BTC Chapter 528 : CEO’s research and development results

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“You said, can the boss develop a robot? Is this possible?” In the research room, several researchers whispered.

“The rich have some strange hobbies. As long as he is happy, he has money anyway!”

“I don’t know what the boss will make? I’m quite curious.”

“What are you talking about here?” The senior management of a research group walked over and several researchers hurriedly dispersed.

With that said, he passed by several research rooms Lu Zixin used and looked curiously. Judging from the materials and personnel requested by Lu Zixin, it seems that it is really not a game.

In the lab, Lu Zixin has been writing a Big White program. It’s more difficult than he imagined finding an algorithm from the vast array of human physiological and medical data that can make the robot have auxiliary medical functions.

“Voice and Communication System uses Hongyun’s algorithm foundation to modify the sound and synthesize it in the sound library.”

“The feedback information of the third-generation human body scanner includes changes in human skin and somatic cells…”

“Blood collection, pupil recognition, Voice judgment… The most important thing is emotional changes. The data in the human expression database and the physical behavior database must be small, carry out data induction and summarize behavior changes.”

Lu Zixin works while thinking, improving and perfecting Big White intelligence system.

“The most important thing is feedback! After getting the information of human body, we need to make physical and psychological judgments, then feedback them in some way.”

“So I need to set up great feedback behaviors, such as bleeding corresponding to spraying hemostatic spray, dislocation corresponds to joint correction… frustration feedback, is it a happy or a comforting hug? It’s really difficult to choose, or let the user choose?”

Hong Xiaoxiao  projection quietly “sit” on the stool next to Lu Zixin, looking at him thinking.

“Thinking?” Hong Xiaoxiao also followed Lu Zixin’s way, thinking about design intelligence, but after thinking about it for a long time, she didn’t get much. There are countless combinations of programs, but she intelligently uses random data to collide. However, she can’t imagine a thing that has never existed.

On the other side, RI-8901’s work is much easier. With the foundation of the previous robot, it’s very simple to design Big White bones and inflatable airbags.

First, build a basic robot skeleton to support the robot balance. Then there is the body, which is used to carry power devices, detection devices and various auxiliary medical equipment.

On the head, install the most advanced micro sensors such as scanning, sound, light and temperature.

Inflatable airbags must take into account the movement, weight, toughness, fire protection and so on.

Everything is ready, just wait for Lu Zixin to complete the smart program and enter it into the robot smart chip.

A few days later, in the lab, Lu Zixin wrote the first generation medical assistant robot intelligence. After testing, it was loaded into the smart chip.

RI-8901 moved the machine body and Lu Zixin inserted the chip into the slot.

“Big white!” Lu Zixin yelled and the sensor at the robot head received the command and started to activate.

First, the robot bones began to stand upright, and then an inflator located in the robot body began to work, filling the white airbag.

The gas filled here is directly air, so that the gas in the surrounding environment can be used directly without installing any gas storage device.

A three-dimensional white robot appeared, a little taller than Lu Zixin. It’s white and fat, looking dull.

“(●-●)!” Big White opened his eyes and pronounced: “Hello, I am your medical assistant robot, Big White. Do you need my help?”

“Yes, Big White. Help me check my physical condition.” Lu Zixin said.

The scanner on Big White head began to work, and Lu Zixin’s physiological condition was scanned by it in the intelligent system. Then, it analyzed and processed by the medical intelligent system in the chip.

“Your physical condition is good, and your mental state is exhausted. You need to sleep.” Big White said the results after the analysis.

“Well, that’s probably the case.” Lu Zixin felt that it’s almost the same. His genes had been strengthened, and his natural physical fitness is stronger than ordinary people. The mental exhaustion is of course due to the continuous high-intensity work of these days and the lack of rest.

“A single experimental target is not easy to analyze. Let’s check all the people in the research base, then use professional medical equipment and doctors to compare and analyze the results.” Lu Zixin ordered, and Hong Xiaoxiao immediately sent Lu Zixin to order.

In the research base, people who are temporarily idle were gathered and waited for Big White test. At the same time, several professional doctors came from Red Letter International Hospital to cooperate with the experiment.

In the field, the researchers who were called for the experiment are confused and didn’t know what to do in this test.

“Group leader, what robot experiment do we cooperate with?” One researcher asked.

“I don’t know, it’s the boss’s account, lets each of us cooperate with new robot experiment.” The group leader said.

“The boss’s really made a robot? What will it be?” Someone asked curiously.

“Could it be a military robot?”

“Don’t scare me, it will kill us all at once!”

“I didn’t scare you. I heard that many doctors have come here today and have a bad feeling about this. Maybe, we have injured! That’s why they called the doctor for treatment.” Said a researcher.

“Ah! Can I not participate, then?” This scared a female researcher.

“I don’t want to participate either.” Others also worried.

“Don’t talk, it can’t harm you. The boss is not a lunatic!” the group leader shouted, “Stand well, the boss is coming soon.”

When he finished, Lu Zixin came over with a few people and Zhang Qiang carried a safe in his hands.

Everyone looked at it with curiosity. Lu Zixin said plainly and clearly: “I ask everyone to cooperate with me to do a robot test. You don’t need to do anything. Just stand in a row and go to the doctor in order.”

After he said this. These people became even more worried, and some people unexpectedly thought of the prisoners of war being shot dead.

Even the leader of the research group couldn’t help asking: “Boss, what kind of robot experiment are you doing?”

“You know it right away!” Lu Zixin said with a slight smile. Then turned to Zhang Qiang and said: “Open it!”

Zhang Qiang nodded. He opened the safe and placed it in front of everyone.

Everyone looked at the box curiously, Lu Zixin shouted: “Big White!”

“Big White?” The crowds puzzled, but when they saw the box, there’s a white thing expanding rapidly, even popping out of the safe and standing aside on the ground. Its body is white and fat, with no expression, and its black-spotted eyes stared at the people in front of him blankly.

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