MST Chapter 57 : Negotiations

Edited: XiaXue

Ye Guang frowned, thinking for a long time, Qian Duo did not dare to disturb him, his attitude today is very low, after all, there is a demand from them.

For a long time, Ye Guang said, “Mr. Qian, it seems that your company is forced into a desperate situation. Just look at this time and let go of it.”

Qian Duo smiled bitterly: “Who said no?”

Ye Guang frowned. “From the perspective of your company, it is not easy to get back to life with an advertisement.”

Qian Duo: “We have no choice but to try it out.”

Ye Guang: “This ad is not good.”

Qian Duo: “It’s not good to do. We are also looking for a lot of advertising companies. There are no suitable planners or I won’t find your company.”

Ye Guang thought for a while: “Mr. Qian, you know that we are an entertainment company, not an advertising company, so…”

Qian Duo looked at Ye Guang and was disappointed: “Is there no way for Advisor Ye to make this advertisement? Ah, it seems that our expectations are too great. If you can’t do it, then we are not reluctant. We can only listen to the fate. Thank you, Advisor Ye, oh, and Mr. Jiang is busy with the interview.” Said, Qian Duo stood up and wanted to leave.

Ye Guang suddenly smiled and said: “What is Mr. Qian doing? Do you talk about advertising cooperation? ”

Qian Duo wondered: “Advisor Ye is not saying that your company can’t do it? In this case, it is not easy to disturb.”

Ye Guang said: “Mr. Qian is afraid of misunderstanding. I didn’t say it can’t be done.”

Qian Duo: “Ah? What does Advisor Ye mean?”

Ye Guang smiled and said: “I can do this advertisement! But…”

Qian Duo quickly asked: “But what?”

Ye Guang: “But, Mr. Qian also knows that we are not a professional advertising company, I can do advertising, and I can’t guarantee if I can satisfy your company.”

Qian Duo listened to the drama and was happy: “If you can do it, you can do it! I believe that Advisor Ye can plan an advertisement for “Send for Yourself”, so it is not a problem to make advertisement for our company.”

Ye Guang: “And, we are entertainment companies, the set of advertising companies is not clear, so we have to follow our model, as for the cost of planner advertising… I also don’t want to know the advertising company’s quotation rules, we have to follow us!”

Qian Duo didn’t even want to think and nodded directly. “No problem, no problem, as long as you can make the right advertisement, everything is fine.”

Ye Guang: “Your name is Qian Duo. However, if you want me to do this advertisement for you, you have to see if the price you paid is really Qian Duo (more money).”

Qian Duo thought about it, biting his teeth: “Advisor Ye, you say a number, as long as the price is not high enough for our company to accept, then I will never bargain! Of course, first of all, Advisor Ye’s planner can satisfy us.”

Ye Guang nodded with satisfaction. “This is nature. If the advertisement is not satisfied, how can you pay for it. So, this number.” Say, Ye Guang stretched out a finger.

One million, quote one million! Ye Guang thinks that an advertising planner is just two papers. Two sheets of paper are priced at one million. Is it a high price? Look at the other party agree to disagree, can’t give him a lower point! Eight hundred thousand is OK, it can be considered a huge sum!

Qian Duo saw Ye Guang sticking out a finger, his eyes flashing a bit, and some of them were hard to see.

Ye Guang suddenly felt guilty, thinking, it seems that quotation of one million make the other party can not accept it, it is estimated that it will take a while, and I don’t know how much the final transaction can be? 800,000? Still 700,000? Ye Guang’s bottom line is 500,000. Without this number, he doesn’t want to do it.

Qian Duo is a bit embarrassed: “Advisor Ye, this price does have some… Well, can you discuss it?”

Ye Guang was shocked, but it was suspected that the price was high, but it was deliberately flattering and said with dissatisfaction: “Mr. Qian, the situation of your company is more clear to you. My price is really not a big lion. You can’t find a suitable advertising plan from so many advertising companies. It can be seen that this advertisement is not good.”

Qian Duo revealed a difficult color and said: “Advisor Ye, you are right, but your price is really too high. Can you discuss it in consultation…”

Ye Guang is silent, thinking that this is biting a million, or is it a little bit, 900,000?

Qian Duo sees Ye Guang not to say, bite his teeth, “Advisor Ye, we are very sincere! In this way, I will give you a bottom, and today I am coming, the company has given me the maximum amount of five million! Your ten million is really too high, I really can’t be the master!”

Ye Guang shocked.

Whoops! What does that mean? 5 million? 10 million? I clearly reported that it is one million! Cooperating for a long time, the other party misunderstood! This person’s heart is so big, 10 million, he really dared to think! I have reported that one million people feel that they are black and wary. How is the gap between people and people so big? Brother is still too pure.

Ye Guang was a little bit excited to explain, “Mr. Qian, what do you say, five million, I clearly reported that…”

When Ye Guang starting to talk, Jiang Fengxian hurriedly pull him, Jiang Fengxian is a negotiator, experience eye poison, a look at ye Guang expression is wrong to know is misunderstanding, so hurriedly pulled him, then said, “Mr. Qian, we quote a It is not enough that you cut half of it, I really doubt your sincerity.” Jiang Fengxian deliberately cold face.

Ye Guang, squatting, lying down! When did I quote 10 million? But he didn’t talk anymore. He knew that it was a misunderstanding. It was just being shocked by the amount of money, five million and ten million. So I wanted to explain it, but Jiang Fengxian pulled him, he also recovered, and it seems this is God of Wealth to come, do not make money is son-of-a-bitch! This is simply the money that is delivered to the door. He is saying that he quoted a million, that is, there is a problem with his brain.

Qian Duo is a little embarrassed. “Mr. Jiang, it is not that we are not sincere. It is indeed that this price is beyond my decision.”

Jiang Fengxian is very aggressive and faintly said: “That is your business. We report our prices. If you can accept it, you will see it. If you do business, you will naturally pay attention to your wishes.”

Ye Guang looking at Jiang Fengxian a submit God in the appearance, suddenly admire him, Old Jiang, no wonder Liu Chiyan repeatedly said he is a negotiator, see this pair of frame, momentum bully, gas field strong, a pair of eat set each other’s appearance. The opposite, Qian Duo forehead sweat are come out, this is the legendary, to defeat each other, it must be imposing on the other side of the negotiation means? Ye Guang feels that he has a long experience.

Qian Duo can’t hold on. “Advisor Ye, Mr. Jiang, 10 million is really not the price I can make, so let me call our boss!”

Jiang Fengxian was still in the grip of a win, and made a gesture faintly, “Please.”

Ye Guang’s eyes are straightforward.

This is forcing, full score!

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