shook his head. “Can money be loaned back, can credit be credited back?”

“He County is such a small place, your reputation is broken, who is still looking for your home to purchase?”

Yu Kang didn’t talk, and he really couldn’t solve this problem.

“Old Lu, I heard that your son has a good ability, can you give us a trick?” A boss asked, he is Shen Guoqiang, one of Yu Lang’s partners. In the logistics company, he has 5% shares. .

Lu Yue took a bite and said: “In my opinion, your logistics company should not do it again. You are too traditional to keep up with the times and will be eliminated sooner or later.”

After Lu Yue finished, Shen Guoqiang and others were still a little dissatisfied. When they were the bosses, Lu Yue was still a wage earner! Now actually say that they are out of date, to be eliminated!

“Now the logistics are developing in intelligent management, such as unmanned logistics freight cars, logistics drones, and intelligent warehouses. You are doing traditional logistics, and the risks are high. You have to pay for the driver’s expenses and warehouse management fees. Not competitive!” Lu Yue said, all Lu Zixin analyzed for him.

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