BTC Chapter 152 : Old Bear Becomes Old Dog

Edited: XiaXue

“Qi Jian, what do you have to say now?” Tang Gang asked.

Qi Jian took a deep breath, trying to calm himself and said: “I seriously doubt the authenticity of the evidence and need to be professionally certified to confirm.”

“It’s still hard, but don’t worry, let’s ask the netizen who broke the news, the old bear!” Tang Gang is not in a hurry. These people’s, red letters are going to cleaned up one by one. Qi Jian also involves important people, and finally picks up him!

When it comes to old bear, the picture goes to the video line. Liao Zhuang is still lying on the hospital bed. He is in a state of arrogance. There is no problem with this matter. He didn’t expect Qi Jian to have a problem!

“Mr. Liao, your net name is old bear. It broke the news on Weibo a few days ago. When you use our HX2 smartphone to charge, it will explode and hurt you. So you ask us to apologize and claim, this thing is yours or did it with Qi Jian to fake it together?” Tang Gang asked the question again, but this time, Liao Zhuang couldn’t calm down and denied it.

He pretended to have a severe cough, as if he couldn’t speak.

“It seems that Mr. Liao is not convenient to answer, then we red letter will answer for you, please see this!” Tang Gang continued to show evidence of red letter.

This time, it is some phonetic voices of Qi Jian and Liao Zhuang, as well as screenshots of information about network communication.

“When will my money be given to me? You said yes, let me break the news, give me 500,000!” This is the voice of “old bear.”

Then there are some conversations that Qi Jian has appease him. “One point will not be less for you, but it will be later. Now your bank account must be stared at by the police…”

When he heard this, Qi Jian’s hand was shaking. There is too much information on the other side! Beyond his imagination, his hand clutched his thigh tightly, trying not to let his emotions go out of control.

But in the hospital, Liao Zhuang on the hospital bed saw this, it was already a double-eyed, full of horror!

The feeling of debunking people and being betrayed has been used in the mind. Liao Zhuang couldn’t do so simply and rationally. He actually sat up from his bed and shouted: “I f*ck your mother, Qi Jian, you also keeps Laozi secret and more violent!”

“I topped your grandmother’s leg. I didn’t get a penny, and I was hurt by you!”

“F*ck, I don’t do it, you can call me now!”

He has completely lost control, does not pretend to be a patient, and exhausted all the filthy words he thought of.

Qi Jian’s face was pale, and he said in a voice he didn’t believe: “He is also framing me. I didn’t know him before!”

But now, who still believes in him? Everyone cast a very contemptuous look on him, and even someone spit on him and whispered: “The crowned beast!”

On the other side of video, Liao Zhuang became more and more fierce, and said directly: “This tells you that this is not my business. It is the instruction of this surname Qi!”

“It’s him, it’s him! He contacted me, let me fake the explosion, and said that he will give me 500,000! The content on Weibo is also written by him, let me send it. It really is not my business!”

Tang Gang shook his head and looked at the scene of dog biting dog. This Liao Zhuang legal consciousness is weak, he thought that in a few words can get rid of responsibility? This is just to let the police determine the evidence of his involvement in the crime!

Sure enough, Liao Zhuang saw no one talking, directly angered, jumped out of bed and smashed the camera, while shouting: “Catch you! No shot!”

However, he only started, and several policemen came in from outside the ward, and he was directly put on the bed and covered with his hands!

Seeing this scene, the audience again absolute silence. In less than half an hour, Red Letter successively produced two evidences. One time, Cao Zhida was speechless. The second time, the “old bear” became an old dog, was subdued by the police, and broke the scandal of Qi Jian!

The reporters couldn’t interview the old bears, but the netizens could spray the people across the time and space, and they started to spray directly!

“Paralysis, played by this grandson! It turns out that the things he broke the news are fake!”

“HX2 mobile phone battery is no problem! By, I know that I will not return it! Now ask customer service is still too late?”

“I am mad at me! I also specifically forwarded his Weibo. Now it’s such a trouble, isn’t it a face? Just delete Weibo!”

“Hahaha, I said that the red letter mobile phone is no problem. Can you keep a little brain on this group of followers?”

“Old irons, I don’t even say it. Does anyone know which hospital this guy lives in? I saw his photo yesterday, I also rewarded him with two hundred pieces. Today, my brother is going to reward him with two hundred big mouths!”

“He didn’t mean to lie to eat lively? The old man upstairs, you give him some food by the way, open a live broadcast!”

“People who had been blushing before? Don’t you apologize?”


Liao Zhuang was under the control of the police, and everyone’s firepower was transferred to Qi Jian. Now even if Red Letter does not come up with other evidence, Qi Jian will be referred to by thousands of people, and the embarrassing is not adult!

However, this guy can actually sit in a chair and face everyone’s accusation!

Lu Zixin had to admire and said: “This man’s face is thicker than the city wall.”

Su Zhirong said: “He is not in the heart of Yellow River, but he wants to escape responsibility!”

In fact, Qi Jian knows that he can’t turn the disk. But he knows that he still has one thing to say. Now that the red letter broke the news, it is possible to let him eat a lawsuit, a bad reputation, and lose money. But if that thing is said, he is afraid that he will not be able to turn over in this life!

“Qi Jian, what else do you have to say?” Tang Gang asked.

He was able to answer the question just now, and he couldn’t answer it at the same time. He had to say: “I have the right to remain silent, and everything depends on the court!”

“Yes.” Tang Gang nodded and said, “Today’s press conference, we have one of the most important evidences, that is, about Qi’s lawyer. When we knew about this, we were very angry, so we chose to publish it, hope. Can also return our red letter Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd. innocent, please everyone to testify!”

After Tang Gang finished, Qi Jian’s nerves had collapsed to the extreme. He kept praying: “Never be that… Don’t… No, no one can find his evidence!”

“Even if I don’t know who the other person is, they can’t know. Yes, it must be.”

He comforted himself, but the reality gave him a fatal blow!

On the electronic screen, the evidence was displayed on one side, and Tang Gang explained it.

“After the evidence provided by the enthusiastic citizens, we cooperated with the public security organs to investigate the relationship between Qi, Liao and Cao, and found that the incident was not so simple.”

“Behind Qi Jian, there is another person or force who is instructing him to do this!”

After Tang Gang finished, the reporters now are shocked. “What? Is there anyone?”

“My God, how do you watch a TV series, a ring?”

“This is really wide enough!”

“Fast, contact the editor, today’s headline is there, wrong, this week’s news material has it, no second eye!”

“I guess it might be done by the peers! But Red Letter broke the news, isn’t it good?”

“Come on, I can’t wait!” Netizens also prepared the melon seeds and drinks, ready to see the news.

There are even a few public numbers rushing to hot spot to broadcast live, attracting a large number of netizens to watch.

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