BTC Chapter 80 : Small meaning

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“What is he doing?” The onlookers were exclaiming. In this case, they avoided it, but the man actually dared to climb up, and he was too courageous!

Kaz!” another metal friction, the Ferris wheel tilted again at an angle, and rescuers are still on the way.

Because the Ferris wheel incident caused tourists to be confused and the road was not smooth, they were slower.

“Ah!” Su Xiaomeng sneaked a sneak look. She was too far away from the ground, and she would die if she fell.

She was unable to calmed down. At this time, she panicked and shouted with a metal rod: “Help! Come and save me!”

“Don’t move!” Lu Zixin voice suddenly sounded, and Su Xiaomeng almost cried.

She looked at the source of the sound and saw that a figure was crawling up quickly. It was the “pseudo” brother-in-law she didn’t like very much!

“Brother, save me!” Su Xiaomeng saw him at this time, just like seeing the most intimate people in the world! Where she can ignore the previous attitude, she can’t wait for Lu Zixin to come.

Lu Zixin is very close to Su Xiaomeng. Some tourists next to him saw him and shouted at him: “Help!”

“Brother, save me! I will give you money!”

“I also have money, give you 100,000! Save me first!”

“Save me first, I can be your girlfriend!” Under the threat of life, these people have been unable to take care of their faces, shouting one by one to Lu Zixin.

“Brother-in-law!” Su Xiaomeng shouted again at Lu Zixin, with grievances and panic in her voice. She was really afraid that Lu Zixin would abandon her now and save others. After all, she was not welcome to Lu Zixin.

“Let’s shut up!” Lu Zixin shouted loudly to them, shouting: “Who will shout again, labor and capital absolutely do not care for him!”

He sipped and let a few people in the vicinity immediately shut up, but one by one still gestured to him with a pleading eye and gesture.

Lu Zixin quickly looked at the situation and climbed up to find out that one of the armatures of the Ferris wheel had already broken, and the other axle arms were supporting it. But the whole is still leaning, and the whole side will fall down from time to time.

“Lu Zixin, be careful!” Su Zhirong yelled at him.

Lu Zixin shouted to the staff below: “Quickly open inflatable cushion, I will throw them down!”

The staff did not do anything, and the rescue props had already moved. When they heard Lu Zixin, they quickly laid the inflatable life-saving cushion.

Lu Zixin first saved Su Xiaomeng. Like a dexterous ape, he quickly climbed to Su Xiaomeng.

“Brother-in-law!” Su Xiaomeng said with tears in her eyes.

“Don’t be afraid.” Lu Zixin said. “You don’t move, I will help you unlock the security lock and then throw you over the life-saving cushion. Don’t mess!”

“Yeah.” Su Xiaomeng nodded and waited for Lu Zixin rescue. Lu Zixin opened the safety lock on her body, grabbed a metal rod with one hand, grabbed her arm with one hand, and pulled her up.

Su Xiaomeng stood trembling on the metal frame, clasping Lu Zixin arm tightly with both hands, and dared not look down.

Lu Zixin saw that she was too far from the inflatable cushion, grabbed her and climbed down a little to ensure she would not fall.

“Don’t be nervous, you let go of my hand, I throw you on the inflatable cushion,” Lu Zixin said.

“I am afraid!” Su Xiaomeng said.

“I am there, what are you afraid of?” Lu Zixin words are full of confidence and give Su Xiaomenh strong sense of security.

She tried to let go of Lu Zixin arm. Lu Zixin leaned back against the metal frame, carefully hugged Su Xiaomeng waist, pointed it at the inflatable cushion, and threw her down.

“Ah!” Su Xiaomeng screamed, and then she found herself on a soft air cushion, although it still hurts, but she has landed safely!

The staff hurriedly took her to the next and escorted her to the side.

“Good!” The tourists cheered.


“Too handsome! Is he a special soldier?” someone shouted.

The ambulance personnel also arrived and began to rescue the tourists who were closer to the ground. But they are far worse than Lu Zixin.

