MST Chapter 59 : Someone jumped

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Ye Guang found Jiang Fengxian with two A4 paper advertising planners. “Old Jiang, look, the advertising planner book is done, you send it to Fruit Run Beverages.”

Jiang Fengxian did not entangle Ye Guang to call him Old Jiang, took the planner book, “So fast? This is a 10 million advertising planner, can’t be sloppy.”

Ye Guang waved his hand: “Old Jiang, you can rest assured, my planner book is absolutely no problem!”

Jiang Fengxian ignored him and looked at the planner book. After a while, he looked at Ye Guang with some surprises. “It’s really good, it’s new, and it’s good to help them explain the problem of sedimentation. The slogan is also good. A shake, really good.” Jiang Fengxian relieved, thought, this ye Guang still really have two brushes, “*In my opinion, the other party should be satisfied with this plan, but today still do not give them, signed the contract in the morning, now Qian Duo are not necessarily back to the company, send planner to them now, speed is too fast, people recall we are not rigorous.”

Ye Guang: “Well, just leave it to you, the advertising planner will let you do it. When will you give it? Whenever you give it, I don’t care, they agree with this plan, you tell me.”

With that said, Ye Guang left, he was going out for a stroll, and write planner book for a while in the office was a bit boring and little stuffy.

Today is cloudy, a little breezy, very comfortable weather, the green of Times Square is quite good, the scenery is not beautiful, but it looks quite comfortable, Ye Guang wanders around the park without aim.

“Calm, don’t jump!”

“Don’t jump!”

Far away, Ye Guang saw a group of people around, Ye Guang is a person who likes to watch the fun, naturally walked over and wanted to see what happened.

“Whoops! Is this going to jump off the building?” Ye Guang was shocked, “What the situation!”

Someone nearby explained: “I don’t know, I saw a young man standing on the top of the guardrail to jump off the building. Hey, sixteenth floor, it is absolutely dead to jump.”

“Is anyone aware of this? Hurry and persuade! The police, why haven’t they come!”

“What is the use of the police! Have to fight 119 fire!”

“Hello, all are playing! What can I do now? I must first stabilize him!”

Everyone looked anxious, and most of them talked about it. They worried about the young man who wanted to jump off the building. There were also a few forks watching the lively.

Ye Guang is also very anxious: “Hurry up and comfort first, or wait for the firefighter to come, the day is cold, and, by the way, make an emergency call!” Say that, Ye Guang ran to the building, and several young guys and girls also followed him.

Ye Guang thinks that he is not a particularly kind person, but he has always been conscience and strives to be innocent. Such a living life may soon die in front of him. If he does not do anything, his conscience will not go.

No hesitation, go upstairs! Trying my best.


A young man in white t-shirt who is about twenty years old is standing on edge. His eyes are blank and empty. He seems to be full of despair for this world!

Together with Ye Guang, five young men and women have already entered the rooftop.

The young people who want to jump off the building heard the footsteps they ran and shouted, “Don’t come over!”

Ye Guang and a few young people immediately stopped and were afraid of stimulating him.

Ye Guang: “Brother, don’t be impulsive! There is something you can say, the above is too dangerous!” Saying, Ye Guang was careful that he was closing to him.

The young man leaned over and shouted again: “Don’t come over! I will jump when you come over!”

Ye Guang dare not move forward. “Okay, okay, I am not coming. You are calmer. Death can’t solve any problems. You should come down first, and let’s talk slowly.”

The young man shouted: “I have nothing to say! This is my business! I don’t need your fake behavior! Anyway, living is a waste! It is better to die!”

Ye Guang advised: “Brother, you should calm down a bit, take a step back and the sky is wide, you can take a step forward, but if you jump forward, you will have nothing. There is nothing wrong with life. Think about your parents, your loved ones, they certainly don’t want you to be silly. Let’s go down.”

“Yeah, brother, you are so young, there is a good future! Don’t be stupid!” Said a young man in the same trade.

A pretty white-collar girl in the office also persuaded: “You don’t want to be impulsive, death can’t solve the problem, just jump down, you are not responsible for your own life! Think about your parents, you are also not responsible for your parents! And your friends, think about them, parents raise you so big, are you right for them? You think about how you are going to jump, what kind of grief they should be! Don’t be so selfish, you are coming down for them, people can’t just live because of themselves!”

Several people have opened their mouths to discourage, and people downstairs have been yelling to keep young people from impulsive. Among the few people who come up with Ye Guang, there are two girls, one is a white-collar worker who just spoke, and the other is a ponytail. Hey, it may be a little scary, falling behind Ye Guang and others, holding a cell phone and secretly shooting.

It may be that the dissuasion of everyone has played a role. The young people’s emotions that have been violently spurred by Ye Guang and others have eased, and their eyes have become empty again. “What future! What friend! What parents! Flatulence You said nothing about me! I am a waste person! I can’t do anything, the world abandons me! Everyone dislikes me! I don’t have any meaning when I live!”

The young man seems to say that they has poked the pain in his heart, and the tears have slipped down. “I am an orphan. I have no parents since I was a child! Only a few months, I was thrown at the door of the orphanage. I don’t understand, since they don’t want me, why should they give birth to me! I don’t have any friends. They all dislike me. They hate me to be an orphan. They hate me being poor. From birth to the present, my life is dim. The world is so depressed that I can’t breathe.”

Ye Guang: “Brother, I am very sympathetic, parents can’t decide, maybe they have any difficulties, and you still have a future. You have been suffering for so many years. You have been persisting for so many years, why are you now have to give up? You still have a future. In the future, you can make new friends. You can have a new life. I believe that you have the right foot and you will get better and better in the future!”

The young man snorted and was a little excited, “The future! Shit future!” As the saying goes, the young man slams his sleeves and reveals an arm with only a scar. “See this? This hand has been scrapped! The hand ribs are broken, so that they are not strong and waste! Do you know how waste?” Not waiting for Ye Guang to ask questions, the young man asked himself and answered himself. “In those years, several people came to the orphanage to make trouble. I played with them and this arm was abolished! The three people on the opposite side were also killed by me! But people are rich and powerful, I was sentenced to heavy injuries, seven years! Seven years!”

Some young people are heartbreaking.

Ye Guang and others can feel the unwillingness in his words, and everyone is silent.

This is indeed a poor person.

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