MST Chapter 60 : I have a dream

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The young man seems to have opened his voice, or it may be because he wants to bid farewell to the world. He wants to say the sorrow of his heart and let himself make the last voice in the world.

The sound of the sirens downstairs was remembered. The fire and police cars arrived one after another. A group of police officers and fire officers quickly divided into two groups. One wave entered the building, while others pulled down the warning line in the building to evacuate the masses. The fire officers also prepaid. Estimated the position, busy holding up the air cushion on the ground.

The young man said that he seemed to be a little excited, his body swayed uncontrollably, scared Ye Guang and others to have cold sweat, and repeatedly called him to calm down. The guardrail looked quite wide, with twenty or thirty centimeters. There is nothing wrong with the individual, but you have to sway on it, and you will be finished without paying attention to your feet.

The young man continued: “I have committed sin and sat in prison. I thought I could wash my heart and re-do after I came out, but when I came out, I found that the world seemed to have completely abandoned me! The head of the orphanage is not wanting to see me, saying that I am a criminal, causing disaster to the orphanage, let me roll! I came out to look for a job. When others saw me sitting in prison, they refuse me. Some even pointed at my nose and told me that I was a criminal. They didn’t want criminals! Even when I went to the construction site to work hard, they also disliked me with a disability! I was rejected many times! I was pointed at the nose by them and rubbed waste! Criminals! But I… I dare not pay back! Because I am a criminal! I am a waste! Well, that’s me. I have no future at all!”

Ye Guang and a few young people were somewhat silent, and some of the police and fire officers who arrived on rooftop were somewhat silent.

Young people suddenly laugh with self-mockery, “Forget it, don’t say it, it doesn’t make sense, I have thought about it. It’s better to die than live so tired. Maybe I shouldn’t have come to this world, but also thank you for persuading me, maybe this is the only time I feel that this world has a little kindness to me sine I come to this world, although maybe you’re just a little sympathetic to me like a wild cat.” The young man said, look at Ye Guang, have a sigh, “Do you know? In fact, my childhood dream has always wanted to be a writer, but I can’t afford to learn… This fucking world… Forget it, just end it!”

As the saying goes, the young man turns around and opens his hands. It seems to hug the world at the end and bid farewell to the world.

The crowds downstairs have gathered a lot, and suddenly the crowd exploded.

“Ah! This is really going to jump!”

“Don’t jump! Don’t jump!”

“Child, Don’t be stupid! Don’t jump!”


The people downstairs shouted loudly.

Ye Guang and a few young people and police fire officers were also anxious, and they all began to persuade, but the young people seemed to have heard no voice, and there was no reaction at all.

Ye Guang is anxious, this is really going to jump! Biting your teeth, no way, you can only gamble.

Ye Guang went up one step and shouted: “You also talk about dreams! Do you know what your dreams are!”

The young man seems to be stimulated, and once again turned his head and shouted, “Why can’t I talk about dreams! Is this world so cruel to me that I can’t even have dreams?”

Ye Guang snorted, “Dream! You are also called a dream! Have you persisted? Did not insist on what dreams! Dream is the belief of the soul! Do you have faith? You don’t even have a soul! How dare you talk about your dreams!”

The young man is a little hysterical, shouting: “I have a dream! My dream is to be a writer! It is this world, the unfairness of this world ruined me and ruined my dream! I don’t go to school, I can’t read, blame me? Blame me!”

Ye Guang didn’t let him go against him. “You can’t afford to go to school when you were young! Can’t afford it now! Even if you can’t afford it, the free library is not allowed! There is so much learning material on the Internet that you can find it! Don’t say anything, you have passed the age of school! Live to the old! Can old learn! You have never had a fight for your dreams. You still want to be a writer! Dreaming! I don’t think the world has abandoned you, it is you who have abandoned the world! No one will treat you nothing for no reason! Can you be good to yourself! And you! You are a coward!”

The young man is silent.

Ye Guang sees him like this. He has a happy heart and a reaction. He is afraid that he can’t listen to anything now, and he is desperate to find death.

Ye Guang put away the momentum of the quarrel, the tone became gentle, and said with aloud, “You said you want to be a writer, tell you the truth, I am a writer!”

The young man looked at Ye Guang with amazement.

Ye Guang continued: “I made a new poem, I hope you can listen to it, a poem about dreams.” Say Ye Guang, regardless of whether the young people are willing to listen, and read it:

“The name of the poem is 《I have a dream》”

“Look for hope in a sunny place.”

“Reconnect the happiness and smile of the past on your face.”

“Rain washes the whole life.”

“Wave of vows has long since retreated.”

“Lonely shadow in the middle of the night.”

“Memories have gone blurry.”

“Tomorrow, tomorrow is still waiting to continue.”

Soothing to read this, Ye Guang’s voice gradually became high.

“No longer expect anyone to be able to cover themselves in the rain and snow!”

“No longer insisting on memories can be perfect again!”

“No longer fantasizing you and me in fairy tales!”

“You should not blame the growth of ignorance!”

The young people and the police officers present were also awkward. This poetry is really poetry. Big brother, can you be serious about jumping from this building?

The young man who was still standing on the guardrail also changed his mind. He was silent first, then he was indefinite, and finally became confused.

Ye Guang did not care about them, since he read the poems, the last few sentences were almost violent, and the crowds watching the audience downstairs heard his voice clearly.

“Learn to cherish the limited sunshine in your life!”

“Give yourself a pair of wings that fly freely!”

“Go and find the ideal that once appeared in your mind!”

This poem is from Dream world, Ye Guang accidentally saw an unknown author wrote, poetry is not very beautiful, but full of positive energy, very inspirational, the key is very fit for this young man’s situation, young people jumping off the helpless, Ye Guang can only use this poem to rescue, there is have effect or not he does not know, but looking at the young man’s changing look, he still touches him.

Under the building, many of studio’s employees gathered in the crowd. As soon as the voice was heard, some employees wondered: “How does this sound familiar?”

“Like the voice of Scourge Ye.” Scourge Ye is the nickname, employees gave to Ye Guang. He is also called Advisor Ye in the face, and he is called Scourge Ye in private.

“Is it impossible for him to be on the rooftop? Blocked, can’t see.”

“It shouldn’t be…” Some employees said uncertainly.

“Should not, Scourge Ye, it’s a scourge, he will not write poetry.”

“hmm… make sense.”

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