MST Chapter 58 : 10 million deals

Edited: XiaXue

Qian Duo said sorry, then took out the cellphone out of the conference room and found a place where no one to call.

Ye Guang seeing Qian Duo out of the conference room, he was too excited to talk to Jiang Fengxian. “Jiang brother, I just reported it…”

“Stop.” Ye Guang hasn’t finished talking, Jiang Fengxian interrupted him. “I know, I will finish it later.”

Ye Guang nodded obediently.

After a while, Qian Duo came in. “Advisor Ye, Manager Jiang, I am sorry, let you wait.” Qian Duo took the seat and went on to say, “Advisor Ye, Manager Jiang, I have already asked our boss. In order to show our sincerity, I am not going to lie with you. I will give you a bottom. Our boss said that the limit of our company is Seven million! If you feel that this price is acceptable, then we will sign the contract immediately, and everyone will have a good cooperation. If not, then we will gather together, and the sale will not be a righteous person. Right when I come over and make friends with two people.”

Mr. Jiang Fengxian thought for a moment in silence, then looked at Ye Guang and looked at it slightly, and Ye Guang agreed.

Ye Guang: “Mr. Qian, since you are coming to the door, and you are so sincere, we can’t let it go, 7 million is 7 million, everyone will make friends, and cooperation will continue to cooperate in the future!”

Qian Duo saw Ye Guang promised that he was relieved. He was really afraid that Ye Guang and Jiang Fengxian would not let go. They are now have nowhere to go. Ye Guang is like a sudden appearance of roots of life-saving straw when they drown, naturally want to hold tight.

Qian Duo stood up, stretch out your right hand, “Advisor Ye, Manager Jiang, we have a happy cooperation!”

Ye Guang and Jiang Fengxian also get up, Ye Guang first shook hands with Qian Duo, “Happy cooperation.” Then Jiang Fengxian shook hands with him, “Happy cooperation!” This is a small rule in the workplace. The first handshake is basically to shake hands with high-level people. Ye Guang is higher in the nominal level of studio than Jiang Fengxian.

Qian Duo: “Advisor Ye, Manager Jiang, it is not too late. If you look at this matter, we will sign the contract. Let’s make this advertisement earlier. The time that our company can wait is really not much.”

Ye Guang smiled and said: “The matter of signing a contract is not urgent. Mr. Qian, I have an idea and let you know.”

Qian Duo: “Advisor Ye, it doesn’t matter, just say it.”

Ye Guang: “Is this, according to what you have just said, the current situation of your company is really not optimistic, want to just rely on an advertisement to sweep the decline is not too easy, I have a little idea about promotion plan, if the promotion together with the implementation of the words should have a good effect, I do not know if you have any intention, if any, then I will packaged it with the ads to sell to you, together with the price of 10 million.”

To say that it still has to be 10 million, Qian Duo looks hesitant, “Promotional plan… this…”

Ye Guang saw him hesitant and didn’t care too much. He said, “If you don’t want to, then forget it, when I didn’t say it, but Mr. Qian, I am looking at your company and you are so sincere, so sell ​​it to you together, to be honest, in my opinion, this promotion plan is worth more than the advertising planner. Packing 10 million with the advertising planner is a bargain sale.”

Qian Duo seeing Ye Guang slyness and seriousness, thought about it and said, “Let’s do this, wait for a minute, I’m asking our boss.”

Ye Guang nod, “Mr. Qian, ugly words I first said in front, you also tell your boss, advertising planner I can first planner case to make, you feel satisfied in paying, but the promotion program is just a promotional idea, said out is equal to the public, creative public all can do their own, it is not valuable, so the cost of the promotion plan must be paid first, and then I will give you the promotion plan, but also please you and your boss rest assured that, since I have confidence, then this promotion program will not let you down.”

Qian Duo nodded and understood. “Okay, Advisor Ye, I will pass your words to our boss.” Said, and went out to call.

After a while, Qian Duo came in and smiled: “Advisor Ye, no problem, the boss agreed!”

Ye Guang shook hands with him again and said to each other, “Happy cooperation.”

The two sides reached an agreement, and Ye Guang, who was not involved in signing the terms of the contract, was not involved. He did not understand these things, and he had the right to let Jiang Fengxian and Qian Duo talk about the details of the contract terms.

Qian Duo and Jiang Fengxian also negotiated the contract in the reception room. Ye Guang did not take the elevator. It was too slow. He ran upstairs from the stairs and pushed the office door open. Ye Guang looked at Liu Chiyan, smiling ans shout, “Wife, wife, I make money. I make money.”

Liu Chiyan gave him a blank look and reminded, “In the company.”

Ye Guang smiled and then looked around. “Nothing, no one, fast, wife, you kiss me, kiss me and tell me how much I made.” Speaking of death, shamelessly stretched his head.

Liu Chiyan looked red, carefully looked around, saw no one, and quickly kissed on Ye Guang’s lips. “Okay, okay, you are going away, don’t let people see.”

Ye Guang satisfied and retreat, then proudly said: “I earned the advertising fee back today! Ten million, ten million.” Ye Guang looked proudly at Liu Chiyan, a look that you would like to boast about me.

Liu Chiyan glimpsed, and was a little surprised by 10 million that Ye Guang said, then laughed and beckoned her hand at the Ye Guang.

Ye Guang: “What?”

Liu Chiyan smiled. “You come over, I will kiss you again.”

Soon, the contract between Jiang Fengxian and Qian Duo has been signed, and Qian Duo has reached the goal with satisfaction.

Ye Guang held the contract in his hand and smirked, “10 million, 10 million.”

Jiang Fengxian: “Don’t be too happy, the most important thing is that our advertising planners are satisfied with each other, otherwise we can’t get a penny. This ad is very fast. It only took ten days from planner to shooting.”

Ye Guang waving his hands indifferently. “This money is coming to the pocket, how can I let it fly out! Ten days, enough.”

Jiang Fengxian: “That’s the best.”

Ye Guang take a look at Jiang Fengxian and smile: “Old Jiang, you can do it, today I know that you are amazing, your heart is really dark, black, and 10 million, you really dare to! I wanted to report a million, and I was scared to hear the 10 million! How can you do this?”

Jiang Fengxian has a black line. I don’t know if Ye Guang called him Old Jiang or because he said he was black.

Ye Guang is like this. The more people is familiar with him, the more casual he is. Whatever he says, the nature of hippie smiles will be exposed. On the contrary, in the face of strangers, the goods are quite serious.

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