BTC Chapter 246 : Don’t say no on your mouth

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In the past few days, Lu Zixin has stayed in Japan to understand some cooperation issues, and is also paying close attention to the sales of Red Letter smart products.

A few days before the sale, the sales volume was quite satisfactory, but there was no outbreak, but it was not too bad. But after a few days, sales began to grow.

This is similar to the performance on China market. The initial news promotion attracted some users, and then it relied on user’s word of mouth.

In the hotel, Lu Zixin only reviewed the documents and saw the news on the mobile phone. It was sent by Ishihara Kotono.

At the end of the press conference yesterday, Ishihara Kotono took the initiative to ask him for contact, saying that she wanted to know him as a friend from China.

Lu Zixin is clear in his heart, and it must be her agent who asked her to do it. If Ishihara Kotono is wanting to develop in China, he can help her save a lot of effort.

“Lu Yan-kun, do you watch Edo TV now? I have made an advertisement for Red Letter’s smart products, very interesting!”

“Interesting?” Just in time, Lu Zixin opened the TV in the hotel and switched to Edo TV.

At this time, the program has just begun, it is a real-life experience program similar to variety. The theme of this issue is Black Science and Technology smart products from China, each of which gives a passerby a test to see their performance.

Ishihara Kotono, who plays the role of introducer and guide in the program.

I don’t have to look at it, this is definitely an advertisement for KDDI to spend money, but Lu Zixin is still interested in the content of the program, because Ishihara Kotono said that these investigations are definitely not scripts, but real reactions.

At the beginning of the program, it was natural that Ishihara Kotono was the self-introduction of the show host, and then began to select the target for the promotion experience.

The first target quickly found it. The business card description reads: “Hiroshi Ikei, 20, is studying at Edo University. He likes Apple’s mobile phone products and has purchased more than five Apple mobile phones.”

The task requirement is to let him experience using Red Letter smartphone.

At the beginning, when I found Hiroshi Ikei in the pool, the boy was still unwilling. Said: “I am not interested in this, my favorite is Apple phone, even if I experience it, I still don’t like it.”

Ishihara Kotono advised: “Maybe you have different ideas after the experience?”

“Absolutely impossible!” said Hiroshi Ikei, who was too determined, and then he started to experience of the Red Letter smartphone.

At the beginning, I got HX2S, and I was too worried about it. In the design, red letter can do it, but now the style of mobile phone is only a few. It’s hard to say who is better, can only say the style that everyone likes not the same.

Then he began to experience the function of HX2S mobile phone for software operation. As soon as he opened some software, he immediately surprised: “Fast speed!”

Ishihara Kotono said: “Not only these, the software here can be opened immediately!”

In the pool, Hiroshi Ikei opened some of his favorite software or mobile games and found that it is running faster than Apple phones.

Then there is voice intelligence. He started to communicate with red cloud. Whenever he said something, red cloud could answer it.

“Is this true voice? Isn’t that the effect of the show?” Hiroshi Ikei is too suspicious. “It’s too smart to talk, just like the real exchange with Ishihara Kotono.”

“This is absolutely true!” Ishihara Kotono said with a slight smile, “And now I am next to you, you can prove that this is the phone talking to you, not me.”

“It’s amazing!” Hiroshi Ikei is too surprised, so the humanized voice is much better than SIRI!

In the next step, it is intelligent camera. In the pool, Hiroshi Ikei also asked for a photo with Ishihara Kotono. The mobile phone automatically cameras, plus the beauty, the photos that are discharged make him very satisfied.

Then there are other functions, such as translators, navigation, mobile phone intelligent information processing, and some super endurance that can’t be experienced temporarily.

After ten minutes of experience, Hiroshi Ikei has completely changed his attitude.

“Amazing!?” Hiroshi Ikei is too surprised to hold red letter smartphone. “It’s just too convenient, just like the phone is have life can understand my words!”

Ishihara Kotono is said with a smile: “Do you like it now?”

“Just love to die!” said Hiroshi Ikei. “This is the smartphone I want!”

A text appears on the screen, saying: “Success!”

The Red Letter smartphone successfully conquered Hiroshi Ikei. In this program, some hilarious links were also designed. For example, in the smart voice, Ishihara Kotono and the mobile phone were chatting with Hiroshi Ikei, so that he couldn’t tell, Lu Zixin was Funny.

This is the first experience. The second experiencer is called Hiraoka, 46, an engineer. He is a nearly bald middle-aged uncle, usually working under pressure and high myopia.

Let him experience HX GLASS smart glasses. Similarly, before the experience began, the program team made a simple interview.

Hiraoka said that he never wears smart glasses and is not interested in any smart watches. Because he believes that the functional smartphones of these objects are already in place and do not need to be worn anymore.

However, after he experienced HX GLASS smart glasses, his thoughts changed immediately.

“It’s perfect! This kind of glasses can not only increase my vision, but help the work too much!” Hiraoka bravely said, “I don’t need to do it myself, it can help me finish it.”

“And such a small, lightweight glasses can also watch VR video, play VR games, I must buy!”

In less than ten minutes, Hiraoka has become a strong supporter of HX GLASS smart glasses.

Then there is Xiaoyu smart speaker. This time the experience is a housewife, Tanikawa Misha. 29 years old, family is rich, but hates heavy housework.

Because of the experience of smart speaker, the program group also installed an intelligent controller for her home appliances to match.

The effect of the use is obvious. With just one command, the smart speaker can drive various home circuits or home appliances to complete the task, play music, chat with her, broadcast news, and communicate with others.

This intelligent function makes Tanikawa Misha very fond of smart speakers, and hopes to turn more home appliances into a part of smart home system.


There are still a few cases, all of which are similar. After the experience, users are generally more accepting of Red Letter smart products. At the end of the show, Ishihara Kotono was also recording some voice benefits for fans. For example, wake up the alarm clock in the morning, eat, cheer, and so on.

This program, in Japan ratings is particularly high, shortly after the broadcast, Red Letter’s smart products on Japan hot news.

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