Lu Zixin quickly unlocked Feng Lele safety buckle and threw her on the inflatable cushion.

The huge Ferris wheel in the eyes of ordinary people are horror, but he can easily move or even save others.

“Thank you, thank you!” A man who was saved by him shouted excitedly, and then Lu Zixin lost it unceremoniously.

“Wow, who is he?” The tourists were already shocked. Those rescuers were saved, and Lu Zixin has saved four or five!

Someone is holding a mobile phone and shooting, but also excited voice: “Is it seen? That person is too hoisted, such a high place, get up and play like!”

Another child is amazed and asks mother: “mother, is that big brother a superman?”

“Yeah!” said the child’s mother, touching his head and looking at Lu Zixin with reverence.

Su Zhirong put her hands on her chest, three points on the pretty face, and seven points of worry. She was surprised that she had never known that Lu Zixin had such a skill, but she was worried that he would be injured.

“Sister.” Su Xiaomeng and her two classmates were brought over by the staff. Su Xiaomeng couldn’t wait to hug Su Zhirong, and her body was still trembling.

“Don’t be afraid, nothing.” Su Zhirong patted her back and comforted.

“Brother-in-law is still above!” Su Xiaomeng looked at the Ferris wheel, and her face is now full of worry.

Within a few minutes, Lu Zixin has rescued most people with rescuers. There are only three people on the Ferris wheel.

The rescuers are responsible for saving the next one, and the other two rely on Lu Zixin.

“Brother, save me! Save me! Brother, I am wrong, save me!” Wei Ming’s voice came, his cockpit was suspended in midair, and rescuers could not reach it for the time being.

Lu Zixin looked at him, and now there are only two people left, and his distance is similar.

“Save me!” Wei Ming pleaded. “The words I just said are fart, I am a pen. Brother, don’t leave me alone! I will apologize to you after I go down, I will never chase Su Xiaomeng again, I am good. Good reading, I don’t smoke…”

Lu Zixin was teased by him and said, “I am not your father, you promise me that it is useless.”

“Brother, I beg you, I really beg you!” Wei Ming pleaded. At this time, the Ferris wheel shook and tilted a little. Now it is already 30 degrees from the ground, as if it will collapse in the next second.

At this time, another visitor said: “Brother, you must save him first. I will not die if I fall here.”

It was a middle-aged man, Lu Zixin gave him a thumbs up and said, “Relax, I will get it right away!”

He climbed to Wei Ming and untied his safety buckle. Wei Ming grabbed him and the whole man was hanging in the air.

“Brother, don’t let go, I…” Wei Ming’s words have not been finished yet, and he was thrown directly by Lu Zixin, kneeling on the inflatable cushion and rescued by the staff.

There is only one left, Lu Zixin used to unlock his safety buckle, a man of more than 180 kilograms, he is like a chicken, no effort.

The man actually had a mood to make a joke and said: “brother, you have a good arm! I am far behind you in the gym every day. Can you throw me in place? Don’t lose it.”

“Small meaning!” Lu Zixin threw him and threw it on the inflatable cushion. At this point, there is only one person left on the Ferris wheel.

Just as he was about to climb down, the metal friction of the “kacha”, the metal shaft of the Ferris wheel could not support it again, and fell to the ground.

“Be careful!” the rescuers below shouted.


“Pour it down!”

“He wants to fall to death!”

“What to do? Who will save him!” The tourists screamed and screamed.

“Lu Zixin!” Su Zhirong’s eyes widened, shouting hysterically.

“Brother-in-law!” Su Xiaomeng looked at the Ferris wheel in horror and fell to the ground.

“Brother-in-law!” Feng Lele, Zhang Hui and others did not know what to call. In the rush, they also called with Su Xiaomeng together to call their brother-in-law. The voice was full of worry and panic.

However, Lu Zixin is not as dangerous as they think. In his eyes, the speed of the Ferris wheel seems to be slower than the average person. He adjusted his position so that he would not be overwhelmed.

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