BTC Chapter 257 : Talks collapsed

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“Our chip has no problems, how to solve it?” Lu Zixin faintly felt something wrong.

“Of course it is fully tested by Federal Communications Commission and US National Information Security Department!” Taylor Walker said with a smile. “Attention, it is fully accepted, not partially accepted.”

“According to data provided by Red Letter, we are still not sure about the problem. More detailed testing data is needed.”

“The information we are submitting now is fully compliant with international and federal committee standards. I don’t know what else needs to be added?” Lu Zixin asked.

!” Taylor Walker snapped a finger and a girl picked it up next to a laptop. She opened it and showed his request to Lu Zixin.

Lu Zixin just looked a little, his brows wrinkled, and when he finished reading, his face even had an angry color.

“It’s totally unreasonable!” Lu Zixin said directly. “The information requested here involves our trade secrets and it is absolutely impossible to provide an audit!”

The requirements in the laptop are simply disguised and let Red Letter tell them about the chip manufacturing technology of Red Letter!

The most critical part of all smart products of Red Letter can be said to be the red core smart chip! It is relying on this chip, the function of Red Letter smart products can surpass other peers.

Although the other party disguised the requirements as various conditions, Lu Zixin could see at a glance that if they submitted these, they could completely restore red core chip manufacturing technology according to red core samples!

This is too ugly! It’s just robbery!

“Mister Lu don’t lose your temper!” Taylor Walker looked mean with a smile. “This is not my request, but the requirements of committee and the information security department.”

“Of course, I also know that such a request is indeed a bit wrong.” He continued, “I and Stankey are old friends for many years. As a friend, I can personally provide you with a viable solution.”

“What program?” Lu Zixin has already developed a sense of disgust. He now finds that John Stankey seems to have known the news long ago, but did not tell him. It seems that John Stankey and Taylor Walker are an interest group.

“Since the committee believes that your chip has information security risks, and Red Letter is not willing to provide such information, then Red Letter’s products can be replaced with other smart chips. For example, our Qualcomm chip is good, many of your mobile phone manufacturers in China are all using Qualcomm chips.” said Taylor Walker.

“Impossible!” Lu Zixin immediately retorted, and Taylor Walker suddenly fell cold.

“It’s ridiculous.” Lu Zixin didn’t want to chat with him any more, and the two schemes that this guy mentioned were simply nonsense!

The first plan, that is the technical achievements of robbing them, there is no possibility. As for the second plan, it is even more funny.

The biggest advantage of Red Letter is its own high-performance chip. If you replace the Qualcomm chip, you need to spend a lot of money on Qualcomm. Does the Red Letter product still call Red Letter?

Mismatched chips will make the performance of product instantly reach a level with other brands, and some functions will be limited, such as intelligent voice, information processing and the like. At that time, the advantages of Red Letter will disappear, let alone compete for US market.

John Stankey saw him angry and quickly advised: “Mister Lu, don’t be excited, Mr. Walker just said a proposal. In fact, I think this program is not bad. Qualcomm is the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer and wireless chip supplier. “

“Their technology and services are world-class. If Red Letter’s products can use Qualcomm’s chips, there is no problem at all.”

Taylor Walker also said: “Not only is no problem, as long as the chip is no problem, Red Letter is working with three major operators at the same time, we will not make restrictions. If you are interested, I personally want to promote the business of Red Letter and Qualcomm project.”

Having said that, Lu Zixin can’t understand. This Taylor Walker is one of vested interests of the communications industry. If Red Letter successfully cooperates with the three major operators, 1% will damage the interests of those big capitalists, so this is absolutely impossible.

If they get the technology of Red Letter, the ability of US company will soon be able to replicate production. In other words, Red Letter’s smart products replaced chips and lost their competitiveness. They also assured that Red Letter entered US market. At the same time, this Taylor Walker could also get a lot of money in the transactions of Red Letter and Qualcomm.

As for the AT&T represented by John Stankey, there is definitely a dispute of interest, so he also helps to be a lobbyist.

“I refuse!” Lu Zixin did not leave a little room for negotiation. He said with certainty: “Red Letter Group is absolutely impossible to accept such conditions now and in the future!”

Taylor Walker played with the wine glass in his hand and looked at the beautiful body of the girl in the distance. He said calmly: “If this is the case, Mr. Lu Yan, I think Federal Communications Commission will regretfully announce that the three major operators are forbidden cooperation with Red Letter.”

“I advise you to think about it, the US market is so big, even if red letter is slightly changed, you can earn unlimited wealth!”

“Even if this is the case!” Lu Zixin coldly snorted and said, “Red Letter will not compromise! Our products have been licensed for sale. In US market, Red Letter will definitely join!”

The ban on cooperation with telecom operators by Federal Communications Commission does not mean that the phone cannot be sold in United States. The sale is for sale. This is a market rule. There is no clear evidence that there is a problem with the mobile phone of Red Letter. They also have no right to ban the sales of Red Letter products.

The difference is that once the Federal Communications Commission prohibits the cooperation of the three major telecom operators and Red Letter, it is difficult for Red Letter to open the market. 90% or more of the customer resources are in the hands of the three major operators, lost these markets, and the sale has no meaning.

This is like online shopping, other online store goods have courier services, only your online store does not have courier services, users will buy? Almost no choice.

Taylor Walker laughed and said: “I remember that there is also a mobile phone manufacturer in China, Huawei is also banned by Federal Communications Commission from cooperating with the three major operators. Now the sales of this mobile phone in United States is really bleak.”

“But the red letter is different.” Lu Zixin said in a word, “The thing that our Red Letter Group is best at is to make the impossible to possible!”

“What can I say? Great dreams, but it is not China, it can’t fulfill your Chinese dream.” Taylor Walker said, “Federal Communications Commission Acquired will also conduct a voting meeting to announce the approval results if you change Ideas, you can contact John Stankey.”

“No, leave.” Lu Zixin went straight to refuse, since they are this attitude, then nothing to talk about. This is an unacceptable condition for Red Letter to receive? impossible. However, there is no way for him to take them, but they can only endure their suppression in US market, but this does not mean that there is still no way for Red Letter!

John Stankey quickly sent Lu Zixin out, and both sides knew that this negotiation was a complete failed.

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