MST Chapter 67 : Little princess has no account

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Yiyi is indeed a foodie, and her appetite is not small, all the sweets that Ye Guang bought for her have been eaten.

On the way back, Yiyi didn’t take two steps and suddenly she didn’t leave, then look at Liu Chiyan on the left and Ye Guang on the right. “Hm, Ye Guang, you carry me! I can’t walk.”

Liu Chiyan: “Go yourself, just eaten, walk and digest it for a while!

Yiyi doesn’t leave, “I don’t want to go, I am tired. I am tired when I get off the plane. You can’t hold me anymore. I have been holding back, and I just got enough, I have a lot of weights, and more can not walk, no matter, I want him to carry me.”

Liu Chiyan has some helplessness and some anger.

Ye Guang didn’t reluctantly, smiled and squatted down. “Okay, Yiyi, then I will hold you.”

Yiyi shook her head. “No, you can only carry me. Grandma said, girls can’t just let men hold.”

Ye Guang froze, how is this prelude so familiar? Then I sneaked a peek at Liu Chiyan, well, it’s obvious, the teacher is same! Ye Guang couldn’t help thinking, what did he say about this cheap mother-in-law, and what did she teach her daughter and granddaughter?

The little girl was not heavy, and Ye Guang was very relaxed. Yiyi began to sing on his back and still sang, and it seemed very happy to eat. After a while, she fell asleep on Ye Guang’s back.

Liu Chiyan: “Back to Studio?”

Ye Guang: “Don’t go back, Yiyi is asleep, go home.”

Liu Chiyan: “Are you not eager to advertise?”

Ye Guang: “It’s not a bad day, let’s say you just arrived, take a break and go home.”

Liu Chiyan: “OK! Listen to you.”

Yiyi lying on Ye Guang back asleep, originally Liu Chiyan want to hold yiyi while sit behind, but Yiyi may be in the back of Ye Guang sleep no security, two small hand dragged ye guang clothes, no way, had  to let Liu Chiyan drive, Ye Guang carefully put yiyi from the back to the bosom, did not wake her, and then held her in the back seat.

Because of the long body, the child is easy to sleep, and sleeps for a long time. After Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan came home, Yiyi didn’t wake up and put her on the bed in the room. Ye Guang gently covered the door and didn’t close it.

Ye Guang: “This little girl is really a ghost.”

Liu Chiyan smiled. “How? I have already told you that this little girl is too smart. It is not like a five-year-old child. How can a five-year-old child like her?”

Ye Guang: “Smart is a good thing.”

Liu Chiyan: “Well, you haven’t seen her mouth yet, sometimes you don’t know how to pick it up, and it’s pretty and capricious, too frustrating.”

Ye Guang: “It’s very good. Anyway, I like her very much. It looks like a little princess, smart, lively and cute.”

Liu Chiyan smiled and said: “You still protect her, wait, there will be time to angry you later.”

Ye Guang smiled: “Right, she should have been on Kindergarten. Is it a middle class or big class?”

Liu Chiyan shook her head. “No, she didn’t go to Kindergarten. I asked her to try it for a few days last year. Then she didn’t go to Kindergarten again. She said that Kindergarten’s children are too naive, and she is not a channel person, then I haven’t let her go, and I have been asking a tutor to teach her at home. Usually my parents have time to teach.”

Ye Guang: “She won’t go if she doesn’t say it? The kindergarten doesn’t really count on what she can learn, mainly because she has more contact with other children. How can a person be at home everyday?”

Liu Chiyan nodded. “Who said it is not, but you know this child. She don’t know who the mother is. My brother has no news. The children of other people have mom and dad to pick up every day. She only has grandma or aunt. Then, do you say that she can feel good in her heart? This child is poor, and my heart is bitter. She is also sensible, much stronger than the average child in the same year. Since she is not willing to go there, we will not let her go. It is good to hire tutor at home to teach enlightenment. She is also in her own heart.”

Ye Guang heard that, have some sadness, indeed, the child is so small, to kindergarten, everyone else has a father and mother, she did not, what would the child think? It’s really blame, Ye Guang has a distressed Yiyi.

Ye Guang: “So you took her to work with us every day? Not going to school?”

Liu Chiyan is full of sadness. “I don’t know how to be good. Moreover, even if she is sent to school, she may not be able to go. She does not have a household register. The regular school does not have a household register.”

“Ahhhh…” Ye Guang was surprised. “She doesn’t have a household register? How come?”

Liu Chiyan has some helplessness: “There is no, our family is a red family, my parents are civil servants… Some special, although the third generation, but the number of people in the home household register is to write a report to the organization to write the application, than the general family household register to trouble more, the new population of the base must write clearly, more difficult, Originally, according to the truth, on our family’s household register is not, but to the children household Register is not parents and other relatives guardian, the family planning Commission will have a special investigation, but my brother… you also know that no one knows the child’s mother. These things can’t be clearly stated, so the matter on the household register has been put on hold. I am thinking about ways  for her to go to elementary school next year, or take my household. The register is detached and I am on my household register.”

Ye Guang nod, although some do not understand, but he heard a little, that is Liu Chiyan parents identity card special, so the home household register more difficult, said, he really do not know Liu Chiyan parents do what, only know is civil servants, But specifically in what unit he is not clear, listen to Liu Chiyan said, in the heart some understand, Liu Chiyan did not take the initiative to tell him, even her home parents are not small, certainly not what ordinary civil servants, general civil servant to granddaughter last household register What’s so hard about that? However, Liu Chiyan does not take the initiative, and he naturally does not ask himself.

Ye Guang: “The thing of house register is really going to be done, and it can’t affect the children’s school.”

Liu Chiyan leaned on his neck and agreed with some helplessness. “It is.”

Two people in the living room chat for a while, watched TV, Ye Guang look at the time, already five o’clock, fast to the meal point, must go to buy vegetables to cook, yiyi not awake, the family has a child, natural two people can’t all go away, so he offered himself to buy vegetables, Liu Chiyan at home looking at the child, shameless to Liu Chiyan for 200 dollars.

Liu Chiyan still doesn’t know what his ghost idea is. She sent him a hundred pieces, two adults and one child. How many foods can he buy? This goods must be secretly hiding money in private houses. Liu Chiyan’s heart is clear, and if he has a hundred or two hundred, even if there is surplus, there will be not much left, so he will be rewarded.

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