MST Chapter 61 : Do you recognize him?

Edited: XiaXue

The young people were silent for a long time. Everyone held their breath and didn’t dare to move for fear of stimulating him, the fire officers and police surrounded him. It seemed to want to take advantage of the young man’s carelessness to pull him down, but the environment around the rooftop was really empty. Nothing more, they couldn’t find the right time to start, but fortunately Ye Guang kept him steady.

The young man was silent for a long time, and said, “But I can’t find the sun, I don’t have wings. I only have confusion in my mind. I can’t see hope. I have nothing. I am still a disabled person. I am a criminal. Even if I work hard, no one approves me.”

The young man is still very negative, but Ye Guang has a long sigh of relief. In any case, he is finally responsive, he can still listen, and there is a bit of vitality in his eyes, not as dead as he was at the beginning, full of hatred and despair for this world!

“How can anyone approve?” Ye Guang screamed, “As long as you have always insisted on your dreams, even if you can’t succeed in the end, there will be someone who will recognize it! Not all dreams can reach the end and succeed, but all dreams are full meaning of your efforts! As long as you still have a dream, as long as you are still insisting on your dreams, I will recognize you first! I believe that those behind me who you don’t know will also recognize you!”

Young people behind Ye Guang were very cooperative with a group of police and firefighters. “We recognize you!”

At this time, they will not be stupid to stimulate the young man. If you really do it, it is tantamount to murder.

The young man looks a little loose and has some struggles in his eyes, seemingly hesitating.

Ye Guang saw his appearance, and he was overjoyed and had a play! But he also knows that it is not enough now. I still need to add a fire. “I know that you don’t believe it. You look back at the people downstairs. They are also worried about you now. Otherwise, you think so large group of people don’t go to work and gather there! You have to believe that the world is bright, but you have been facing it now, so you have been living in the shadows! Turn around, turn around and you will find the light ahead!”

The young man looks more hesitant, and God doesn’t know what he is thinking.

Young people and the police behind Ye Guang both looked at Ye Guang a few more times, some admire this guy who can speak.

Ye Guang waited for the young people to react and continued, “You can also ask the people downstairs! Ask them whether they believe you! Do they recognize you!” Say Ye Guang walked over the guardrail.

When young people saw Ye Guang, they were obviously wary.

Ye Guang waved his hand and said: “You can rest assured that I won’t pull you while you’re not paying attention, even if I pull you this time, if you continue to seek death, I won’t be able to pull you next time. I just go and ask for you Ask the people downstairs.”

The young man relaxed and watched Ye Guang walk into the guardrail and stood up like him.

The police and firefighters behind Ye Guang were shocked and lying down! How did you go up, this is 16th floor! How dangerous! One is not careful…


SShen Xuewen from studio pointed to the rooftop and was surprised: “Look! Look, it’s really Scourge Ye!”

“Ah! It is really him.”

“How did he go up, how dangerous it is to stand on the guardrail, what is this?”

The crowd downstairs is noisy.

Ye Guang stood on the guardrail and shouted at the big man downstairs: “Everyone is quiet! Hear me out!”

Downstairs was quiet, looked up at him with amazement.

Ye Guang reached out and pointed out the young man on the guardrail not far away and shouted. “This person… I don’t know what his name is, what is his surname, but I know that he is an orphan. He has a disability in his left arm. He is a labor reformer. He has been in prison for seven years. Now he wants to be rehabilitated, but he has repeatedly hit the wall and is despised. He said that he has a dream, he wants to be a writer! He said that no one would recognize him!” Ye Guang paused, then he said, “So, let me ask you, if he insists on his dream, do you recognize him?”

After a few seconds under the floor, someone responded.


“We recognize you!”

“Recognition Brother, don’t do stupid things, we recognize you!”

“Children come down, aunt recognizes you!”


There was a burst of noise downstairs.

Ye Guang lifted his hand and pressed it down, and everyone downstairs calmed down.

Ye Guang shouted again: “He is an orphan, do you recognize him!”

In the end, it was seven or eight studio employees present at the scene had a similar look, and they replied neatly: “Accept!”

Then many onlookers shouted in front and back, “Recognition!”

Ye Guang screamed again: “He has a disability, do you recognize him?”

This time, Ye Guang’s voice fell, and everyone shouted in unison:


Ye Guang continued to yell: “He is a labor reformer, do you recognize him too?”


“He said he wants to stick to his dreams, do you recognize him!!!”Ye Guang exhausted his whole body, and the young people and the police who screamed behind him felt a little deaf.




Downstairs, regardless of the people of all ages, they were all neat and shouted. To be honest, this scene looks a bit shocking.

Ye Guang turned around and saw that the young man had burst into tears and covered his face and wept.

Ye Guang: “Have you seen it? This is the light of this world.”

The young man whispered with tears in his eyes: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I am wrong, I am wrong.”

Ye Guang shook his head and said, “It’s not you who is wrong. Of course, the wrong one is not the world. You are just confused for a moment, believe in yourself, believe in dreams, believe in light! What kind of people are there in this world, good bad, this world is composed of light and dark, you are in what kind of world, in fact, is not born, not in the situation, but is how you look at the world, if you feel the world is dark, it is dark, if you feel the world is bright, then it is bright!”

The young man, rubbing a tear, said solemnly, “Thank you! Thank You! I figured it out, thank you!”

Ye Guang finally smiled comfortably, and the whole person relaxed. “If you think about it, it will be inevitable that people will sometimes get through the situation and think about it.”

Young people focus on the head, “Well! I am not going to die, I will stick to my dream! I will try to be a writer! ”

Ye Guang: “Dream is not so good, but the most valuable thing is to go through and persist. As long as you can persist and work hard, I believe that you will realize your dreams. I hope that one day, I can see your work. I made an advertisement a few days ago. I think it is quite good in the advertisement. I will read it to you today. I hope that you will advance!”

The people downstairs and the rooftops are dumbfounded, lying down! What are you doing, why are you still talking about it, and you don’t want to die, get off the guardrail quickly! What a danger! Lifting your head for a long time, you are not tired, we are still tired!

Studio employees collectively say.

“I knew he would do things.”

“Scourge Ye ……”

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