MST Chapter 46 : Shooting Advertising [1]

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When I arrived at Studio, Ye Guang didn’t stay in the office. After Shang Shan and Xia Hai arrived, he rushed to find them.

I have to hurry up and take the advertisements out today.

“Director Shang, Director Xia, morning,” Ye Guang said hello. “How, can you shoot today?”

Xia Hai definitely nodded: “No problem! Can shoot today!”

When Ye Guang heard it, the enthusiasm came up. “Well, then I will bring my colleagues together and shoot now.”

Xia Hai: “So urgent?”

Ye Guang said: “Anxious, definitely anxious, the commercials are waiting for it!”

Ye Guang went to the convenor, and Shang Shan and Xia Hai looked at each other’s breakfast that they hadn’t finished yet, and looked at each other with a smile.

Ten minutes later, Ye Guang has led more than 20 people to modified the studio on the second floor. Yesterday, Shang Shan and Xia Hai have arranged people to prepare, they are already all in place.

The employees know that they are filming their own Studio’s commercials, and everyone will leave the country, and their enthusiasm is also very high.

Ye Guang: “Is the characters all arranged?”

Shang Shan: “All arranged.”

Ye Guang: “Who is the female one?”

Shang Shan: “The new front desk Yu Xuejia, her image is very good.”

Ye Guang: “Ah? She?”

Shang Shan: “What’s wrong?”

Ye Guang: “Nothing, very good.”

Ye Guang: “Is the male lead arranged?”

Mountain: “The male lead? You.”

Ye Guang: “Ah? Me.”

Shang Shan: “Yes.”

Ye Guang: “I can’t, I won’t play.”

Shang Shan: “It’s okay, it’s all simple shots. When I shoot, I teach you, I can’t change people.”

This words can be said a little rude, Ye Guang also not annoyed, for arranging him as male lead, he is still very unexpected, but also did not want to refuse, after all, his goal is to the top of entertainment circle, can do more nature is good, prestige points also want to earn, Ah, said prestige points, Ye Guang has not seen the system for several days, these days he with Liu Chiyan greasy together, where there is empty time for system.

Ye Guang: “Is there a good arrangement for the role of the man?”

Shang Shan: “Arranged.”

Ye Guang: “Is the driver role of the umbrella arranged?”

Shang Shan: “Also arranged.”

Ye Guang: “The role of the glasses man and father is not arranged.”

Shang Shan: “All arranged.”

Ye Guang: “The role of the assessor…”

Shang Shan: “You are bothering! Nothing to do to move the machine!” Shang Shan can’t stand him.

Ye Guang ran away.

Liu Chiyan studio’s employees are veterans, and their work experience is very rich. They are busy setting up the scene and officially started.

Yu Xuejia, the front desk, was so excited when she knew that she was the female lead.

“Director, Director, is it really me? Really me?” Yu Xuejia is particularly excited. “Tell the lines, show me the lines.”

Shang Shan: “It’s really you. You have asked me eight hundred times this morning. I will ask you not to play, no lines, and the lines are narration.”

When she heard no lines, Yu Xuejia was a little lost, but she was still very excited. She jumped away and didn’t dare to bother.

Shang Shan is a little headache, this is everyone, one by one, the entire studio staff is like a collective turned into more than 20 ducks, keep asking him to ask true or not, especially Ye Guang, he is alone On the top of the twenty ducks, one morning was noisy, it was almost.

The filming progress is quite smooth, although most of the employees are ignorant of the performance, but fortunately the lens is relatively simple, most people only have one or two shots, and are guided by Shang Shan and Xia Hai. They are all shot in the same way.

On the contrary, Ye Guang, in the studio is screaming.

“You are not right, it should be like this, the expression should be natural.”

“Don’t laugh, don’t laugh, scream.”

“Yes, yes, that’s it, come slowly. Ah, very good. ”

“Pay attention to expressions and pay attention to expressions.”

“Let go, be sure to let go, oh, why are you so stupid, come, I will teach you.”

“Come on again, this time must be over.”

“In a fierce, fierce! Are you murderous?”

Ye Guang kept on pointing to the staff of the filming, Shang Shan and Xia Hai watching this are stunned, whether you are the director or we are the director!

Ye Guang really does direct. Some time ago, he took a Director Knowledge skill, but he didn’t usually see it, but when it was filmed, these things naturally showed up.

After a while, Ye Guang’s shot will be taken. He has some guilty conscience and starred in it, but he has no skill in performing at all. He just has a model for other employees. If he can’t shoot well, he’s not a shame.

Taking a break, Ye Guang sneaked out of the studio and found a room where no one was.

“Tian Ling Ling, Earth Spirit, Quartet spirits is fast.” While reading, Ye Guang went to worship in four directions while doing something.

“This can be a gamble!”

Ye Guang calls out the system that has not been opened for many days.

“How come this?”

Prestige points : 98,532

Just over 90,000, I remember that there was no lottery for a while, Ye Guang thought about it, and right, he is not working at the Radio station now, Ghost Blows Out The Light is not the one he continues to broadcast, the prestige points that he can get naturally are very limited, and most of these prestige points are accumulated when he did not resign.

“Forget it, this is better than nothing.” Say Ye Guang while preparing for lottery, suddenly, a thought flashes in Ye Guang mind, as if a Good Fortune Pledge was drawn some time ago?

Quickly open the storage bar.

Good Fortune Pledge : 2

Innocent Disaster : 1

Hearty Vigour : 1

Spirit Tickling Soul Click : 1

Herculean : 1

Firm Rock : 1


Indeed, the number of Good Fortune Pledge shows 2, these consumables item, Ye Guang has not have opportunity to use it, usually not willing to use it, just today you can try!

“I hope it will work.” Say, Ye Guang used a Good Fortune Pledge.

White light flashed. Ye Guang has a white halo on his head. “Hey, is this an angel? No, the angel has two wings. I don’t know if others can’t see it.”

Ye Guang feels interesting. In order to experiment with if it can’t see by others, Ye Guang also poses a self-portrait with a pose of narcissism. He clicks on the photo. The photo only has his narcissistic expression and can’t see the aura on his head. It seems that this aura is the same as the system, only he can see it.

Without further ado, lottery!

For the first time, treasure chest.

The second time, treasure chest.

The third time, still treasure chest!

“Haha, it really works.” Ye Guang was very excited to pick up the treasure chest three times in a row.

But it’s not enough just to get the treasure chest. I have to see if there is anything he needs.

“There must be oh, Heavens Spirit, Earth Spirit, Quartet Spirit.” Ye Guang started to worship again.

Click on the treasure chest.

“Congratulations, you obtain Innocent Disaster – 1”

“Congratulations, You obtain skill book Writer Swift Writing.”

Two times to open the treasure chest, a consumables Innocent Disaster and skill book Writer Swift Writing, things are very good, but Ye Guang is not happy because there is nothing he wants.

I feel a little embarrassed and continue to open the last treasure chest.

“Congratulations, You obtain Actor Knowledge 1”

“Ha ha ha ha ha! I’m really genius!”

That’s right, this is what Ye Guang wants most now, actor skill!!!

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