BTC Chapter 79 : Is the same as the small spider?

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The Ferris wheel of the playground is very tall and at the very top, it can clearly overlook the entire playground. Whenever the cockpit rises to the highest altitude, there will be tourists screaming and cheering!

Su Xiaomeng and others have already sat up, and Lu Zixin is chatting with Su Zhirong in the waiting area below.

The Ferris wheel began to slowly rotate, Su Xiaomeng excitedly shouted: “The above is so clear, I want to take a selfie!”

“Unfortunately can’t bring a mobile phone!” Feng Lele regrets.

They slowly rose to the highest air, and they were far away and enjoyed the general perspective of God. However, at this moment, the Ferris wheel suddenly made a loud noise.

They saw that one of the arm wheels of the Ferris wheel was loose, and the entire Ferris wheel slammed a little directly. As it turned, it continued to emit a harsh metal friction.

“Ah…” on the Ferris wheel, a scream of horror. The tourists yelled, for fear that the behemoth was out of order, causing them to die.

“Fast, stop!” The staff quickly pressed the stop button, but the Ferris wheel could not stop in a second, but also with a strong inertia. Every time you rotate, the angle of the Ferris wheel will be a little bit.


“Don’t! Let me go!”

“Husband, my husband saved me!”

“Mother, I am afraid!” The people on the Ferris wheel cried wildly. Su Xiaomeng is no exception. She looks pale, just grabs the protective pole and shouts: “Help, I want to go down, I don’t want to fall! Sister, let them stop!”

Feng Lele and Zhang Hui also screamed in a scream. Wei Ming and other three boys did not have the madness before, and they called the guard bar on the cockpit loudly.

“Mother! Dad, police, Superman, Altman, help!” Wei Ming shouted madly. He glanced down, it was a tens of meters high, such a distance, if you fall, you must die?

Wei Ming was so scared that it was blind, but this did not alleviate the current situation.

The tourists who are waiting in line for the Ferris wheel are also horrified to run away, and some people shouted loudly and the scene was chaotic.

People rushed to run outside, fearing that the Ferris wheel would suddenly fall down and hit them.

Lu Zixin protects Su Zhirong and Su Zhirong clings to his arm and shouts in a frightened tone: “Xiaomeng, Xiaomeng she is still on!”

“Don’t worry, the Ferris wheel will stop right away!” Lu Zixin didn’t expect this to happen. Such a thing, a person will not encounter once in a lifetime, but let him meet.

He thought and flew, thinking a lot. It seems that the small spider has been bad luck since the mutation, and all kinds of bad luck can be encountered. Did I have been infected with H1 serum, but also contaminated with this bad luck?

This unscientific! But the facts are in front of him, Lu Zixin can’t think about the other, he picked up Su Zhirong and quickly sent it to a safe place before put her down.

“Xiaomeng are still above!” Su Zhirong looked at the tilting Ferris wheel, the pretty face was white, and the ant, like an ant on the hot pot, lost her mind for a moment, and her voice was crying.

Lu Zixin pulled her and said, “You go to the staff, I think of a way!”

There will be emergency safety measures in the playground. At this time, the Ferris wheel has stopped, but the loose shaft arm is still squeaking because it cannot withstand tremendous pressure.

The harsh voice seemed to be the reminder of the death, letting everyone on the Ferris wheel cry, and the sound of horror was heard.

At this time, the staff of the playground was also anxiously sweating. They had contacted the ambulance staff urgently, but it took time.

A staff member shouted at the speaker: “Don’t panic, don’t panic! We will rescue everyone soon, don’t panic! Please quickly evacuate the surrounding tourists to a safe area!”

Their shouts don’t make much sense. Can people on the Ferris wheel not panic? The call didn’t stop for a second.

“My child is still above!” There was a mother crying to go, stopped by the staff.

Others hid in a safe distance and picked up the phone to shoot.

“Scorpio, fortunately, I didn’t sit. You look at the Ferris wheel. The whole one is a little bit sloppy. If you fall down, you can’t fall into the meat.” Someone is glad.

“How have the rescuers not arrived yet? Save the people! What if you fall down?” There are people who are in a hot mood.

“Little dream!” Su Zhirong tried to calm down the mood and shouted to Su Xiaomeng: “You must not tamper with it, someone will save you soon!”

Su Xiaomeng had not shouted. She screamed for a while and found that it was useless. So she bit her lip and watched the situation.

At this time, the Ferris wheel has stopped working. As long as it stays still, it will not happen. However, when she thought so, the metal shaft arm slammed again, scaring her heart.

“Sister!” Su Xiaomeng couldn’t help but shouted again.

“Xiaomeng, how… what to do? We are going to die!” Feng Lele has been scared and incoherent.

Zhang Hui was crying and holding the metal guardrail on the cockpit and couldn’t say a word.

Below the Ferris wheel, the staff has rescued several tourists who are close to the ground, but the tourists above have no way.

Lu Zixin used his super vision to observe the arm of the Ferris wheel. He saw that a joint had cracked. According to this trend, it would take a few minutes to break completely.

“My younger sister is still above, you are going to save her!” Su Zhirong remembered pulling the staff and shouting.

“The ambulance staff is here soon, don’t worry!” the staff comforted.

At this time, there was indeed a sound of the fire truck. Lu Zixin saw that they had to wait at least ten minutes, then organized the rescue, and did not know how long it would take. The axle arm did not know how to resist, and could not wait any longer. .

“I am going to save her!” Lu Zixin shouted, rushing to the Ferris wheel.

“Lu Zixin, you wait!” Su Zhirong, though anxious, knows that this is not something that can be saved and must be ready for work.

“Sir, please go back to the safe area, there is danger.” The staff stopped him.

Lu Zixin didn’t talk nonsense with them, jumped straight up, actually skipped the high guardrail and rushed in.

Save people on the Ferris wheel. If it is a small spider, it may be done with just a few spiders. However, Lu Zixin can only rely on the most primitive way, that is, climb up to bring people down.

As for danger? There is one point, but it is not too big a problem for him. Well, his physical fitness has surpassed that of normal humans, and this Ferris wheel is not a skyscraper. Even if he falls down when he climbs up, he can guarantee that he will not be seriously injured.

When the people have not reacted, he has climbed the Ferris wheel.

“Scorpio, that person climbed up!” Everyone noticed this anomaly.

“Sir, please come down, it’s dangerous!” The staff shouted at him with a horn, but Lu Zixin climbed faster and faster.

“Lu Zixin!” Su Zhirong grind and looked at the scene with shock.

This steel frame structure is too easy to climb, relying on his two powerful Kirin arms, and the speed of agile reaction, on the Ferris wheel.

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