BTC Chapter 263 : Is this possible?

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“Iron Head, do you count, what is the transmission frequency of this high-frequency signal transmitter per second?” Lu Zixin asked, but did not hear the sound of iron Head, he turned and looked, this guy is sleeping.

!” Lu Zixin slaps on the iron skull and says, “You motorcycle have to sleep? Can you concentrate on it?”

Iron Head complained: “Why can’t motorcycle sleep? The car has to be maintained! It is really too boring, I take a nap.”

“Master, I have figured it out.” RI-8901 reported the data to him in time, Lu Zixin nodded and said: “Recalculate the power output of our existing lithium-air battery, and build data for all three solutions. model……”

After he finished speaking, the phone sent a sense of vibration, Lu Zixin opened it, it was Su Zhirong’s phone.

“Hey, are you still busy? Not coming to the meeting!” Su Zhirong reminded.

“Ah, it’s morning, I didn’t pay attention to the time. I’ll be there soon!” Lu Zixin discovered that he was almost ready for the meeting time yesterday.

The research was not completed at one time. Lu Zixin confessed to RI-8901 and Iron Head, and quickly packed up and went to the company.

In the Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology office, the top management has arrived and are waiting for the meeting to begin. Most people have worries in their hearts. The ban on US market has made them unable to think of countermeasures. The media are also asking questions every day and asking about the next steps of Red Letter.

The employees of the overseas department of the company are also worried that Red Letter has paid a minimum of one year preparation for US market, and it is related to various subsidiaries and departments, such as studying and research the consumption habits of American users, creating a new English operation system, voice input, and regulations, etc., costing too much money and effort, no one wants to face the end of failure.

Su Zhirong looked at the time, there are still ten minutes to meet, Lu Zixin has not arrived yet. She was very curious, Lu Zixin went to see Zhang Qiang, a senior technical consultant at Red Letter, last night, and did not know what they had studied.

When time is up, Lu Zixin enters the conference room on time, he is very fast, and he has changed into a neat dress.

Everyone looked at Lu Zixin. Seeing his look seemed to have a trace of anomaly. It was just as emotionally excited. They couldn’t help thinking about it. President is also estimated to be difficult for this matter.

“Now meeting!” Lu Zixin went straight to the subject and said, “What do you think about US Federal Communications Commission’s ban?”

The atmosphere in the conference room suddenly became heavy. Tang Gang first spoke and said: “I thought about it yesterday. I think this is a factor that cannot be resisted. The United States protects their market and we can only transfer the target market to Europe.“

Lu Zixin looks at Su Zhirong and she says, “I agree with Mr. Tang’s point of view.”

The business director in charge of US market is somewhat reluctant to say: “I think that even if we don’t cooperate with three major telecom operators in US, we can cooperate with online sales platforms such as Amazon and eBay to conduct online sales. At the same time, we will cooperate with other telecom service providers. Establish cooperation and slowly open up US market.”

Others have similar views, basically the two factions.

No one has proposed to replace Red Letter product chip to make a compromise. Everyone knows that the red core is the most important thing and must not be changed.

Lu Zixin nodded and said: “I have also considered your views. Both views have their pros and cons.”

“But –” Lu Zixin said at a turning point: “Can we compromise with US Federal Communications Commission?”

Everyone in the conference room showed a resentful expression. Everyone was not willing, but what can they do?

“President … everyone does not want to compromise, but the United States, we are short-term – difficult to deal with.” Tang Gang said in a dilemma.

Lu Zixin nodded and said: “It is true that we can’t control their decision. But we can protest this unfair treatment, not only in words but also in action!”

“Protest?” The crowds have revealed the expression of doubts. Do you want the official speech to express verbal condemnation? What is the use? People won’t take a look!

As for the action, is it necessary to mobilize employees to march and protest? In addition to letting the media find news material, there is no practical effect.

“I know that you are very confused, because I have not mentioned this plan to anyone, but it has been planned by the company. We originally thought that the implementation of this plan will be three or five years later, but since such a thing is encountered, We must implement it in advance!” Lu Zixin said that everyone is even confused, and the company has such a mysterious plan?

The chief operating officer of Red Letter couldn’t help it. He asked: “President, what is the plan?”

Lu Zixin’s mysterious smile said: “It is a plan for Red Letter’s to own communication and network service system. Since US telecom operators do not provide us with services, then we will come by ourselves!”

“Have you come? Establish a telecom operation company?” Tang Gang asked strangely.

“You only said a little bit,” Lu Zixin said. “Since the US communications industry rejects us, we have to tell them that the times have changed! It’s not the time when they have the power to decide everything!”

“I decided that in the next few years, we will establish a global communication and network service system, so that users all over the world can use our Red Letter’s information services and smart products unimpeded!”

Lu Zixin said that the top of the entire Red Letter was stunned. They absolutely did not think that President would actually come up with such a crazy idea!

Crazy! Can only use this word to describe the mobile communication network all over the world! Isn’t that doing telecommunications infrastructure services to the world? It is the financial strength of the countries of the world, and it is not worth having fun!

How long has it been for China to establish a complete telecommunications service? how much is it? There is also United States, if you want to establish such a service in the United States, fear that the three major telecom operators add up to this!

This is totally impossible!

“President, this idea, isn’t it too…” Yao Li didn’t know how to word it. After thinking about it, he said, “Is it too far away?”

“Communication network services all over the world, the price our company can not afford! If it is possible in some areas.”

In his view, it is now selling Red Letter Group, and it is not such a huge project!

Lu Zixin sees that no one believes, nor is it strange. In their cognition, they think that telecommunications services must be built like telecom operators in other places, and they are perfected with countless projects.

But what Lu Zixin wants to say is the technology from Skynet Science and Technology, a new level of concept!

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