MST Chapter 48 : Advertising completed

Edited: XiaXue

Because the footage of the commercials is relatively simple, they are all stitched together by one lens. It is especially easy to shoot. Under the guidance of Shang Shan and Xia Hai and Ye Guang’s fingertips, it’s quite smooth to put all the shots after lunch. The filming is over, and the rest is editing and post-production.

Post-production and editing Ye Guang did not understand, although I wanted to participate, but the interlacing is like Shang Shan, he can only look at it.

Although it is a commercial, the time is very short, and the lens does not need to be edited. It is almost a matter of stitching together one lens, but the post work is still not easy. I have been busy until I get off work to make the whole commercial. Come out, then the last step is the most crucial step in this advertisement! Dubbing!

This is a successful advertisement, which has been tested in Dream World, and the most successful part of this ad is its voice narration!

Ye Guang work of dubbing, is naturally a must, so he is also a broadcaster. Although he hasn’t worked for a few days, he has done it, and the results are not bad.

Late Xiao Gu: “Advisor Ye, already off work, dubbing tomorrow to do it.”

Ye Guang didn’t even think about it: “No! I have to make it today! Plus meeting!”


“Why? Any questions?”

Xiao Gu is not Shang Shan. He dare not directly open up with Ye Guang. After all, Ye Guang has a high weight in the company. Although he is not willing to work overtime, he still reluctantly nods. “That…Fine.”

Many employees are reluctant, who is willing to work overtime, the dubbing part of the entire company has employees, all members must participate, so to work overtime to complete the dubbing, not only late and recording a few people, no one can go. However, they did not dare to say anything on the bright side, but there must be some complaints in their hearts.

Shang Shan, Jiang Xin, Jiang Fengxian and others are also there. They dare to refute Ye Guang’s opinion, but these are all pillars, and they have a sense of doing things. In this case, they will not take the lead in saying that they do not work overtime.

Liu Chiyan is also here. She originally came to Ye Guang to get off work. She saw some reluctance from the employees and said, “Just add a class, make a slap in the air to make a commercial, and return to give you a bonus.”

The boss has spoken, and there are bonuses. Everyone is so comfortable, there is no way, have to work overtime.

First, the background music was produced together with the sound engineer in the commercial film. The process was not very smooth. A group of people surrounded them and watched them back and forth for more than an hour before they finally finished.

Under the anxious wait of everyone, finally reached the final step, voice over dubbing!

The dubbing begins.

Ye Guang is a person who has been a broadcast host, coughing, actually because of The Gift of Gab and Singer Excellent Emotions and Voice skill, the rhythm and sound are just right.

As the picture lens advances, Ye Guang has a magnetic and infectious sound.

“You only smell my perfume, but you don’t see my sweat.”

“You have your rules, I have my choice.”

“You deny my present, I decide my future.”

“You laugh at me, nothing, not worthy.”

“I Poor you always wait.”

Ye Guang sounds soothing and calm.

“You can despise our youth”

“We will prove who this is!”

When I heard this, Ye Guang’s voice was suddenly agitated, and everyone present was violently exploding with a goose bump in his magnetic and emotional full voice.

“Dream is destined to travel alone.”

“There is no doubt and ridicule on the road.”

“So what.”

“Even if you are bruised all over, you must live beautifully.” [X-N: Original]

After reading this, the entire company was watching Ye Guang with all their attention. They saw Ye Guang making a gesture and all the staff said uniform:

“We are Youxianqi Entertainment, We speak for ourselves!”

The picture on the computer is slowly fixed as a photo of all the employees in the background. Finally, the logo of the word ‘Youxianqi’ emerges.

The ad ends.

When the sound engineer pressed the Enter key on the keyboard, all the staff present were bursting with warm shouts and applause!

This is Dream World advertisement for the CEO of a online shopping platform surnamed Chen. This advertisement was once popular, and it was a popular language on the Internet. It was all the time.

When I heard that the company wanted to advertise, Ye Guang first remembered this advertisement, inspirational, bloody, vocal, creative, and very consistent with the current situation of studio, which they just started, said again, is it better to endorse yourself than this ad?

Of course, Ye Guang can’t directly play like Dream World. The other is not to say that the actors are not right. The place still has to be changed. Moreover, this advertisement is for all employees of the company to leave the country. Although some people just glimpse in a shot, but also out of the country? There are many places to change naturally. The entire shooting to the completion of the editing, in addition to the general plot no deviation, basically all the details are not the same as Dream World.

For example, the shot of the heroine down the stairs, the original version is raining, but here, they were sunny outside when they were shooting today. In the case of not doing artificial rainfall shooting, they changed this to a hot sweat in Pan Ye’s new head. The dripping popsicle, the local tyrant is holding a rose in one hand, while eating ice cream, there are two bodyguards next to him, one to help him with a parasol, one to give him a fan next to him.

The last paragraph was originally I was XX, I spoke for myself, because this is studio collective work, Ye Guang changed it to ‘We are Youxianqi Entertainment, we speak for ourselves!’, and the collective voice of the people, the effect is very shocking.

“Fast, play quickly and see the results.”

“Yes, yes, look!”

The people should reconcile.

In the echo of everyone, Liu Chiyan chuckled and pressed the play button.

The ad starts.

The protagonist Yu Zhijia, who was at the front desk appeared, and Ye Guang voice narration also sounded. ‘You only smell my perfume, but you don’t see my sweat.’

Yu Xuejia, the front desk, was very excited and said: “Look, it’s me, it’s me!”

“Don’t say anything, watch ads!” Shang Shan and Jiang Fengxian reprimanded.

Yu Xuejia then shut up and closed her mouth, but squeezed her fist, her eyes couldn’t stop looking excited.

‘You have your rules, I have my choice.’ The pictures were promoted one by one, and the employees of the company went one after another. The employees present were very excited when they saw themselves appeared. They were very excited, but they did not say anything.

It is worth mentioning that Shang Shan plays a strict father who criticizes his son. Ye Guang feels that his image is very suitable, and he is irritated and unreasonable. (Who is not reasonable? Hey!)

Wei Haijun, Wei Lujun, Wei Kongjun, This sea, land and air triples brother, Ye Guang specially arranged them into the three high-spirited investors. No way, the three are exactly the same. If they appeared separately, no one else can. Thought it is a person? Of course, this arrangement is also a highlight of this commercial.

As for Liu Chiyan, in order to dilute her existence, he only gave her a shot at the press conference.

One-thirds of the commercials were quickly finished, and the ‘Youxianqi’ logo appeared at the end of the presentation. The entire commercial was over, and there was a warm cheer in the studio.

Once passed, Perfect passed! The rest is the later rendering of a slightly home appliance, and then a little bit of processing for the sound, the entire ad is completely finished.

The ad is complete!

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