MST Chapter 75 : Tell a story to little princess

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There is really no such experience.

Ye Guang thought for a moment, “Is Yiyi going to sleep alone?”

Yiyi: “Sometimes I sleep alone, sometimes sleeping with my grandma, and sometimes my aunt takes me to sleep.”

Ye Guang: “This way, when grandma and aunt took you to sleep, will they tell you a story.”

Yiyi: “Story? Grandma sometimes tells, my aunt doesn’t tell, and she doesn’t speak a little well. ”

Ye Guang, “You can’t let your aunt hear this.”

Yiyi was a little embarrassed and muttered. “It’s just like that. She will follow the book’s thoughts, and she will fall asleep when she recites it. I will have to cover her with quilt. Who cares for who, oh.”

Ye Guang snickered, Liu Chiyan has this side, “What story does Grandma tell you, you tell me one.”

Yiyi cuts, “I still tell you stories, shame, I am a child, you should tell me.”

Ye Guang: “What’s the matter, you tell me one, I will tell you one later, and won’t let you suffer.”

Yiyi will look at him suspiciously. “Do you really tell a story?”

Ye Guang patted the chest, “That is! I am the story king!”

Yiyi answered doubtfully. “That line, I will tell you one first. You will also tell me for a while, and you are not allowed to deceive me.”

Ye Guang: “Guarantee not to lie, lie is a puppy!”

Yiyi believed, and then began to tell Ye Guang about the story of a little white rabbit wit’s wolf-mouth escape. Yiyi is young, but very clever and expressive. A short story is also very good.

When the story is over, Yiyi says, “I’m finished, it’s your turn.” looking at Ye Guang with some expectation.

Ye Guang deliberately teased her. “No, your story is too short to compare with mine. You tell me one again.”

Yiyi was in a hurry, sat up and said, “Ye Guang, you Big bad wolf, you lied, you are a puppy!”

Ye Guang laughed and scratched her little nose. “Make you play, I will tell you this, but my story is long. I am tired of sitting around twisting my waist. Can I lie on your bed?”

Yiyi hesitated with a big eyes, “Grandma said… Forget it, you are my uncle, come up.” Said, Yiyi gave Ye Guang a place to lie, without the temptation to tell the story.

Ye Guang took off his shoes and leaned on the bed to start telling Yiyi. “The story I told you is called Snow white and seven dwarves. A long time ago, there was an ancient kingdom, one winter, the queen sitting in the palace and doing needlework for her daughter, she looked up and looked out the window…”

Ye Guang began to tell Yiyi the story of Snow White and Seven Dwarfs. Yiyi stared with her big eyes and listened very seriously.

“They made glass coffin for her to see her from outside, and the name of Snow White was embedded in the coffin. The dwarfs placed the coffin on a hill and was kept by a dwarf forever.”

Speaking of this, Ye Guang stopped, Yiyi quickly pulled Ye Guang, and hurriedly, “And then? Then? Is Snow White dead like this? I don’t want her to die, damn the queen.”

Ye Guang touched her head and smiled. “I haven’t finished it yet, Snow White will not die.”

Yiyi nodded. “Well, um, you talk, talk!”

Ye Guang continues to tell the story, “…Flying birds in the sky, a cat’s head… The queen was fainted, and she could not afford to die. She soon died in jealousy, resentment and painful self-torture. After Snow White and the prince got married, the happy life was full of joy and happiness, and they were happy together for the rest of their lives.”

After the story was over, Ye Guang turned to look at Yiyi, but Yiyi was a little bit unhappy, and Ye Guang asked her, “What’s the matter? Is the story not good?”

Yiyi shook her head. “No, I don’t like Snow White.”

Ye Guang: “Why don’t you like Snow White, she is white and beautiful, or a princess, and finally married a prince, how good.”

Yiyi still shook her head. “I just don’t like it. Snow White married the prince. What about the dwarfs? How pitiful they are.”

Ye Guang was stunned, he really didn’t think about this kind of problem. “But he is a prince. How happy Snow White is to marry him.”

Yiyi: “Are you happy only by marrying the prince? The dwarf took care of her for so long, so good to her, but she finally married the prince she had just seen! She is a bad woman.”

Ye Guang: “But, don’t all girls want to marry the prince?”

Yiyi screamed, “It is not! My aunt is definitely not because you are a prince with you. ”

Ye Guang froze, Liu Chiyan marry him and the reason was that he was unclear, but it is certainly not because he is a prince. What does he have? The family is an ordinary family, and the appearance is medium to upper. Ye Guang smiles and touches Yiyi’s head. “In the story, Snow White is married to the prince. However, you are right, Yiyi is very sensible.”

Yiyi snorted, “Then you are telling me another one.” Yiyi is addicted to listening.

Ye Guang also readily agreed, OK, then I will tell you the story of an ugly duckling. “Ly’s country farmhouse, a female duck lying alone in its nest, hatching its own children… ”

After a story is over, Yiyi is even more unhappy. “Ye Guang, the ugly duckling is not very pitiful without mom and dad.”

Ye Guang was shocked. Has the obstacle in my heart reached this level? In fact, Ye Guang chose the story of the ugly duckling to Yiyi. It is well thought out. First of all, the ugly duckling’s idea is definitely not a story of the supremacy. The story of the ugly duckling is about the exiled story, leaving the original group and eventually Find the group that truly belongs to you. This is a story about persistence and confidence.

Have you ever felt that you are out of place? Are there any gossip relatives, unfair class, intriguing bedroom, value-distorted company… Can have been squeezed out and left out. Lonely, unhappy, doubting yourself?

The ugly duckling is intrinsically out of place. In some environments, we are also ugly ducklings. Being an ugly duckling will be painful and lonely, but it is a tribulation, not a punishment, not a blame. Persevere, become bigger and stronger, and when you fly to the sky, you will find the same kind and find your own way.

Ye Guang tell Ugly duck story to Yiyi listen, is he prepared to let Yiyi go to school, but also afraid of Yiyi in the school was marginalized, was snubbed, originally in Yiyi mind some obstacles, so Ye Guang hope this story told Yiyi, to be strong, to insist, to believe oneself, do not because of others have negative inferiority, do not because of hardship and frustration on the self-abandonment, do not because of a momentary lost ego and frustrated. Everyone has an innate talent, insists on self, is not afraid of ridicule, looks for it, plays it, and one day, it will shine.

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