BTC Chapter 204 : Imitating mechanical equation blocks

Edited: XiaXue

Red Queen : “[Funny emoticon: Successfully get a big friend!]”

Peter Parker : “Autobots? People become cars or cars become people? My God, I only know what sand people, lizards, electro-lights, and so on, who are car people?”

“Is it a car that has been hit by a car?”

Red Queen : “It may be bitten by a car!” She sent a picture of a moving zombie that looked like a biochemical chariot.

Mr. L : “What are you talking about! Autobots are the title of the organization. Have you seen the information in profile members?”

Peter Parker : “Looking…”

Creator Luke : “The planet of Cybertron, a mechanical planet? It sounds like Hebron, and I built a huge mechanical kingdom there.”

“There is still another creator, it’s a ridiculous name.”

He used to be called the Creator, but now he can only lie in the Silent City. He now knows that the so-called Creator of Hebron’s planet in the past was only a slightly stronger presence in the universe.

Optimus Prime : “It is the power of the Creator that gives us life, otherwise we are just a pile of steel garbage.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: curious eyes] @Optimus Prime, can I also become a mechanical life?”

Optimus looked at her information and immediately said : “Of course, as long as there is fire from Allspark, you can use any machine to become our mechanical life!”

Red Queen : “Can I also become a car man?”

Optimus Prime : “At present, there seems to be no way,  Allspark is lost, and we are not in a universe.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: cultivating the autobot failed, System restarted.]”

Creator Luke : “Mechanical life, and robots are two concepts. Gene coding is stored in atomic structures, and circuit elements are used instead of organic life tissues.”

“This gives me inspiration! Maybe it’s like this to make a truly thoughtful, life-giving robot!”

The robots he made before, although they have reached the peak, have never got rid of the “tools” category. Their thinking and behavior are set by procedures.

The Cybertron star, who can have the same thoughts as organic life, is a new direction of creation.

Optimus Prime : “If you want to study, maybe I can provide something for you.”

Creator Luke : “What? Let me see.”

Optimus Prime replied : “Over the years, our autobot have been working on fire from Allspark, the so-called leadership module. In an attempt to find the secret origin of our mechanical life, the mystery of fire is beyond our reach.”

“But we are not doing nothing. I have some ‘imitation of mechanical equations’ here. This is based on our imitation of the creativity of the fire, incorporating the genetic programming of our mechanical life and the imitation of the circuit. ”

“Using this imitation, it can turn some ordinary metal machinery into a high-grade mechanical product with deformability. Although it does not have thinking, it will change dramatically in performance and construction.”

After that, Optimus Prime made a Red envelope in the group. But this time, he did not send the exclusive Red envelope, but the luck Red envelope, the group members can grab!

Red Queen is the fastest, the first to grab the Red envelope.

Group Tip : “Red Queen received the luck Red envelope from Optimus Prime and got a copy of the Level 2.”

The group members followed up and chose to collect.

Group Tip : “Creator Luke received the luck red envelope from Optimus Prime, obtained a copy of the Level 4, a copy of the Mechanical Life Gene Code.”

Group Tip : “Peter Parker received the luck Red envelope from Optimus Prime and got a copy of the Level 2.”

Lu Zixin is no doubt the last one, but this time his luck is not the worst.

Group Tip : “Congratulations, you have received the luck red envelope from Optimus Prime, and obtained two simulations of the Level 1, a simple mechanical construction map.”

Now, Optimus Prime’s luck Red envelope is getting 4/6, and two should be for Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne.

Everyone quickly thanked Optimus Prime, Red Queen : “@Mr. L, [emoticon: envy, hate!]”

Mr. L : “I grabbed the first level, you are two levels, I envy you!”

Peter Parker : “Yes, what is the difference between this first level, two levels, three levels, and four levels?”

Optimus Prime explained : “The complexity of different levels is different. In our planet, the mechanical life is divided into many kinds, with different functions. There are small machinery, medium, large, super large. Or transportation, fighting, Camouflage, military, detection, etc.”

“The ones are relatively simple, listed as one level, and go up in order according to the complexity. I have some mechanical equations for the first and second levels, and there are very few third and fourth levels. The fourth level is almost what we can do now. The highest level of arrival.”

The little spider suddenly realized : “It turns out that. So, my second-level imitating mechanical equations, maybe it can be used for my spider suits? It also has some micro-mechanical components inside.”

Optimus Prime : “Of course, imitate the change of mechanical equations, but at the atomic level!”

Red Queen : “Then I will use it for myself, will it grow up? [emoticon: fear]”

Optimus Prime : “I don’t know. Even with the same mechanics, the changes in the equations are completely different. Just like our Cybertron planet, there is no identical mechanical life!”

Red Queen : “Then I still don’t need it, unless it makes me a car man, it’s not a car queen, Red Queen!”

Optimus Prime : “Right, reminder, after using the mechanical equations, you must add enough energy before the machine can perform its function.”

Creator Luke : “Yes, I am going to start researching, everyone, talk again.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: 45 days in the sky, congratulations to Dalat.]”

Optimus Prime : “I have to start sailing at the speed of light, goodbye.”

Mr. L : “Goodbye, bon voyage.”

Peter Parker : “Hahaha, I am going to distort my spider suit! The deformed spider suit, it sounds great!”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: deformation spider!]” She matched the picture, or the zombie spider that was synthesized for the little spider last time, and then twisted some.

Peter Parker had a psychological shadow on this picture and quickly said : “[emoticon: big pleading] @Red Queen, this picture is too scary, I slipped first.”

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