BTC Chapter 264 : Shocking!

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“You may be wrong to mean what I mean!” Lu Zixin signaled everyone to be quiet and said: “This plan is definitely not my surprise, but the actual analysis with the company’s technical staff.”

“This plan is to develop a high-power small-scale communication network satellite that uses dozens or even hundreds of small satellites to launch into low-Earth orbit to form a global communication network System!”

After he finished, everyone not only did not eliminate doubts, but was even more surprised.

“The Small Satellite System of the World?” Su Zhirong was also very surprised, and Lu Zixin never mentioned it.

“Is it the same star chain plan as US Space Exploration Company?” she asked.

“Star chain plan?” When everyone listened to her, they all remembered, Professor Dai Liang from the R&D department immediately said: “This plan is crazy! Mas’s star chain plan to launch 12,000 small satellites in space. The cost is over $10 billion, and the deadline is not known how long it will take!”

“And in satellite manufacturing and rocket launch technology, we are simply ignorant!”

“Dr. Dai should not worry, listen to me and continue.” Lu Zixin continued to explain to them, “In fact, we have already had some research results on the technology of small communication network satellites.”

“I can guarantee that our small communication satellites absolutely do not need 12,000 to achieve the effect of global network communication, only a few hundred, even in the early days, only dozens of services are needed in some areas.”

“And our satellite cost will be greatly reduced, but the performance is stronger! According to theoretical analysis, once this small network communication satellite network is built, it will cross 4G and 5G network communication era and directly reach 6G network communication!”

“The sixth generation of communication technology?” Even Dai Liang revealed an unbelievable look. 4G and 5G refer to the fourth and fifth generation communication technologies. At present, 4G technology has been widely used, and 5G network technology is being partially tested. It is only a matter of time before it is widely used around the world.

Lu Zixin nodded and said: “Yes, if this communication network is built, we will enjoy the 6G communication network service in every corner of the world!”

“Everyone knows that 5G network can meet the normal operation of primary artificial intelligence, such as our intelligent voice, smart home system, etc., and 6G communication network can theoretically achieve 1TB network download speed per second, so that the speed can meet IoT services that connect all smart products.”

“This plan is not only for us to open US market, but also to pave the way for the intelligent products of Red Letter.”

Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things technology, this is the future development direction of Red Letter, and the basis for the development of these is network communication technology! No internet speed, everything is empty talk!

For example, the red letter cloud voice service, many small cities or rural areas because of poor network services, users feedback Red Letter cloud response is relatively slow, which is because of network speed restrictions. If you have more advanced intelligence, you need faster internet speeds, and no advanced network communication services. These things can only be done in the lab and are difficult to use.

Lu Zixin said this, the conference room is not surprised, and all silent! Yes, this is a high-level person who has seen winds and waves and many Lu Zixin whimsy. Hearing this huge and majestic satellite plan, they are all stunned!

Build a global communications network, and not just a communications satellite that provides some services, a high-performance Science and Technology satellite that delivers 1TB downloads per second! The objects it serves are not yet part of the group, but may be hundreds of millions of users!

Such Science and Technology, not to mention China, is the most developed American aerospace science and technology.

Can Red Letter do it? They have no concept in mind, and the 5G network is still in trial operation, and Red Letter will be 6G.

The Space Exploration Company has just launched two satellites of the Star Chain Program, and Red Letter is preparing to establish a more advanced satellite network communication system in the short term.

Think about it, if this plan is successfully implemented, then the world’s telecom operators must use the red letter network service! In this industry, Red Letter will become undisputed leader, changing the lifestyle of all mankind!

With the wireless 6G network that can be shrouded in the world, the use of network services in the future does not require fiber optics, just connect to the satellite network, any electronic products! Any individual, company, anywhere, can be used!

They now decide that they can’t use madness to describe Lu Zixin’s idea, which is to subvert the telecommunications industry of the whole world!

Professor Dai Liang couldn’t help but stand up and shouted: “Insane! Crazy! This is to change the world!”

Although he said so, he was full of excitement. “I have lived for so many years. For the first time, someone has proposed such a plan next to me. I used to see such a story in the news newspaper. Today I actually kissed it. Hear! It sounds crazy, but I like it very much!”

Tang Gang is also dumbfounded. He has never thought about such a thing in his life. He originally thought that Lu Zixin said to establish a terrestrial telecommunications base station service in United States. Who knows that Lu Zixin actually wants to establish a global communication network in space! Still, the extent to which this kind of bull is not enough, he simply does not know what words to use to express his shock.

Su Zhirong also grinned and worked at Red Letter for more than two years. She has seen a lot of major events, but such a plan is enough to make her horrified.

Not to mention other people, if Lu Zixin is in front of them, they even suspect that they are dreaming!

“This… can this really be done?” someone could not help but ask.

“It must be, and it must.” Lu Zixin nodded. “This plan has already been implemented. Our senior technical consultant Zhang Qiang and his secret research and development team have already achieved some results.”

“Although there are countless difficulties in implementing this plan, the most basic things we have completed are all that is needed to implement and build!”

Lu Zixin finished, Dai Liang was excitedly said: “The core problems are all done? Unbelievable, incredible! President, I strongly request to join this R&D team!”

“If I don’t participate in such a plan, it will be meaningless live in this life!”

Lu Zixin said with a smile : “This is for sure!”

He looked at other people. Although he said so much, everyone was more and more surprised and confused.

Lu Zixin said: “You should have a lot of things you don’t know. Let me explain this plan for everyone’s and discuss the research together.”

Lu Zixin only came up with this plan in less than two days. Although the initial idea was shocking, but there are still a lot of vulnerability, he is now ready to communicate with everyone and brainstorm.

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