MST Chapter 56 : Advertising business

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The next day, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan came to work.

Just sit for a while, the phone on Ye Guang’s desk rang.

Ye Guang hangs up, smiled and said to Liu Chiyan. “The man who yesterday said that were looking for advertising came. Let me go and see.”

Liu Chiyan nodded and said, “Go with Jiang brother. He is talking about business.”

Ye Guang nodded and went out to find Jiang Fengxian.

Meeting rooms

A man in a black suit saw Ye Guang and Jiang Fengxian come in, quickly got up and warmly greeted him. “Hello, hello, I am Qian Duo of Fruit Run Beverages.” Qian Duo reached out to Jiang Fengxian, “You are Ye Guang, long-awaited name.”

Jiang Fengxian shook hands with Qian Duo and said, “Hello Mr. Qian, I am Finance Manager of Youxianqi Entertainment, Jiang Fengxian.” Then he pointed to Ye Guang and introduced him to Qian Duo. “This is Ye Guang, our general counsel of Youxianqi Entertainment, and an assistant to President Liu. You can talk to Advisor Ye about advertise today. I am just a companion.”

Qian Duo glimpsed, and then I knew that I was wrong. This is not to blame him. One big and one small came in together. Ye Guang looks like a young man who has just graduated from college, another older, mature, steady, full of the majesty of the superior, it is no wonder that he would think that Jiang Fengxian is Ye Guang.

With a smile, Qian Duo quickly rushed to shake hands with Ye Guang. “You are Ye Guang, Chief Ye, long-awaited name. I have seen you in the advertisement, you are the starring act. Originally, this commercial film is not only Chief Ye personally directed the planner, you are still starred, Chief Ye is really amazing.”

Ye Guang is full of black lines, this one is a Chief Ye, and he is not a big person, but he can’t attack, forget it.

Ye Guang smiled and said: “Mr. Qian is very polite, I am Ye Guang, consultant of Youxianqi Entertainment!” Ye Guang also added a special accent on the word consultant.

Qian Duo flashed a strange look in his eyes. “Oh, Chief Ye’s voice is really familiar, Chief Ye, the voice of the advertisement is also you? Chief Ye is really a big man, young and talented! Admires! Admires!” Qian Duo has always held Ye Guang’s hand. “There are people like Chief Ye. I am more convinced that your company can give us satisfactory advertisements. I believe we will cooperate very happily.”

Ye Guang almost shout out, a black line, how can this person not go to the road? They all hinted at him, and he also had a copy of Chief Ye’s, and he was disgusting.

Ye Guang looked calm and slyly said: “You don’t have to talk about cooperation when you call Chief Ye.”

Qian Duo was surprised.

Jiang Fengxian is a little speechless to Ye Guang, what is the occasion, do you want to be so direct! Can’t you save your point? Seeing Qian Duo’s horrified look, Jiang Fengxian quickly added: “Our Advisor Ye! Like others to call him a consultant.” Jiang Fengxian also added accent on the two words of the consultant. If Qian Duo couldn’t understand him, he couldn’t help it. Ye Guang didn’t like the other person calling him Chief Ye. He just said that he would call him again. Chief Ye will not talk about cooperation, are you really trying to say a word? It’s already giving you face without directly calling you out.

Qian Duo is certainly not stupid. The first time Ye Guang hinted that he didn’t hear him, but if Ye Guang didn’t cooperate, and Jiang Fengxian added suggestion and instantly figured it out. Lost smile: “Chief… Consultant, Advisor Ye is really embarrassed, blame me, blame me, don’t be angry, our company is sincerely want to cooperate with you.”

Ye Guang sees that Qian Duo voluntarily admits mistakes and sincerely apologizes. As a tolerant person, he does not care about him. If you can make mistakes, you can still change your comrades. After all, making money is the most important thing!

Ye Guang: “Since Mr. Qian is so sincere, Mr. Qian will talk about what kind of advertisement your company will do. I will listen to it. If we can do it, we will try our best. If we can’t do it, please ask someone else. Don’t delay your time.”

The three were seated.

Qian Duo: “Advisor Ye, this is the case. Our company is Fruit Run Beverages Co., Ltd., and the main products are all kinds of fruity drinks.”

Ye Guang nodded. “Fruit Run Beverages, I know, it’s very good, you seem to have been selling well.”

Qian Duo: “Yes, it turned out to be selling well, but the competition in beverage industry is also very fierce. Many beverage companies are rolling each other. Our company was established late, and the foundation is not enough. Where can we fight those old companies? The sales performance is one slip and slide again!” Said this, Qian Duo wry smile, and then continue to pour bitterness, “so our company think a new way, gave up the original use of fruit juice to make a drink, all using fresh fruit direct juicing drink, originally wanted to make the drink more natural healthier and better drink, but this mode of change come with problems, Juice of the beverage is different from other beverage, directly from the fruit juice drink will have a lot of pulp precipitate, we have repeatedly improved the filtration supply and demand, but still can not avoid these pulp sediment, now consumers do not buy, think our drinks are not clean, recently received a special number of complaints, sales performance is poor to the extreme, The drinks companies are also using this excuse to attack us, the situation is very not optimistic.”

Ye Guang: “The pulp is from the fruit, so you can explain it to the outside world.”

Qian Duo helpless say: “Why did not explain, but we explain also no one believe us, we put the test data report, even the production process is open to the outside world to explain, but no one believe us, people also said we are to build, is to think our drinks are not clean, otherwise the family of how no sediment, you say we injustice not injustice, we are using the fresh fruit making drinks, obviously cost higher, better nutrition, but no one believe! Now it’s buzzing outside, saying that our drinks are not clean, it’s a black heart business.”

Ye Guang: “So you want to make an advertisement, explain this to the outside world, and pick up your word of mouth?”

Qian Duo nodded again and again: “Yes, right, that’s what it means. We can’t just give up. If it really quits the market like this, then it’s really yellow mud, and it’s not awkward this time. It is reasonable and can’t be said. Therefore, I wanted to make an advertisement, put it on the big satellite TVs in the country, explain things clearly, and pick up the word of mouth. But now the advertising company is more and more unreliable, this half month we find more than 10 advertising companies, saw dozens of ads planner scheme, but are some shouting slogans of the impracticality planner, with this can not explain the effect, unless our pulp precipitation problem solved, but the problem came, If we really settled the pulp, then it is not in disguise the drink before are not clean?”

Ye Guang nodded and said with a smile: “So you will be a dead horse and find a entertainment company?”

Qian Duo smiled. “Yesterday, our boss saw the advertisement Advisor Ye planned. He felt very good and inspired. So he sent me to talk to your company to see if Advisor Ye could plan an advertisement for us.” Qian Duo is looking at Ye Guang with more expectation, “Advisor Ye, you are capable, can you do this advertising? Right, as long as you can make an advertising plan that suits us, we will pay a premium! Absolutely high price!”

High price? How high is the price?

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