MST Chapter 66 : First meeting with little princess

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After work, Ye Guang sent Liu Chiyan to airport.

originally wanted her to be a little late and have some food to go, but there were only a few flights on the plane, and the plane was not waiting for people. I thought Liu Chiyan was hungry. Ye Guang had a distressed wife, and then he was a little blame, why should he let her go late? It just happened to be stuck at the meal now.

Liu Chiyan is accustomed to it, but comforted him. “Nothing, there is food on the plane. I bought the first class. It is not bad. I will pad first, go home and eat, not hungry.”

Send away Liu Chiyan, Ye Guang want to go home, no one is cooking, and I don’t want to eat outside. Of course, I don’t want to eat outside because it’s poor! Think about it, go back and see your parents, of course, and eat a meal by the way.

The dishes made by mother are still as good as ever.

After dinner, mother pulled him to ask long and short questions. Seeing her son on TV really made their old man feel a special face. The atmosphere of the family was very active at night, that is, mother complained that Ye Guang had forgotten to give her the signature of Liu Chiyan. Ye Guang consecutive guarantees, must bring next time!

The next morning, when Ye Guang went to work, Father always said that he would return the Skyhawk to him. Ye Guang was driving Liu Chiyan car, there was no way for both cars to drive back. Let Father continue to drive, anyway. He drove Liu Chiyan’s car, and the car was not used too much.

Props and the like for Fruit Run Beverages ads shoot have been almost completed, and the rest is waiting for the actors to be in place, that is, waiting for Liu Chiyan to bring the little princess.

In the afternoon, Ye Guang received a big and small beauty.

Liu Yitong is very beautiful and cute. Her face is fat and her eyes are very big. Her long eyelashes tremble, wearing a white princess dress, looks really like a little princess.

Ye Guang and Liu Yitong are both looking at each other. Liu Yitong looks at Ye Guang with her big eyes and turns Ye Guang to look, so cute!

Liu Yitong’s nickname is Yiyi, Ye Guang smiled and squatted down, then pinched Yiyi’s little face. “Yiyi, you are Yiyi, how are you so cute, like a little princess.”

Yiyi’s face was deformed by Ye Guang, and Ye Guang’s hand was shot. Then, while rubbing her face, she looked at Ye Guang with a disdainful look that was not like a five-year-old child. “Why are you adults, when seeing beautiful child praises her, they has to pinch her face? Is this very boring? Have you ever thought about our feelings? I am very helpless when I am young and cute. Can you express your love in a different way? It really makes people feel naive!”

Ye Guang is dumbfounded.

Amazingly looking at Yiyi little princess, then looking at Liu Chiyan holding her, Liu Chiyan shrugged at him.

Ye Guang has a thought in his mind, this child may be a enchanting, not good to deal with, in the future… have fun playing.

Ye Guang laughed. “I’m sorry, Yiyi, you are so cute, my brother didn’t hold back, Yiyi, my name is Ye Guang, the employee under your aunt’s hand.” Say Ye Guang put his hand to Yiyi.

To deal with children, first increase the sensitivity is the first step.

However, Yiyi little princess didn’t shake hands with Ye Guang, but looked at Ye Guang with a look of disdain. “You are such a big person, but you are also a self-proclaimed brother. If you are my brother, what are you and my aunt? Still lying, when I don’t know? Hey, liar!”


Ye Guang is dumbfounded again.

Suspiciously looked at Liu Chiyan, Ye Guang asked: “Have you told her?”

Liu Chiyan waved her hand again and again. “I didn’t say anything to her.” She said that, she was also very confused and looked at Yiyi, wondering why she said this.

Yiyi little princess is very arrogant and cuts out, “You still want to hide me from that little thing?” When talking, Yiyi also extended her finger to Liu Chiyan. “This is my aunt, I have no mother since I was a child. She counted my half mom. If others don’t understand her, I still don’t know her. This little girl is smirking and daze in the room. At first glance, it is a work. I guess it is in love! Some time ago, she sent me to my grandfather. Then she sneaked to Nanchang. She thought I didn’t know what you were doing? I just follow you, that is, if you are a few years old, no one wants it, or can you fool me? Hump!”

Ye Guang This is really dumbfounded.

Lying down! Lying down! Lying down!

This is a enchanting! Not possible, is ok! It is certain! It is for sure! This is a enchanting!

Is this a five-year-old little girl saying?

Liu Chiyan was amazed and embarrassed, and her expression was very good. “Who is your little girl! What are you talking about!” She said, and Ye Guang smiled. “I said this little girl is a ghost.”

Yiyi little princess snorted.

Ye Guang smiled a little, “Yiyi, okay, I admit, I am your uncle, I will take you to eat delicious.”

“Don’t use the set of children to marry me, I won’t eat this one!” Yiyi gave him a white look. “I want to eat ice cream, but also egg tarts, friends red bean pie, pineapple pie, fragrant pie, various pies!”

Ye Guang have joy, hey, it seems to be a child, and it is still a foodie.

“OK, no problem! Uncle take you there!”

Yiyi’s eyes lit up. “Who is my uncle, I haven’t admitted yet, you are not counting now! I have to inspected before I agree!”

Ye Guang smiled, thought, is it not that you have the final say, your aunt and I have been married and have obtained the certificate, and you can’t say it. However, Ye Guang did not dare to tell Yiyi about his marriage with Liu Chiyan. This little girl was a ghost and told her that it would be inevitable that the marriage would be the ultimate secret.

Ye Guang spent a lot of money and bought all the things that Yiyi wanted to eat except ice cream. The ice cream was too cold and the current weather was not suitable. Although Yiyi was not happy, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan insisted on not buying her. The money to buy things is the little pocket money left by Ye Guang. I just met Yiyi today. He didn’t want to go to Liu Chiyan to pay for the bill. I will talk about it later, but I must have good impression on first meeting.

Ye Guang bought a bunch of snacks. They didn’t go back right away. There was a small park attached to the park. They found a quiet place in the park. Three people sat on the grass. Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan watched Yiyi eat snacks.

Yiyi was happy with a bunch of snacks, and Liu Chiyan petted her head. “Do you eat so much? Eat slowly, no one will grab from you.”

Yiyi didn’t pick up the words immediately, and spit all the things in her mouth. Then said with a milky voice: “You came out and found a good one. You are happy. You threw me in my grandfather’s house. I broke the leg in that place. I can’t find these things. I haven’t eaten them for a long time. Of course I have to eat enough.”

Liu Chiyan’s face was red, and she pinched Yiyi’s little face and blamed her for talking loudly.

Ye Guang smiled, little girl is still very well-educated. Before she spoke, she knew to swallow things first. It was much better than Ye Guang. It looked like little princess. It’s this mouth, oh, can Let them be dumbfounded, too ghostly!

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