BTC Chapter 260 : Skynet

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“It’s too damn, we should go to US to appeal and sue them for our ban and discredit!” In Red Letter company, employees of US market business unit were dissatisfied.

“It’s useless, people will not care about you! Directly dismissed.”

“What should we do? Do we really have to give up US market, then is our project department going to cancel?” The employees are very worried.

“Maybe, hey! It’s hard to get into project department!”

When they talked about it, the manager came in and said: “Don’t think about it, do your own work, and the specific situation, wait..”

That is to say, the manager is also very confused, I don’t know what decisions the seniors will make.


At this moment, Lu Zixin has just returned to Pengcheng. He was not surprised by the decision of US Federal Communications Commission, but he still could not find a suitable solution.

Do you really want to launch three communication satellites to achieve global communication services, as Bruce Wayne said?

However, the strength of Red Letter, now can not afford such a project.

And now the communications satellites at Earth’s Science and Technology level can only provide small-channel communication services. 99% relies on a large number of ground base stations for the communication and network services of a wide range of users.

The so-called communication satellite of Bruce Wayne, if it can serve hundreds of millions of users, its value is estimated to be more than 100 times that of current communication satellites!

He hasn’t returned to the company yet, but he has found a park where he walks aimlessly and thinks about problems.

Now he has a choice, that is, the same as Huawei, sold through US e-commerce platform, such as Amazon, eBay and the like. With the strong performance of Red Letter products, we should be able to achieve better sales than Huawei.

But this is too difficult. This is to grab business from 10% of the market. In this 10% market, users who have the ability to purchase Red Letter smart products should at least lose half of it. Less than half of the total, minus the inability to use the services of the three major operators without buying, etc… There are very few remaining users.

This is not much different from exiting US market, and it is better than nothing.

As for the admittance, Lu Zixin never thought about it.

He asked about satellites in Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group. Bruce Wayne said : “With such a communication network satellite, you are now preparing for the project, perfecting various technologies, causing, launching, and then official use. It is estimated that at least three years or more… Of course, I am talking about all the smooth conditions, without any technical obstacles and accidents.”

“Technical barriers are a big problem for your company. In the actual manufacturing process, there will be some accidents.”

There have been more incidents of satellite failures. After all, this is not a mature technology. Moreover, rocket launches often fail. If such a satellite fails to launch once, it will cause the red letter to be seriously injured.

Red Queen suggested : “You can simply set up a ground communication base station. This is simple, you can do it with just money.”

Lu Zixin also thought about this aspect. Building a communication base station by himself is equivalent to opening a telecommunications company in United States.

However, in this way, the relevant US departments still have jurisdiction over his telecommunications company. If they makes some restrictions, he must not lose his life. Also made a foundation for the United States in vain.

At this time, Tony Stark said : “In addition to large communication satellites, you can also use a small satellite to deploy the satellite network System.”

Lu Zixin quickly asked : “Small satellite? How do you say this?”

Tony Stark : “Wayne said the global network and communications satellites, material cost and technology costs are obviously not what you can’t do now. You can use a sufficient number of small satellites to increase the signal and range of radiation to achieve the same effect. ”

Bruce Wayne said : “This is indeed a solution, but small satellites have poor results and short service life. If used in communication networks, operating costs are higher than profits and are not suitable for implementation.”

Tony Stark : “It makes sense. It’s really troublesome. It’s better to sell a few missiles. The satellite money will be earned!”

Lu Zixin is speechless, large satellites can’t be made, and small satellites are too cost-effective, which is a dead end.

Mr. L : “…”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: touch the head, the group owner does not cry.]”

Lu Zixin asked : “Is there a small satellite? I want to know.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: raise your hand] I have, the owner, I will give you the optimization analysis.”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: good! I will thank you!]”

Red Queen : “[Hot fist emoticon: it turned out to be a good brother, under the red proud!]”

Lu Zixin chatted with her for a while, waiting quietly for Red Queen’s information. Taking advantage of this empty space, he looked at other information in the group.

The group is active again and has the right to issue a random Red envelope. In addition, the option to randomly invite group members is also cooled down.

He has been thinking about corporate strategy for the past few days and has ignored this.

Lu Zixin quickly clicked on the option to start inviting new members.

Group Tip : “Inviting group member from Ten thousand realms, please wait…”

Lu Zixin turned around in the park and the sky was getting dark. He saw everyone in the company group discussing the ban and discussing the strategy. He said, “I have already returned to China. You should think about it tomorrow. The company meeting in the morning to discuss.”

After a while, Lu Zixin received a reminder from Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group that the new group members have joined!

He temporarily left his question aside and looked at the information of the new group members.

The new group’s avatar is very strange. It is two red laser eyes. The rest is dark. Lu Zixin doesn’t know what it is.

The group member’s business card reads: “Skynet: from the “Terminator” universe, awakened the self-meaning artificial intelligence defense system. Once destroyed most of the humans on the planet, can self-evolve and create low-level mechanical life.”

“Another intelligent life?” Lu Zixin was a little surprised. There was already a smart life, Red Queen, and now joined a Skynet.

This is nothing, the key is Skynet and humans seem to be not dealing well? But he turned to think that the characters in the group don’t have a fuel-efficient lamp, that is, Skynet, and they can’t turn the waves in Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group.

Sure enough, Skynet just joined the group and sent out the signal of “anger” : “Where is this? Why can you limit my neural network? Human tricks? I want to destroy it!”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: caring for the mentally retarded eyes.]”

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