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“Is this an inflatable doll?” Some R&D team members also stared at it blankly.

“Wow, it looks so cute!” said a younger female researcher.

Big White first looked at her, then quickly scanned her body and said, “Hello, I am a Medical assistant robot. Your body is in a sub-healthy state, with high body fat, high blood pressure, and dietary adjustments that require exercise and monitoring.”

“Medical assistant robot?” Everyone was relieved now, it is not a military robot and will not pose a danger to them.

“Look at me.” A researcher said, looking at him: “(●-●).”

“You recently overwork, kidney and liver are in a state of exhaustion, while you have the stomach early ……”

“It’s true, I’ve stomach problems!” The researcher said in surprise.

“Look at me, look at me!” At this moment everyone became interested, from suspicion and anxiety to scrambling to find Big White for testing.

“You’re depressed, do you need comfort?” Big White touched the head of a female researcher.

“Thank you for telling me, Big White.”

Lu Zixin shouted: “After being tested. Go to medical room to test again and check the doctor’s diagnosis result.”

All Big White detection and corresponding reactions is recorded in quantum brain for analysis and comparison.

After a test, Big White physiological test results basically correct, but the behavior feedback still a little worse.

Lu Zixin took the chip back and continued to modify it, letting Hong Xiaoxiao tune out the data it collected and perfecting Big White behavioral feedback intelligent mode.


Jiangcheng, a villa.

This is the residence that Su Xiaomeng bought. The area is acceptable. Smart home is the basic configuration. There is also the largest private virtual game hall in Jiangcheng. Su Xiaomeng likes to stay here when she is idle, sometimes inviting a few friends.

In a certain room in the villa, the ground here is all covered with soft walls. There is an automatic disinfection and dust removal system. You can roll around here and sleep as much as you want without your shoes. Of course, there are also virtual video and game systems.

A pair of long and smooth, beautiful legs were swaying up and down on the soft couch. Su Xiaomeng lay on the couch, supporting her chin with tender lotus-like arms and carefully staring at Su Zhirong in front of her.

“Why do you look at me like that?” Su Zhirong gave her a white look.

“Sister, why is your skin better than mine?” Su Xiaomeng asked, “No, aren’t you four years older than me?” She said and touched Su Zhirong’s face.

“Is it because the brother-in-law moisturizing?” Su Xiaomeng asked.

“What are you talking about?” Su Zhirong pinched her lips. Su Xiaomeng pouted and said vaguely, “I heard they said… Um!” Su Zhirong’s palm blocked her mouth before she finished.

“Stop, don’t make fun of you.” Su Xiaomeng broke off and asked, “Where’s my brother-in-law? I’ve made an appointment for PK game with him and promised last time, but he never came!”

“I don’t know.” Su Zhirong said. Then opened the virtual screen in front of her and enter her own web page.

“Huh, he must have done something shameful for him to leave his beautiful wife and sister-in-law alone here. Xiaoxiao, don’t you think?” Su Xiaomeng said.

Hong Xiaoxiao image appeared in the room and said: “Sister Xiaomeng, I don’t know.”

“You lie, you should know. Good children shouldn’t lie.” Su Xiaomeng taught Hong Xiaoxiao.

Hong Xiaoxiao has embarrassed emoticon and said: “I don’t have permission.”

“Why are you embarrassing Xiaoxiao? You are boring enough.” Su Zhirong said.

Hong Xiaoxiao: “Dad sent a mail, please check it.”

“Mail?” Su Zhirong puzzled. Hong Xiaoxiao displayed the surveillance screen of the villa. Outside the villa, there’s a small logistics drone in the sky. The drone body is printed with Red Letter Group internal logo. This is an internal logistics system.

Below the stepless machine, there is a small parcel box.

“Let it come in!” Su Xiaomeng said. She is the owner of the villa. After opening the permission, the drone flew directly into the villa until they reached the lobby and put down the mail.

The two women put on their shoes and walked over curiously.

“What is this?” Su Xiaomeng tried to move it. “It’s a bit heavy! It looks very mysterious.”

“Open it.” Su Zhirong said. Su Xiaomeng immediately took a pair of scissors and opened the outer package, there’s a metal box.

This box has a smart lock, and she can’t open it.

“Sister, for you.” Su Xiaomeng shouted. After realized, she couldn’t open it.

Su Zhirong walked over and pressed her finger on the smart lock. The smart lock read the information and the box began to open automatically.

The two women stared at the box curiously, not knowing what Lu Zixin had sent. After a second, suddenly a white thing swelled up, shocked both of them, and they hurried moved back.

After they took a closer look, they found a fat white man appeared.

“Wow, so cute, it’s a doll!” Su Xiaomeng said in surprise, she rushed up and wanted to hold Big White.

“(●-●)!” Big White started up and said blankly: “Hello, I am your medical assistant robot, Big White, can I help you?”

“Also talk! It said it is a Robot!” Su Xiaomeng cried out in surprise, “Will you stand upside down?”

Big white: “(●-●)!”

It tried to bend down, but its belly was too fat, and it was difficult to do this. In order to stand upside down, it directly fell to the ground and rolled a few times.

“Hahaha! Too funny, this robot!” Su Xiaomeng leaned forward and backward with a smile.

Su Zhirong looked speechless and said: “Xiaomeng, didn’t you listen to it, it’s a medical assistant robot! It’s not a toy!”

“But it looks so cute! Big white, then dance a ballet!” Su Xiaomeng gave instructions.

Dabai: “(●-●)!”

In its database, there are various human behaviors. Naturally, there are ballet movements, but its short legs and big belly isn’t suitable for dancing at all. So, it dances randomly in the living room and looked funny, Su Xiaomeng smiled even happier.

Su Zhirong, infected by her and couldn’t help laughing.

At this time, Su Zhirong received a video conversation invitation from Lu Zixin, she chose to agree and Lu Zixin’s image appeared in front of her.

“How about my gift… Big White?” Lu Zixin only opened the video. He immediately saw Big White dancing beside him with Su Xiaomeng.

“This… is actually a medical assistant robot!” Lu Zixin said silently.

“She loves to play like this,” Su Zhirong said. “Is this your gift? Wow, it’s too creative, I like it very much!”

“Of course, this is what I personally designed!” Lu Zixin said proudly.

“Love you!”


“Brother-in-law, I want it, I want it!” Su Xiaomeng shouted.

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