BTC Chapter 422 : Do you dare to hit?

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Lu Zixin just took a few words and mixed this thing. If you want to make a virtual world, you have to wait for artificial intelligence technology to continue to mature, while biotechnology is also essential, this for Red Letter Group is still blank


A month later, Jiangcheng, Red Letter Virtual Entertainment Co., Ltd., Lu Zixin occupied the company’s virtual entertainment room and played games with several employees.

Last time on Magic Capital Cruise, Lu Zixin’s virtual interactive entertainment project and Dayuan Real Estate’s virtual entertainment experience room project have now blossomed everywhere. In many large shopping malls and entertainment centers, such experience rooms have been built.

Among them, the professional virtual projection game equipment makes the players linger, and even Lu Zixin himself often plays for hours.

The spacious game room has completely become the world of projection games, and there are various professional auxiliary equipment to enhance the experience, such as universal walking machine, wind sense, temperature adjustment and so on.

The scene at this time is a gloomy underground maze, a projection game with a terrifying style. Lu Zixin controls the character with a weak flashlight to illuminate the front and walk quietly.

On the corridor of the labyrinth, there are all kinds of weird oil paintings, which are scary under the dim light.

“Ah! There are ghosts! Brother-in-law, help!” Lu Zixin heard Su Xiaomeng scream in his ear. Su Xiaomeng is already a junior at Jiangcheng University this year.

In order to train her, Su Zhirong asked her to go to Red Letter Group to find a work internship. But she is not interested in management and finance. She likes to play games, record videos, dance and sing, so she is under Red Letter Virtual Entertainment became a “part-time network red.”

Today is the weekend, she heard that Lu Zixin is hiding in the company to play games, but also to come and play together.

“Look clearly, isn’t it a ghost, is it a mask? Hurry up and pick up, maybe it’s a clue!” Lu Zixin shouted.

“Good terrifying, I don’t dare!” Su Xiaomeng cried. “This mask will move… it flies over!”

“Use evil spirits!”


In two hours, two talents came out of the game room.

“If you didn’t touch the agency just now, we must pass the customs!” Lu Zixin is still unfinished.

“You are not throwing the wrong skills, killing me by the second!” Su Xiaomeng threw the pot that Lu Zixin had thrown away and decisively threw it back.

“What are you playing, so happy?” In front of them, Xue Yao came over.

Xue Yao is wearing a white ladies’ suit with a light gray lining. The makeup style is elegant, and the exquisite jewellery and tall figure make her a more masculine president.

Seeing Xue Yao, Su Xiaomeng eyes moved slightly, and it seemed that there was something different between Xue Yao and Lu Zixin’s eyes.

She immediately hugged Lu Zixin’s arm and said, “The company’s new terrifying game is scary. I don’t dare to play alone, fortunately, there was my brother-in-law!”

“Yes? You are really big enough. I don’t dare to play the terrifying game. The virtual projection is too realistic. If you play it, you will have a nightmare!” Xue Yao didn’t care about her little movements, she said with a smile.

“Okay, don’t chat in the company. They all go to the meal, let’s go out to eat.” Lu Zixin greeted.

“I am going to eat crayfish!” Su Xiaomeng immediately called, “The one that is full!”


The three left the company, Xue Yao drove, and Lu Zixin sat in the co-pilot.

“Hey, hasn’t our group invested in an unmanned project recently?” Xue Yao asked. “When will it come out and give me this car. Get out and play like we do, without having to drive, or drive by myself.”

“It should be perfect during the year. It is estimated that it is a bit difficult to get a full auto-driving license through approval,” Lu Zixin said.

The Frontwalk have the help of Red Letter power, and the project is progressing rapidly. The unmanned artificial intelligence is already in the road test, and Red Letter Optoelectronics Research Center is also developing a matching sensing system.

In addition, the problem of precise positioning is also solved simultaneously. Through the global communication network of Skynet Network currently owned by Red Letter Group, with the special ground base station to make a precise auxiliary positioning system, in conjunction with China Beidou positioning system, the theoretical positioning accuracy can reach within one centimeter! This precision is completely enough for the unmanned system.

At present, the world’s civilian positioning system, the lowest error is only about ten meters.

Su Xiaomeng in the back row came across his head and asked, “Isn’t that saying that I don’t have to learn a driver’s license?”

“Great,  I went to learn the driver’s license, and I am being beaten by the coach!”

“How is it?” Lu Zixin asked.

Su Xiaomeng talent for drama is instantly come out, imitating the driving school coach’s tone, said: “Did you see the man in front?”

She changed her tone again, with some doubts and puzzles: “I saw it.”

“Don’t you hit him?”

“Don’t dare.”

“Don’t dare you, why still doesn’t brake!”

“Hahahaha…” Lu Zixin and Xue Yao both laughed.

Su Xiaomeng sighed helplessly and said: “My subject has been hung up twice. It seems that I really don’t have the innate talent to drive or just wait for the driverless car to come out!”

“Is there a driverless car, is it estimated to have a driver’s license?” Xue Yao asked.

“That’s not necessarily!” Lu Zixin said. “The driverless technology is mature, so you don’t need a driver to drive and in addition to driverless, there is a driver-assisted function.”

“For example, automatic reversing into the warehouse, automatically maintaining the distance, safety warning, etc. With these, even drivers who are unfamiliar with the car can easily drive on the road. Maybe Ministry of Communications will launch a brand new driver’s license, the difficulty requirement will be lower several times.”

“Wow, brother-in-law, can you launch it soon?” Su Xiaomeng said, “So I don’t have to drive school.”

When she spoke, she saw a traffic jam in front of her, adding: “It is best to build a flying car and fly directly over them, so that there will be no traffic jams!”

“Flying cars, that stuff is not practical at all, other cars can be considered.” Lu Zixin said.

Now some companies have been able to build flying cars, but there is no practical value. Now the price of small private jets is much cheaper. Buying a flying car is worse than buying a private jet.

Besides, this kind of flying car is not suitable for mass transportation. It is not easy to manage, and the cost is high and it is not worthwhile.

“Our Red Letter Group wants to build a car?” Xue Yao noticed some clues about new products from Lu Zixin’s words.

“In preparation,” Lu Zixin said. “A new energy vehicle has been identified and there is a solution under consideration.”

Pengyun Automobile, a subsidiary of Red Letter, has been established for several years. At present, Pengyun’s electric vehicles are sold well both at home and abroad, and the annual net profit can reach several hundred million.

All of this money has been invested in factory construction and machinery manufacturing research. Up to now, Pengyun’s mobile equipment manufacturing industry has been basically perfected, so it submitted a product plan to prepare for the development of the automobile. Lu Zixin had only approved it not long ago.

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