BTC Chapter 527 : Gift

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“Why is there no news? Are those people in CIA eating shit?” a high-ranking US military cursed.

“Your robots are too far apart!” Someone said to the executives of Boston Dynamics.

The people from Boston Dynamics had nothing to say, judging from the information they saw. The other party far surpassed their products in terms of battery life, power, balance and intelligence.

If their product is a toddler baby, the other’s robot already sixteen or seventeen-year-old teenager. They can hang their robot with ease.

“The production plan is cancelled. What we need is a more powerful robot! At least better than China’s!” a big man said and patted the table.

The people from Boston company discovered that the banknotes in hand flew like this! Clearly, they have negotiated the order. But now, the military doesn’t want it anymore!

If they produced such robots and used it in the military. Wouldn’t Chinese people laughed at them?

“Sir, if this is the case, we need more research and development funds!” The Boston company’s senior said. Originally, the military supported them in the background. Otherwise, the company hasn’t profitable for so many years, and they would have collapsed.


In US Department of Defense, after the Minister received a robotic R&D funding application from the Advanced Research Projects Agency. He wanted to smash the computer.

“Want money again! How many billions have been approved for this project, now give me such an answer? I still want money! These bastards!”

What makes him most angry is not the application for funds, but the gap in military technology. For many years, they have maintained the status of the world’s top military technology. Now, this position has been challenged.


Future Intelligent Robot Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has become another major technology company that has attracted much attention in the world since it announced the robot they developed.

China Ministry of National Defense has decided to purchase a batch of special rescue robots for national defense security maintenance, such as performing dangerous tasks. As for fire fighting robots for firefighters agencies across the country, this cost is too high to support for the time being.

In robot company. The research team has been reorganized into two working groups. One is used for R&D and production of civilian robots, the other is military robots. This research base also listed as a state-level secret agency, and the above also stationed soldiers with real guns at the research base as guard.

After this restructuring, the company is on the right track.

China, He County, Lu Zixin’s home, Lu Zixin is in the study room, chatting with Su Zhirong through remote projection.

In the projection, Su Zhirong is in the room of an international hotel in Moscow.

“This morning, I have already talked with the Minister of Russian Ministry of Transport. Their government is very interested in building smart lane to connect Russia’s major economic cities. If it goes well, this project will be approved soon.” said Su Zhirong, sitting on the sofa.

“With the maglev lane, our car can be sold.” Lu Zixin nodded. Although Pengyun’s maglev vehicles are very powerful, their sales abroad are not high because of road construction problems.

In addition to China, other countries not very interested in infrastructure construction. It has caused the sales of maglev vehicles in foreign countries unable to increase.

“Your complexion is not very good, what’s the matter?” Lu Zixin observed that her complexion was a little pale.

“Maybe cold.” Su Zhirong said, “It’s too cold here. Before, there’s a little wind blowing at the airport.”

“Would you like me to change you, and you have a good rest?” Lu Zixin asked.

“No, I will finish in a few days. I’ll just take some medicine.”

Lu Zixin’s brow, seems to think of something, said: “Let’s do this, let Xiaoxiao scan your physical condition, she has built a database of human health, it  can help you analyze and make inquiries. After you come back, I will give you a present.”

“What gift?” Su Zhirong said curiously.

“Confidentiality, you will know when you come back!” Lu Zixin said mysteriously.

“Okay, then I am looking forward to it!” Su Zhirong is full of curiosity, not knowing what Lu Zixin will send. According to her understanding of Lu Zixin. Lu Zixin have no interest in any luxury goods. Because, in his view, the practicality of luxury goods is particularly poor, and the so-called luxury goods can be bought casually for them. So, his gift is definitely something else.

After the chat ended, Lu Zixin immediately flew to Future City.

Since the launch of Future City project. All his thoughts are placed on Future City construction, and there is less concern for family and friends. So this time, he plans to design a gift for them so that they can enjoy the happiness of High Science and Technology.

Future City Intelligent Robot Science and Technology, an underground robot research base, Lu Zixin came here.

“Hello, President Lu! We have everything you need.” the company staff said.

Before Lu Zixin came, he gave instructions through Hong Xiaoxiao. This time he chose to make the robot himself. He already scheduled for the needed materials, laboratories and personnel.

“President Lu.” Zhang Qiang also came here to report as Lu Zixin’s assistant.

“Well, not much nonsense, we are now setting up a temporary intelligent robot research and development team, called the medical assistant intelligent robot research group. Xiaoxiao, assign tasks.” Lu Zixin directly ordered.

What he wanted to make this time was a robot developed by Hiro Hamada big brother, Tadashi, in the world of super technology. This is an intelligent robot for medical assistance. It can detect various physiological conditions on the human body. This robot can determine if a person has physical or mental illness and perform auxiliary treatment.

Lu Zixin decided to make this robot as a gift to his family. And this time, he didn’t plan to ask group friends for information, but planned to do it himself.

Regarding the design of the mechanical part, there is an industrial robot RI-8901, which is not a problem. The most important thing is intelligence issue.

Hong Xiaoxiao has a large amount of medical and physiological health data, which can serve as a large database resource. What Lu Zixin has to do is to use his knowledge of artificial intelligence to create “Big White” intelligence.

When Lu Zixin designed Hong Xiaoxiao’s quantum brain. He designed a large part of her algorithm. It was not an impossible task to make another intelligence for him. Now, with the help of quantum brain, his efficiency will be much faster.

A temporary project is established, Lu Zixin put on his research uniform and moved into the research base. This makes the other researchers at the research base very curious. The dignified CEO of Red Letter Group didn’t use his money to enjoy life, or go out to negotiate with big names from various countries. But he chose to stay in the laboratory for scientific research, which is unheard of.

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