BTC Chapter 203 : Autobot

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“Nothing, I just went to have a cup of tea and gave them a  proposition. They agreed.” Lu Zixin said in an understatement, but Tang Gang certainly wouldn’t think it was so simple.

The other party is an underground force, will it be so simple to agree? He increasingly felt that Lu Zixin was unfathomable. It seems that he has been unable to fully understand how much Lu Zixin still has after in Red Letter for so long!

“General Lu is awe-inspiring.” Tang Gang said another, and then said: “Then I will not bother you, you just take a vacation, I will handle the company’s affairs in a timely manner.”

“Yes, then hang up.”

Lu Zixin hung up and started enjoying the time here. Just stretching the muscles and sweating, Xu Wenbin specially invited him to a professional masseur, and took a shower and squeezed his shoulders.

On a comfortable, soft bed, Lu Zixin is playing with his mobile phone. He first talked to Su Zhirong, told her that she had already understood, and then went to Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group.

In the group, no one spoke at this time, but there are some chat records. Lu Zixin turned over, probably because Tony Stark and Creator Luke discussed the manufacture of mechs, and Peter Parker asked Bruce Wayne about the philosophy of life.

To his surprise, he did not find Red Queen’s chat record. It seems that after the last Red envelope was sent to Red Queen that day, the frequency of her online is significantly reduced. It is estimated that the data in Red envelope is being studied.

Lu Zixin has turned over the group activity and  an experience value from the upgrade. But then Iook at invited the group member’s buttons and it was finally refreshed.

Of course, Lu Zixin clicked on the invitation!

Group Tip : “Inviting group member from Ten thousand realms, please wait…”

“Last time it’s almost two days, this time?” Lu Zixin was too lazy to wait, ready to go offline. Who knows, the speed of the invitation is thief fast, and in less than a minute, the group prompt came.

Group Tip : “Optimus Prime has joined the group.”

“Optimus Prime?” Lu Zixin quickly checked the list of group members. The only icon that was lit except him was a large red truck.

He clicked on the group information, which read:

“Optimus Prime: From “Transformers” universe, planet Cybertron. The leader of Autobots organization, has been transformed into a ‘fire type’, one of the most intelligent and powerful car people.”

“It’s actually Optimus Prime, and there’s one more big guy in the group!” Lu Zixin was secretly happy, and at the same time, he said : “@Optimus Prime , welcome to Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, you can check this first.“

He sent the group information to Optimus Prime, and the latest group information was supplemented by Lu Zixin. Includes group introduction, group rules, Red envelope, group space and more.

Optimus quickly read the above information and replied : “I think I can learn a lot from the communication platform between different universes.”

Mr. L : “Learning each other and helping each other.”

Optimus Prime : “I have a problem now.”

Mr. L : “Please say.”

Optimus Prime said : “I am sailing in the universe, the energy I carry is almost exhausted, and I can’t find the energy supply. Can this Red envelope provide energy for me?”

Lu Zixin said : “Of course! But I want to know, what energy do you need? Gasoline, diesel, or aerospace oil, electricity?”

Optimus Prime : “You are talking about the low-level energy on earth? Do you think it can support in the universe?”

“It doesn’t seem to be.” Lu Zixin said, car people are not necessarily using gasoline.

Optimus Prime : “If there is no energy, then I can only go to sleep with the spacecraft until I find a planet with energy.”

Mr. L : “You wait, although I don’t have it now, but other people in the group should have it.”

Lu Zixin immediately used the power of the legendary group owner that he had never used before – @All!

Mr. L  : “@All, the new members in group, He urgently needs a little energy for the universe, who can support it?”

He was only @All, the first one appeared, naturally is smart Red Queen.

Red Queen : “A new big brother has been added to the group?[Sorry emoticon: group status – 1.]”

Peter Parker : “Welcome to the group and applaud!”

The other three, for the time being, did not appear, they may not be able to time to receive the news.

Lu Zixin asked : “Can you help Optimus Prime?”

Red Queen : “The energy transfer of the umbrella company needs core instructions. I can’t do it now. [emoticon: can’t do it!]”

Peter Parker : “This, the energy of the space navigation? Now I can’t get it. Mr. Stark must have it, just wait a moment.”

Optimus Prime : “I am very glad to meet you, I am the leader of the autobot, Optimus Prime.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon that stretches out the data line: and the big jaw grip.]”

Peter Parker : “I am also very happy to meet you, please advise.”

At this time, Creator Luke appeared. He said : “Another group of the universe, I am really curious, how this group is connected to so many universes.”

Optimus Prime : “It’s a magical thing, but the universe is big, no wonder.”

Creator Luke : “The right thing to say, the mystery of the universe, I have never tried to study it all my life.”

“Do you need the energy of the universe? I think I have a lot here, I can give you a part.”

Optimus Prime : “Thank you so much!”

When he finished, the group showed that Creator Luke sent a Red envelope to Optimus Prime.

At this time, in the universe, a spaceship is sailing in a vacuum. The planet of Cybertron, the leader of the autobot, Optimus Prime, is standing in the energy warehouse of the spacecraft.

He saw the Red envelope in the group and clicked on it according to the method displayed in group.

Group Tip : “Congratulations, you have received the Red envelope from Creator Luke, and got the ‘Magic Stone’ three cubes, a magic brake stone energy extraction device.”

“Magic Stone?” Optimus Prime took things out of the group space and curiously looked at the red stones in front of him. This stone is red and has a very high temperature, just like it was just taken out of the volcanic lava.

He can feel the rich energy contained in this stone! Just one, it is enough for the spacecraft to use a lot of time, three cubic meters, enough for his spacecraft to reach the next destination.

The magic brake stone energy extraction device can easily convert the energy in the magic brake stone into a pure energy output to power the spacecraft.

Optimus Prime immediately chose to use it. Soon, the energy dial in the energy warehouse began to turn, showing that the energy is full and the spacecraft can fully activate!

Optimus Prime is overjoyed, and this will not delay the business. He quickly thanked the group : “Many thanks for everyone help, you are friends of Autobot!”

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