BTC Chapter 81 : Handsome people never look back

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In the eyes of everyone, a behemoth of steel structure is dumping to one side. Although they have long since evacuated to a safe area, they are still worried about it and started running backwards.

Lu Zixin grabbed a metal rod of the Ferris wheel and stood firmly on it. He watched the Ferris wheel sideways, and the angle with the ground changed from 60° to 30°, and then further narrowed.

At this moment, Lu Zixin moved and he running on the Ferris wheel! That’s right, it’s running! He used the staggered metal rod as a foothold, stepping on every point with precision and running on it!

Everyone held their breath, and the eyes were all the same, and looked at this thrilling and magical scene.

Lu Zixin is like a lightning bolt, traversing on the Ferris wheel, and then jumping over a distance of more than ten meters from the ground!

His body flew out! Such as have the wings of the eagle!

However, he is a human, has no wings, people’s hearts are screwed to the extreme, as if the next moment will see Lu Zixin fell heavily on the ground, terrible!

Su Zhirong fingernails almost broke into the flesh, and she wanted to close her eyes, but she also expected a miracle.

Lu Zixin is getting closer and closer to the ground. He doesn’t fall straight to the ground, but 360° flips in the air, then rolls down to the ground and unloads.

This height, for ordinary people, even the unloading bones can not stand. But Lu Zixin didn’t have any serious problems. After a roll on the ground, he stood up steadily.

At this moment, behind him, the Ferris wheel crashed down and made a loud noise, splashing with dust. Some smashed parts are stunned in the air, shocking people!

Lu Zixin, on the other hand, is calmly moving toward everyone. At this time, if you click on the cigarette again, it is the live version of the Hollywood blockbuster!

But this is true! Not a movie, not a game. At this moment, Lu Zixin’s figure is extremely tall in their eyes, like a god!

This second, in addition to the sound of the collapse of the Ferris wheel, no one made a sound, because they have been unable to make a sound.

The Ferris wheel collapsed, Lu Zixin’s psychological activities are not clear, they only know that this is actually only a few seconds!

In this time, a person is like a superman, leaping down from the collapsed Ferris wheel, safely falling on the ground! A series of actions, just handsome!

One second, two seconds, three seconds! Three seconds passed, and the talents reacted.




“It’s too hoisted!” The tourists cheered out almost at the same time. Some people shouted with excitement, some applauded, and others picked up their phones and kept taking pictures.

“Wow, what did I see?” A sister excitedly shook his companion’s arm. “It’s so handsome, it’s so cool! Just like in the movie, I… I am so excited!”

“Don’t shake me, I have to take it quickly!” Her companion was also busy.

“Is this still a person?” Under the Ferris wheel, a group of professional rescuers also stunned. Running on the collapsed Ferris wheel, then jumping down safe and sound, this god-like operation, they are training for another 50 years and it is impossible to do it!

The man who had just been rescued also stunned and said: “Fuck, the cow is too much!”

“This is Lu Zixin?” Su Zhirong also stunned. This scene is really shocking. Lu Zixin was able to retreat after the rescue, and her face was stunned, but her heart was excited and unable to bear it herself.

Not only her, Su Xiaomeng is also a small mouth, looking at it.

“Scorpio, who is my brother-in-law? Is he an alien?”

Su Xiaomeng asked himself, Zhang Hui, who was next to him, said, “This is too… so handsome! I can’t stand it, Xiaomeng, from now on, your brother-in-law is my idol! Super powder!”

“Me too!” The tears on Feng Lele face are still not dry, and they are excited and excited.

The men’s high school students were equally shocked and excited at this time, because the vocabulary in their minds was too scarce, and they said with enthusiasm: “God, Damn, so God…”

Wei Ming really wants to give himself a slap. Just now he actually noast in front of Lu Zixin, it is simply courting death! If people don’t save him, he is now dead!

Although he is a little floating, the basic gratitude newspaper still understands. Now he regrets it and really wants to take back what he said before.

Lu Zixin hasn’t come yet, and has been surrounded by a lot of staff and enthusiastic visitors.

Because he didn’t know what he called, someone called him “hero” directly.

“Hero, are you okay? Are you injured?” Several staff members came forward to check his situation, the tone of worship.

“Nothing, I have no problem,” Lu Zixin said, waving his hand.

“Hero, you are so handsome! Are you specially trained?”

“Hero, thank you for saving me. My name is Wang Wei. Can I leave a contact? I want to thank you!”

“Handsome, what is your name? Can you leave a signature?”

“Mister, can you take a picture with me?” The tourists rushed up and Lu Zixin couldn’t go out.

The staff quickly stopped them and shouted with a megaphone: “You don’t want to squeeze, here is the accident area, please evacuate immediately!”

Others use the foam railing to isolate it and disperse the crowd.

“Lu Zixin!” Su Zhirong rushed over and couldn’t wait to get into Lu Zixin’s arms.

“Are you okay?” she asked worriedly.

“Do not worry, there is nothing at all, good 100%!” Lu Zixin comforted.

“It was really scaring me!” Su Zhirong was still hard breathing when she spoke, and Lu Zixin took her forward.

Su Xiaomeng and others wanted to rush over, but it was unfortunately stopped by the staff.

When Lu Zixin saw it, he said, “It’s still a long time, we have to find a playground staff.”

He doesn’t believe, is it really bad luck? The Ferris wheel accident, the news can only be seen once in a few years, the probability is the same as the plane crash. This happened to be so smart?

Moreover, the connection of the arm of the Ferris wheel is broken, either the safety inspection work is not done well, or the quality is not good, which is the responsibility of the playground.

If you are not present today, today’s event will be big!

Su Zhirong reacted and was angry. She said, “You are right! Today is not for you, my younger sister and those people are in danger! You must ask clearly!”

“It’s too crowded now, you should take care of Su Xiaomeng first, I go to the playground staff.” Lu Zixin said.

“Yeah.” Su Zhirong nodded. Before she left, she ignored the eyes of the people around her and kissed the face of Lu Zixin.

“Sir, please come here.” The staff arranged.

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