BTC Chapter 267 : Big news!

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When he finished, the entire press conference was already boiling. Every media worker showed surprised expression and excitement. They absolutely did not think that they could get such “the best” news on the spot!

More than any star derailed, the anchor is more explosive, and there are more people who pay attention to red letter, let alone such a shocking plan!

The hype news editorial department, the news editor of Science and Technology channel just received news from the reporters at Red Letter press conference, and suddenly jumped up.

“Fast, cut the video and pictures just now, and write the manuscript quickly, and send it as a hot spot!”

“It’s really a bad thing, ‘Net of the Sky’ plan! Red letter really wants to play big!”

The reporters at the scene were equally emotional and wanted to ask Tang Gang about the specific content of this plan. However, Tang Gang said: “With regard to the ‘Net of the Sky network’ plan, the Red Letter Group is carefully preparing for it, and next week will submit a perfect plan to National Industrial Information Department for review.”

Such a huge plan must be reported to National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and approved before it can be implemented. Otherwise, when I implement it myself, I have encountered a policy obstacle, and that is typical death.

Rice company, Tian Xiangshan, who is paying attention to the conference, and the company’s vice president were shocked.

“Net of the sky plan! F*ck!” Tian Xiangshan couldn’t help but say a dialect. “Which is this plan? It is clearly changing the entire communication industry!”

“Are they crazy?” Vice President shocked. “How could this plan be completed? Is it officially announced at the press conference?”

Tian Xiangshan shook his head and said in amazement: “In any case, pay close attention to the movement of red letter!”

“This Lu Yan… always want to make some big news, no, I have to ask him personally!” Tian Xiangshan could not help but be amazed, ready to personally ask Lu Zixin.

As a technology company, Huawei was watching the press conference leisurely, while Zhai Zhigao, who was enjoying tea, heard Tang Gang’s announcement and sprayed it directly.

The boss of his eyes, asked Cheng Hao, said: “I just didn’t get it wrong? Red letter wants to launch satellites and build a global 6G network?”

Cheng Hao also frowned and stared at the screen, saying: “Yes, Tang Gang said that!”

“Call, what does Red Letter want to do? This plan is too sci-fi! Three years to achieve? How is it possible?”

“Absolutely impossible!” Zhai Zhigao said it twice, “It is absolutely impossible!”

Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., the main research direction is telecommunications equipment, they are now also testing fifth generation of mobile communication technology, knowing the difficulties and the difficulty of commercial operation.

Now, Red Letter directly announces that it will launch satellites and cover the whole world to achieve the sixth generation of mobile communication technology! The technology span of this is too big, let alone three years, that is, he is less than ten years!

“Lu Yan, this definitely his idea!” Zhai Zhigao wiped his mouth and said: “What kind of trick does Red Letter want to play? Is it to learn Tesla’s Mas’s star chain plan?”

“Impossible!” Cheng Hao analyzed. “Mas’ star chain plan to launch 12,000 small satellites cannot be done in a short time. This plan is more used to attract capital investment. “

“The Red Letter Group does not accept investment from other capitals. What do they announce about this plan?”

The two people were puzzled, and Zhai Zhigao frowned: “First wait, the plan of Red Letter must be submitted to Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for review, and then you will know true and false.”

At the end of the press conference, no matter which side of the media workers are busy, they rushed to send the information back to the editorial department.

The news conference of Red Letter ended less than twenty minutes, and the latest reports have been published on the Internet.

Tencent’s program, QQ news, browsers, etc. are also pushed at the same time. “Red Letter announced ‘Net of the Sky’ network plan, and wants to realize global 6G network communication within three years!”

Net One, Hyena, fox, New Wolf, Péngpài, Phoenix Science and Technology, 330 News, Financial Daily… The domestic news media reported this incident almost without exception, even the Wall Street Journal, US media, such as New York Daily, as well as European and Japan countries, are rushing to send news to their country and ready to publish it as soon as possible.

If others announce such a plan, the media will only use it as a joke. But the announcement of this plan is Red Letter Group, the big company that grew into a world-renowned Science and Technology company in just two years!

It is a strong enemy that can force the self-trade protection of US communications industry. They dare to announce that they dare to implement it on behalf of them!

The term “satellite system, global communication and network satellite system, 6G network, etc.” is almost in a few hours on Chinese media platform.

“Go trough, the network plan Net of the sky! Cow forked, the global 6G network, is it that I will move a computer in the future, anywhere can Eat Chicken?” A laptop, a man playing a game Exclaimed.

“Look, the red letter is going to heaven!” A woman on the roadside, waiting for the bus, said to her companion.

“God?” The companion is puzzled. When I look at the news, I am amazed first. However, I am puzzled: “Send hundreds of satellites? My God, how many satellites are launched in the world in a year! How to launch?”

“People say it is a small satellite, not the kind you think!”

“Is such a small satellite so powerful?”

“I don’t know, can Red Letter do it?”

A financial institution, a financial analyst is doing data analysis, suddenly saw the news message forwarded by others on the mobile phone program, immediately said: “Crap! This is simply nonsense!”

“Does there any 6G network technology in Red Letter? How much does such a satellite cost? How many hundred small satellites want to cover the whole world? At least a few thousand!”

“Thousands of satellites, how many rockets can be launched to heaven! The cost of a rocket launch is hundreds of millions. I don’t believe that Red Letter can do it. This is definitely hype!”

The message was doubtful: “Is it impossible? This is what the press conference said. Red letter dares to make such a big joke?”

“hehe, what do the current companies dare not say? Mas also said that he wants to immigrate to Mars! Anyway, he said that he does not need money, and when it is realized is one thing!”

There is also a red letter powder that is not very familiar with Science and Technology. It is very encouraging. “The red letter is good. The United States will not let us play, let us play it ourselves, and play better than them!”

“haha, what do you think of the Americans?”

The news soon came abroad, and there was not much attention in other places, but in United States, especially those in the relevant industries in the United States, have been staring at the action of Red Letter.

The US Federal Communications Commission, just now, they have received the latest news from China, and the committee suddenly became busy.

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