BTC Chapter 439 : Yu Family’s Decision

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“That is to say, tens of millions!” Yu Lang sighed. “If it is lost, how long will it take to turn over?”

“Dad, it’s not that you have been jealous of me before. Do you want to seize the opportunity? Now that the opportunity is coming, you are hesitating.” Yu Kang persuaded, “This time I will definitely not invest blindly, first investigate.”

“Well, then I will ask more questions in these few days. I will be cheeky again and look for your Uncle Lu.” Yu Lang nodded.


A few days later, Yu Lang invited several business partners to the hotel to eat the meal.

“Old Yu, you have to think clearly!” Several friends even persuaded, “This is not a trivial matter. You have been doing business for decades, and said that you will change, and you will be changed. The risk is great!”

“Yes!” Shen Guoqiang said, “Old Yu, my brother really advises you to think again. I am doing business with you, not a year or two! Although we don’t earn much, we are winning, small profits but quick turnover.”

“If you listen to that Lu Yue, you may have to pay for the old-age money! Unmanned driving, it is not reliable!”

“Several uncles.” Yu Kang said, “We have carefully investigated, this Pengyun car 4S store has great potential. Now there is no official in the country, the number of places can not be grabbed!”

“This time if there is no Uncle Lu help to get Pengyun car 4S store qualification, then the entire Jiangbei Province, can not find a few! Business is absolutely good! This is the trend of the times!”

“There is a saying how to come, standing on the vent, that is, the pig can fly. Now, this is the next vent of the automotive industry, just we have a place to stand. How can a few uncles and uncles work together?”

After Yu Kang finished, Shen Guoqiang screamed at him: “We are pigs? Should we fly on the air?”

“This is your brat’s bad idea? It is not enough to lose millions of lessons before. I see that your father’s hard-working old man has been paid for by you!”

“I…” Yu Kang stunned and couldn’t speak.

Yu Lang said at this time: “You don’t tell him, this is my idea. I have been doing logistics for decades and have not seen any money. In those years, those who dare to invest and dare to work hard, how many? Have you made a name for yourself?”

“I also believe in Old Lu. In the past few years, the relatives of Lú Family have not all come up? That Lu Yue’s younger brother, who is the deputy director of the bureau, the son of Lu Yue’s brother, how big is his engineering work.”

“You don’t want to persuade, I have already decided. Sell all the company’s cars and warehouses, then borrow from the bank, go to Pengyun Automobile Company to study, apply for the qualification of this Pengyun 4S store. If you work together, I will warmly welcome, if you don’t want to, let’s make the accounts clear and separate.”

After Yu Lang finished, everyone was silent.

“Ah, in this case, then we have nothing to say. Account it!” Shen Guoqiang and others did not want to go to Yu Lang family to go to partnership.

In their view, the risk of this matter has reached 99% or more. In an emerging industry, 99% will die very badly, leaving 1%, and only a small part of it survives.

After the matter settled, several people still sighed after Yu Lang and his son left.

“At this age, dare to fight like this!”

“Look, it will take a few months, Old Yu will regret it. That Lu Yue is really not reliable, so big things dare to pack tickets!”

“It’s just to open an ordinary 4S store. We can also support it. What is driverless? Is it driving unmanned? How can someone buy such a car!”


Half a month later, Yu Lang and his son had already done everything, and went to Pengcheng Pengyun Automobile Co., Ltd. for training.

Lu Yue was still worried. He asked Lu Zixin and asked: “do you think this can really make money? Your Uncle Yu is getting old, and this time you borrowed several million, if he can’t make money, I will feel sorry.”

“Dad, don’t worry!” Lu Zixin quickly said, “Uncle Yu has the courage to open the business. As long as they don’t commit their own crimes, they will definitely make money!”

The so-called one person got the word, the chicken, and dog went up to heaven, and everyone who Lu Zixin had pulled was now at least a small rich man.

For example, the qualification of Xunxun store of Pengyun driverless car, if Yu Family and his son apply, because they have limited funds, 4% can’t get it. It is not because of friendship, they can get it.

“It’s good if you can earn it. You don’t know, your dad’s old friends are watching,” Shen Man said. “In the past, your uncle Yu was kind to our family. If you can’t make it up, everyone will have spoken badly in background.”

“Do not worry.” Lu Zixin said with a smile, “You tell them clearly, obey the law, abide by the company’s rules and regulations, and if you can’t make money, I will pay for their store!”

Two months later, Jiangbei Province, Yizhou City. This is the second city in Jiangbei’s economic development, second only to the provincial capital Jiangcheng.

Because Jiangcheng already has two 4S stores of Pengyun Automobile, the 4S store of Pengyun Automobile, which Yu Family and his son have opened up for money, is located in Yizhou City, and it is the only one in Yizhou!

In Yizhou Automobile City, all brands of car sales service stores located here, domestic, Japanese, American, German, etc., all the bigger car brands, there are basically here.

Every day, cars are coming and going, and the car sales managers wearing neat uniforms are staring at every customer who enters and exits, wanting to sell their own cars.

Pengyun driverless car sales service shop is the latest car 4S store opened here. Just opened today, there are various flower baskets, hanging banners, and the latest projection congratulations.

“Old Yu, Congratulations, Congratulations, the opening of a new store!” Some business partners in He County have come to congratulate Yu Lang and Yu Kang’s store opening.

Once here, they found out that this is different from other places. The entire 4S store designed with a sense of Science and Technology. It looks like a circular UFO base, and the car can be driven directly into the venue through the underground passage.

In the store, there are virtual projection technologies everywhere, it’s projecting various models. Even simulation driving experience machines, simulation car loading, intelligent fault detection and other high-level Science and Technology settings that 4S stores have never seen before.

“Old Yu, you are very good at decorating this store! I have visited those 4S stores, and are not beautiful! The function is still so much!” A boss said with emotion.

Yu Lang laughed, haha, ​​and said: “I don’t understand these. They are all designed by the head office. You see, there are a lot of functional areas here, which are unique to our company!”

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