BTC Chapter 266 : Net of the Sky (Sky Net)

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A reporter from The Wall Street Journal raised a new question for Tang Gang. “Is Red Letter interested in working with US third-party sales platform?”

“This is what we are considering. If there is a suitable opportunity, we are willing to cooperate with US third-party sales platform.” Tang Gang replied.

There were also questions from media in European countries asking questions about whether Red Letter Science and Technology would enter the European market.

Tang Gang said: “Red Letter aims to serve users all over the world. The European market is our future goal, but in a short time we should first prepare for the telecom operation plan.”


A series of questions have ended and the media has received enough accurate information.

In the real-time news, relevant reports have appeared.

“Red Letter responds to ‘US ban’ incident, strongly opposes unfair treatment, and never gives up North American market!”

“Red Letter has a strong counterattack and wants to operate telecom services on its own to open US market!”

“Red Letter directly hit press conference, Red Letter: ‘Resolutely fight the unfair ban!’”


Real-time news, the first concern is naturally the employees of Red Letter Group and the entrepreneurs in related industries.

Seeing this news, their reactions are different.

“Lu Yan, this person, really is not convinced!” Rice company, Tian Xiangshan said with a smile, “Almost the same as me when I was young.”

“This decision is not very sensible!” a senior executive of Rice said, “Just this week, Huawei was once again released by US third-party sales platform Best, buy, for reasons of safety. ‘This shows that the domestic trade protection phenomenon of US communications industry is getting more and more serious. Their hostility to Red Letter is bigger than that of Huawei, and I am afraid that the third-party sales platform in United States will refuse to cooperate with Red Letter.”

Tian Xiangshan nodded: “It is not possible, it is 100%! The plan for the operation of Red Letter Telecom is not feasible.”


Pengcheng, in addition to the accident of Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology, there is another famous communication science and technology company, Huawei Technology Co., Ltd.

When Red Letter has not yet emerged, they have already occupied the highland of the domestic communications industry, and at the same time sold the products to more than 170 countries. The operators of the global TOTOPNUMX have 50 homes working with Huawei. It can be said that the leader of China’s domestic private communications industry.

However, the sudden emergence of Red Letters has occupied a large number of markets that originally belonged to Huawei, and also took their leading position in many technical fields.

Although there is no public statement, Hua has always regarded red letter as the most important opponent. The letter of Red Letter in the US market is similar to them. They are also closely watching and want to know the countermeasures of Red Letter.

In a bright and spacious modern office, a man and a woman are sitting on the sofa and looking at the display on the wall, which is playing a live video of the Red Letter press conference.

The man is older, although the hair is dyed dark, but the wrinkles on the forehead and the corner of the eye have already indicated his age. This year he is over seventy years old and his body is small, but no one dares to look down on him because he is the current president, Zhai Zhigao.

Huawei was founded by him, and he has developed it into one of the top 500 companies in the world. He has also been rated as one of the world’s most influential people in the world.

The woman next to Zhai Zhigao is also quite old. It is the chairman of the board of directors of Huawei, and is also the top elite with a certain influence in the world.

Both of them looked at the screen and listened carefully to every question Tang Gang answered. In US market, they and Red Letters are hard-won brothers.

“Do you operate telecom to open US market?” Zhai Zhigao is slightly frowned. “This plan is too ideal.”

Cheng Hao holds a cup of hot water and says: “Red Letter has insufficient experience in international business and is not comprehensive enough. Americans will never let them operate telecom so easily.”

“I see this plan, probably only because they are smashing the media.”

“Not at all.” Zhai Zhigao said, “If it is Tang Gang, I will definitely think that Red Letter will give up US market and transfer to European market. But the deed of Red Letter is the young man named Lu Yan.”

“The style of Lu Yan has always been so strong.”

“This is also true.” Cheng Hao remembered that Lu Yan was a person in the circle and was often mentioned. Everyone appreciated his innate talent and strength.

But for other aspects of Lu Zixin, I am a little dissatisfied. For example, the big guys in the circle sometimes meet together, attend some meetings, or conduct some negotiations.

Among all the CEOs, only Lu Zixin is the least attended. Whether it is a formal meeting or an informal meeting, Tang Gang and others have been present. So many people think that Lu Zixin is young and frivolous, and does not put the seniors in their eyes.

Some of the decisions made by Red Letter Company are often unexpected, and they are totally inconsistent with the company’s operating rules. This also makes everyone think that it is the style of Lu Yan.

There are other companies that pay attention to red letter, but those bosses can not think about the scene of the conference, just let the assistants report the results.

The press conference of Red Letter came to an end, Tang Gang is ready to announce the major decision!

The shots were all aimed at him. The reporters with sharp observations found that Tang Gang face who had experienced the storm. At this time, he was a little nervous, and there were some tiny sweat on his forehead, as if to say something terrible!

“After our company’s serious and meticulous consideration, we will make a major decision!” Tang Gang took a deep breath and announced.

“Red Letter Group will launch a huge project called ‘Net of the Sky’ or ‘Sky Net’. In the next three years, the Red Letter Group expects to launch hundreds of small communication and network satellites into space near-Earth orbit!”

“These small satellites will have the world’s most advanced communications and network services. They form the ‘Net of the Sky’, which radiates the entire surface of the Earth and transmits signals to the most remote areas, whether it is South Pole or North Pole, or Desert and Sea!”

“And the signal of the sky network can enable people all over the world to communicate unimpededly, and can enjoy the sixth generation network communication technology, relying directly on satellite wireless connection to use the network download speed of up to 1TB/S, its target service group, more than one billion users!”


Tang Gang said the whole plan in one breath. He has repeatedly recorded thousands of times in this week, but when he was really announced, his mood was still very excited.

The grand project of Red Letter Group was officially announced to the world from this moment! From this news, the world will change!

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