BTC Chapter 268 : Ridiculous?

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“They actually protested our resolution. This Chinese company didn’t take us too seriously!” a member patted the table.

“Hahaha, don’t take it seriously.” Taylor Walker said while laughing loudly, “China people like to protest, but there is no use at all, their opinions can only be thrown into the trash!”

The committee chairman looked at the report carefully, expression became serious, said loudly: “What do you think about Net of the Sky plan? They are going to be against the communications industry all over the world!”

In his eyes, they basically represent the whole world.

“Dear Sir, you can take a closer look.” Taylor Walker said, “The sixth generation of mobile communication technology is still spread all over the world? Is it only a few hundred small satellites? Completed within three years?”

“If you look at it again, you will be like me, I can’t help but laugh. It is too exaggerated to fool the ignorant people. Nothing can be done now!”

“Their spokesperson must have drunk more wine.”

The committee chairman really laughed and said, “Oh, you are right. It is for three-year-old, just like the “command” issued by Mr. President on Twitter.”

They laughed for a while, and Taylor Walker suggested: “Sir, we must also respond to this and expose their ridiculous lies.”

“Well, Walker, this matter will be handed over to you,” said the committee chairman.

Taylor Walker is very efficient. A few hours later, top scientists in US communications industry have issued serious accusations and criticisms to Red Letter Group’s “Net of the Sky” plan.

Raymond is a top scientist in quantum communications and satellites at Stanford University in United States. He is also a technical consultant to US Federal Communications Commission. He voiced in front of the media and slammed the plan of Red Letter.

“China Red Letter Group’s “Net of the Sky” plan is entirely a ridiculous joke in the scientific community! The power of small satellites is too low, the radiation range is limited, and hundreds of small satellites are unlikely to provide efficient network services to the world.”

“The sixth generation of mobile communication technology that Red Letter said can never be completed by just a few small satellites. At present, there is no mature 6G technology in the world.”

“Red Letter’s so-called service to hundreds of millions of users is even more impractical. The network services and communication signals required by over 100 million users are by no means small satellites can provide. In the next decade, communication and network services must rely on large base stations on the ground… …”

He also listed a lot of data and information, and immediately got the universal recognition of the scientific community. He always thought that the plan made by Red Letter was unrealistic, just a “verbal dream” rather than a practical business plan.

Some people said: “Red letter wants to subvert the telecommunications industry, it is an act of anger and the dog jumps on the wall!”

Apple executives were very relaxed  about Red Letter Sky Net plan. The red letter is open to the river and can only explain one problem. They are stumped by Federal Communications Commission’s ban!

If Red Letter really implements this plan, they estimate that they must wake up when they dream. How much does it cost to do this project that can’t be completed in the short term?

The US space exploration company, Founder Mas, also saw the news.

Mas, who is nearly 50 years old, is still energetic and ambitious. He is a work and a madman of Science and Technology. He is a myth in the world of science and technology and business, and several his companies have become stars in the business and science and technology world.

And Mas himself, has won numerous honors, what is the “Fortune” global business figures of the year, the top 50 most influential people in the world and so on.

He was even praised by some media as “the man who changed the world”, and the star chain plan to launch 12000 small satellites was proposed by him.

Prior to this, his space exploration company had successfully launched a rocket to send a sports car into the orbit of the Earth – Mars, and successfully recovered the rocket; launched a test satellite with two star chain plans…

“The net of the sky?” Mas said in front of the news about the net of the sky, he carefully read it again, a rare smile, “Very thought!”

He once had a similar thought. When the space exploration company designed the star chain program, it hoped that no more than 4,000 small satellites would be used. However, on several calculations, they corrected 12,000 small satellites, and can’t cross technical obstacles were in front of them.

“Do you think it is possible?” his secretary asked.

“If you change to 5G network communication, the time plan is more than a few years, and it is not impossible to modify the number of satellites.” Mas said, “But there is still the biggest problem, so much money, where are they looking from?.”

Their satellite chain plan, satellite manufacturing costs are expected to be more than 10 billion US dollars, rocket launch costs are expected to exceed 30 billion US dollars, so this plan is only proposed and tried, and did not fully implement.

Red letter wants to implement it all? Who is looking for so much money? So Mas believes that this is just an idea and it cannot be a realistic plan.

More than just foreign countries, domestic Science and Technology institutions, corporate celebrities, and some Science and Technology media have questioned Red Letter’s Net of the Sky plan.

Several communications and satellite scientists have raised clear questions and have come up with some data comparisons and concluded that “Red Letter’s Sky Net plan can only be a future goal, and it cannot be implemented for at least five years!”

On Weibo, there is a well-known big V called “Hu Qiuzhi”, which is famous for its shortcomings. It often blames some social phenomena and is concerned by many people.

The news of red letter net of the sky, the speculation on the Internet, he naturally could not help but say a few words.

Hu Qiuzhi’s speech is different from other people. Other media will take care of the reputation of Red Letter Group and only question it.

Hu Qiuzhi speaks directly: “Red Letter = talk nonsense, lost face and thrown abroad!”

He reprinted Raymond’s criticism of Red Letter, and many experts data prove that he wrote on Weibo: “It can be said that scientists in the field have unanimously determined that Red Letter’s Sky Net plan is unable to achieve in short time. Red letter is so exaggerated, just let the Americans laugh.”

“As a far-flung Chinese company, Red Letter should have the mentality of a big company, maintain the image of the company and the country, rather than the “small workshop” mentality, rely on bragging to achieve the goal…”

His speech attracted a lot of comments from netizens.

“Is this true? Then the plan can’t be implemented? White is happy!”

“Isn’t it as serious as you said? What happened to the plan? It shows that Red Letter has this goal. Can’t do it now, will it be done in the future?”

“Garbage, how is the red letter lost? It is obvious that Americans are targeting red letters!”

“Red letter company definitely wants to pull investment, and engage in such a gimmick to attract investment!”


Not to mention the outside question, that is, inside the Red Letter company, many employees are very confused, this sky net plan can really be implemented? Or, really, to implement?

When they were confused, the senior executives of Red Letter and some technical personnel had already prepared the preliminary plan of “Net of the Sky” plan and went to National Industrial Information Department to apply for approval.

In this regard, the National Industrial Information Department also attached great importance to it, and immediately began to understand and review it.

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