MST Chapter 62 : A Generation

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For the danger of standing on guardrail, Ye Guang didn’t think so much, what danger is not dangerous, now I will pay attention to it, and open my mouth to read it.

“You only smell my perfume, but you don’t see my sweat.”

“You have your rules, I have my choice.”


“Even if you are bruised all over, you must live beautifully!”

After a paragraph of advertising, Ye Guang finally noticed that the two were still on the guardrail. Mom, it’s so high, so scary, Ye Guang quickly said to the young man: “Don’t stand here, it’s dangerous, go on, honestly, I am afraid of height!”

Everyone is speechless, are you afraid of height? Afraid of your sister! You are afraid that you are still  talking for so long!

But finally the end is good, people finally is safe, see two people down, a few firefighters and police also quickly ran over, two people left and right tightly clamped the young people, the young people do not revolt, let firefighters and police were holding his hand and dragging him back, although people are safe, due their professional quality, firefighters and soldiers are not to relax their vigilance, in case young people have to jump off again,  Moreover, young people are to be taken to the police station later, although jumping off a person is nothing, but also not count what constitutes a crime, but to the police department to do the transcript, there are some psychological counseling and other processes or some.

The masses who were watching downstairs also talked about it.

Some aunt: “It’s okay, this kid is too worry-free.”

“Yeah, when you are young, why can’t you think about it?”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, if it’s such a living person jumping before my eyes, I can’t have a nightmare at night.”

Some people also recognized Ye Guang.

“Just the man, I said how to look at it, I remembered when he read the advertisement! This is not the advertising actor that CCTV broadcasts!”

“Correct. It’s him, this ad is really good! Which company is it from?”

“Hey, people don’t know that you still don’t know, it’s our Times Square! Before that the sales office, now hanging their brand, called Youxianqi Entertainment.”

“Ah, yes! It turned out to be our Times Square. I said that he was so smart and he was there.”

“Not only him, you look at the few people over there, not all the people in the advertisement.” Someone pointed to the employee’s channel in Studio.

“Oh, it’s really them, this ad is heard to be Goddess Liu’s Studio, not Goddess Liu is also in our Time’s Square.”

“Ah –? Really? That’s great, maybe I can see the goddess!”

Everyone talked to the employees of studio while they were talking. The employees felt that they were taller and they were proud of their spring breeze.

A wave of jumping off the building was finally safe, and everyone was relieved.

The firefighther and police even dragged the young man went downstairs, followed by a group of young people like Ye Guang.

Go downstairs.

The young people were released by the firefighther and police, but the two police officers looked at him from left and right. The young man went out of the building and looked at a large group of people outside. He bowed deeply and choked. Said, “Thank you!”

A good-hearted person immediately comforted him.

“Children, come on! Don’t cry, the days ahead will be fine.”

“Child, you have no place to go to work? just work in our company! I give you four thousand a month!”

“Come here! I will open five thousand for you! Don’t do stupid things in the future!”

The young man was moved, said thank you again and again, and then the police took the police car to go, took a few steps, the young man turned back and looked at Ye Guang, said a loud, “Thank you very much!! I have no face to tell you my name, but please tell me your name! I will remember you, remember you all my life, I will have children and grandchildren in the future, I will let them remember you! Thank You! Please tell me your name!” Said the young man while bowed again at Ye Guang.

“My name is Ye Guang, Ye of night, Guang of light.” Ye Guang smiled. “There is also a small poem, and I will give it to you today.”

“The dark night gave me black eyes, but I use them to seek the light. This little poem is called “A Generation,” and my name is first and last word. This poem is also given to you. Here you are, come on, come on!” Say, Ye Guang made a gesture of cheering for him.

The young man was taken to the police car.

The crowd also dispersed in the discussion.

A storm is coming to an end.

On the way back to studio, Ye Guang were surrounded by seven or eight studio employees, and they talked about it.

“Scourge Y… No, Advisor Ye, you are too bold, sixteen layers, you dare to go up there.”

“Advisor Ye, I am serving you today! Your mouth is really amazing, this person who is going to die can change to live by you!”

“And, Advisor Ye, are that two poems originally created by you? Open your mouth.”

“Oh, that night gave me black eyes, but I use them to seek the light. Listening too tasteful, Advisor Ye, this sentence, no, how to explain this poem.”

Ye Guang, how can you explain this poem? He doesn’t know how to explain it! The original poem is from “A Generation” by Dream World.

Literally, this poem refers to the pursuit of light, but this poetic conception is far more than that.

There are only two sentences in the whole poem, and the images appearing in the poems are very common phenomena in daily life: dark night, eyes, and light. For this reason, this poem has a thoughtful charm, the inner and overall imagery of poetry is contrary to the way they are presented in everyday life. The combination of two novelties, seemingly contradictory, has a wonderful rationality.

Look for bright behavior in black, reflecting a warmth and gentleness. It’s strength is more intrusive, and it gives everyone the feeling of hope.

The name of the poem is A generation, so arrogant, the word of this generation is to make the meaning of the whole poem intriguing. “A generation” is both a self-explanation of this generation and a portrayal of the unyielding spirit of this generation.

The darkness is to kill a person’s bright eyes, but the dark smother does not achieve its purpose but instead creates its opposite: black eyes. It is darkness that awakens a generation, and makes a generation more intensely looking for light and perseverance. It is this determined search that allows them to see the unacceptable nature of the cover of life.

Another way of saying is, what generation is a generation? Is it the previous generation, is this generation, the next generation, or every generation? Thinking carefully, if the positioning of this generation is different, then the charm expressed in the poem is also very different. So this poet has a grand and intriguing title for this two-character poem: a generation. However, the content of the poem seems to point to several generations: it is not only a summary and reflection of the previous generation, but also a call and positioning for the next generation.

Best of all, this poem has only two sentences, and the strength of these two sentences makes people feel so shocked!

Ye Guang smiled, “The meaning of this poem… What do you think it means, what does it mean?”

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