BTC Chapter 258 : Don’t shoot

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Lu Zixin left, Taylor Walker said with a smile: “The Chinese is really stubborn, and my opinion has been very good!”

“If you follow the advice of others in the communication committee, it will directly ban the cooperation between Red Letter and US telecom operators, and will not give them opportunities.”

John Stankey shook his head. “Maybe he thought there was room for manoeuvre. China people like to have reservations about business. Maybe he will change his mind after going back.”

“Unable to understand!” said Taylor Walker. “If they don’t follow the requirements, the US market is bigger and there is no share for them!”

“When Federal Communications Commission announces the results, he wants to come to me again, and the price is more than that now.”

The enchanting girl lit a cigar to Taylor Walker, and he enjoyed it with his eyes open. This villa, these wonderful girls, as well as champagne and cigars, are the benefits of such a deal. It’s just that today’s deal is not as imaginary.


Lu Zixin went back to the residence and briefly said what happened today in the group, which immediately attracted the collective resentment of the top management.

Tang Gang said in the program group: “It’s too hateful these Americans. They are afraid that we will grab their cakes of interest and blame our technology! Will also threaten the ban, shameless!”

Dai Liang emphasized: “Our red core is our core competitiveness, that is, we give up US market, and we must not compromise!”

As a major research and development member, he has a lot of hard work in red core, and he naturally does not want it to be taken away by others.

Lu Zixin replied: “I mean this too, no matter what decision US Federal Communications Commission makes, we will not waver.”

Su Zhirong: “Support!”

Xie Gan the director of Red Letter’s smart glasses business, said: “President, if the three major US telecom operators are banned from working with us, what about our US marketing plan?”

His problems are also everyone wants to know. In the current situation, this unfavorable situation is almost what they have to face.

Lu Zixin said: “You don’t have to worry, our products will continue to be pushed into US market. However, the way to enter US market may have to change. When I return to China, I will discuss it with you.”

“Okay, President.” Everyone responded. If other bosses say they don’t have to worry, they will doubt their authenticity, but Lu Zixin’s words have an inexplicable charm, as long as Lu Zixin says, then!

In fact, Lu Zixin can’t think of a good way for the time being. But he is not afraid, he also has a strong support group!

Lu Zixin sent his confusion to the group. Red Queen immediately said with impetuosity : “They are too arrogant, the owner, I will give you some Gvirus, destroy them directly! [emoticon: I want to destroy the earth, not a joke.]”

Bruce Wayne : “Well, it fits the face of the capitalist.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: weak one] I am also a capitalist.”

Bruce Wayne : “It’s right, I am also a capitalist, Hahaha.”

He smiled and said : “This matter has not been announced. If you want to solve this problem through normal channels, you have to prepare a lawsuit with them for several years. I guess it is tangled in the end.”

“I don’t agree with the abnormal channels.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: say weak again] seems to be equal to white.”

Mr. L : “@Red Queen [emoticon: You will be beaten like this.]”

Red Queen : “[funny emoticon: so scared!]”

Lu Zixin stopped the fight in time and asked : “Mr. Wayne, is there any other way?”

Bruce Wayne said : “Of course, it only takes a little effort.”

Lu Zixin said curiously : “How do you do this?”

Bruce Wayne : “Since the Federal Communications Commission prohibits the three major telecom operators from working with you, they can’t ban your sales in the market, and you can operate on your own.”

“Operate your own operations?” Lu Zixin said helplessly. “The difficulty and cost are too high!”

If Red Letter operates independently in US market, it must provide telecommunications services. The three major operators cannot cooperate. It does not make sense for small operators to cooperate. Many of their telecommunications services are flawed or only local. Is it red letter? Can I use the phone only in one area? That user will never be satisfied!

Bruce Wayne : “You can provide global communications and network services by launching three simultaneous communications satellites on the equator. At that time, you can operate completely independently of a single country market or a global market. The so-called ban can’t touch you.”

Mr. L : “…”

Launching three simultaneous communications satellites, Bruce Wayne said it must be the kind of large high-Science and Technology communications satellite, which can’t be done with the current technology of Red Letter!

Not to mention the red letter, it is difficult to do this with the power of the state. The satellites made the  needs of some groups, and it is impossible to provide services to the users.

Most importantly, satellite research, launch, technology and capital costs are too high, and Red Letter Group is still unable to get it.

Lu Zixin said : “This method can’t be completed in a short time.”

Bruce Wayne : “Well, then wait, maybe it’s not necessarily a turning point. It’s always a good idea to take time to think about it. Isn’t there an old saying in China? There must be a road to the mountain. The boat gets to the pier-head, it will go straight with the current.”

Mr. L : “Okay, I think about it.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: quietly kill, don’t shoot the gun] The owner, you quietly kill the committee, and then give me their genetic information, I cloned them and replaced them, isn’t it solved? ?”

Bruce Wayne : “@Red Queen, seriously warn you, if you do, Batman won’t sit back and watch!”

Red Queen quickly withdrew the news and sent a picture : “[emoticon: afraid of bowing his head.]”

Lu Zixin also did not consider Red Queen’s suggestion. If everything is obtained by those means, what is the difference between him and umbrella company’s Doctor Isaacs?

As for the solution to this matter, it is still necessary to wait for the official approval of US Federal Communications Commission.

Two days later, the internal meeting of the Federal Communications Commission of the United States not only had internal members of the committee, but also key personnel from National Information Security Center. At this meeting, they will vote for Red Letter’s smart products and US telecom operators cooperation, can it pass smoothly?

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