BTC Chapter 440 : Grand Opening

Edited: XiaXue

“Does it cost a lot of money?”

“It takes a lot of money.” Yu Lang said, “Please, please inside.”

“It’s really big!” Shen Guoqiang and others also came, give flowers baskets here, and visit one or two by the way.

In the store, there is already a test drive of Pengyun driverless car, a smooth and exquisite shape, a fully intelligent body system, and a specially designed intelligent projection salesman to explain the guests.

“How much is this car?” Most people care about this problem.

“Standard configuration, the whole car down, at least 800,000 start! Luxury configuration is a few million!” Yu Kang said.

Fortunately, these cars can get the goods from the factory first, and then pay, otherwise they will not open the store.

“What? So expensive!” Those who did not understand Pengyun car were shocked. “Does the domestic car dare to sell so expensive? Or a new brand! This is directly into the luxury car class!”

“Do you sell it?”

Yu Kang explained to the friends who came to congratulate: “We have the world’s most advanced fully automatic driving system, as well as new energy batteries, high-power motors, the best intelligent security system, these prices are still cheap!”

That is to say, these people are still difficult to understand, why this car can sell so expensive!

Yu Kang took them all to the reception room. Today is not only the opening of the new store, but also the day when Pengyun driverless car is on sale nationwide.

Elsewhere in Auto City, managers, employees, car salesmen, etc. at the 4S stores are curious to stare at the new store.

“I heard that their cars are all tens of millions. Can you sell them?” Several car salesmen are talking and whispering.

“Who knows! To be honest, I am very happy with Pengyun driverless cars. Their car performance and configuration are world-class! They are also unmanned and attractive!”

“Attracting a fart, all the people who can buy this kind of car are rich people. They all care about safety. Unmanned driving makes people feel insecure?”

“What do you guys do? I dare to pack the tickets. Their cars must not be sold well. In this quarter, our brand’s car sales are the highest. You have to work harder, sell more cars, and send bonuses at the end of the month!” A senior sales manager urged.

“OK, come on!” They cheered each other.

“Manager, today that young master Zhou wants to see the car, it’s just over one million. Would you like to arrange it?” one of them said.

“Well, as long as you make this list, you will be reimbursed for any expenses during your work!” The manager promised.

“Ah, Young Master Zhou called.” The salesman was pleasantly called. “Hello, Young Master Zhou, here, in the car city, You want to see the car? OK, I will pick you up right away.”

“What? Where is the 4S store of Pengyun Auto? This…” The salesman stuttered and hesitated for a while. “They store just opened, or you should come to us first.”

“The navigation has been found, no you!” On the other end of the phone, Young Master Zhou directly hangs up.

“This, Young Master Zhou wants to see Pengyun car!” The salesman said helplessly.

“Pengyun Auto?” The manager looked at the store that just opened in the distance, and comforted himself: “Nothing, I guess they will be fresh, wait for you to ask again, and find a way to bring Young Master Zhou to us.”

Pengyun Auto 4S store opened soon, and a group of guests came. Some are fans, and some have already heard the news on the Internet, especially in the past.

“What about the clerk? I want to test drive!”

“Hello, welcome to Pengyun Automobile…”

In the store, a lot of customers came, the trained salesmen rushed to the service, and those smart projection attendants were also helping to introduce the service.

Soon, some people took Pengyun driverless car and went out to test it.

Less than half an hour after the opening, there were customers who bought a one-million price Pengyun driverless car!

In half a day, the number of people booked reached eight! This must be sure, half a day’s sales will be broken!

And in the afternoon, more and more customers are visiting. Many people are curious about this new type of fully-automated driving car, or have already learned about it online, and now come for actual experience.

In the reception room, the businessmen from He County have been paying attention to the situation in the store and were scared by the scene of this business boom.

“Now people are so rich? I have seen three people buying today, and they have make a full purchase of a car directly! More than one million!” There is a small boss with millions of net worth, all his is enough to buy a car like this!

He couldn’t think of why those people bought the car so decisively. If he had to wait at least ten days and a half to decide.

“Yeah, a lot of people have to book it! They are not afraid that this unmanned driving is not safe?” Shen Guoqiang did not understand.

“How advanced is this person!” said one boss. “It’s fully intelligent. I just went to experience it. It feels like this is a real smart car! Only you can’t think of it, there is nothing you can’t do!”

“That intelligence is more reliable than driver. Sitting in this car is a kind of enjoyment. You don’t need people to drive, you just drink tea, sleep, watch movies, play games, no problem! Cool! Go back and give my car to my son for driving, I will try it too!”

“You want to buy too?” Shen Guoqiang was really amazed at this time. There was a feeling in his heart that he seemed to miss something.

The two Yu fathers and sons, Yu Lang and Yu Kang, were too busy to get out for a minute. There are a lot of guests coming today, because there is no such a Pengyun car shop near the city, you can only see the car here.

To other 4S stores, there are a bunch of sales people waiting to serve a customer, and here, customers have to queue to experience Pengyun car.

“Insane, crazy!” Shen Guoqiang and others are stupid, but I can see that this store is really going to make money!

“The profit of a car is lower, and it is more than what we earned in ten days and a half. How much does it cost to sell so many units a day?”

“Or our pattern is too small!”

“You can’t say it later, in case there is a problem?” Some people questioned.

“There is a problem with the manufacturer. What are you afraid of? I want to make money after looking at the front? I am really admiring the old man to have the courage!”

“I knew that we would partner with him!” The bosses of He counties are envious and regrettable.

“Lu Yue seems to be coming outside!” At this time, someone said.

“What, Lu Yue is coming?” These people suddenly reacted. “President Lu is coming, let’s welcome!”

One of these people walked faster than one, for fear of seeing Lu Yue one step later.

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