BTC Chapter 248 : Iron Head Result

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In addition to mobile phone sales data, Sakata Tetsuya also showed sales data of other smart products, and the same market performance was relatively good.

Immediately, Takeshi Kyugo expressed his willingness to cooperate with Red Letter for a long time to provide stable and high-quality services for Red Letter smart product users on Japan nation.


Lu Zixin stayed in Japan for two more days, continued to handle official duties, did not go out to play, and then returned to China.

During this period, Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has approved the cooperation with Yinjiang Logistics and decided to jointly develop the logistics drone project.

According to Lu Zixin’s intent, Red Letter Group is willing to buy 20% shares of Yinjiang Logistics with 4 billion and become the second largest shareholder of Yinjiang Logistics.

This price is also higher than the actual value, and considering the advantages of Red Letter Group in intelligent services and system management, Yinjiang Logistics executives also agreed to the proposal.

Next, Red Letter set up a special research group to go to the experimental base of Yinjiang Logistics Co., and began research and development of drone logistics project.

Lu Zixin first returned to Pengcheng, but did not see Su Zhirong, Su Zhirong went to United States, or wanted to solve the problem of Red Letter smart products entering US market.

He didn’t know how to tell Su Zhirong that he had to go to work first.

In the villa of RI-8901, Lu Zixin once again saw Zhang Qiang and Iron Head. Zhang Qiang is still the same, but speaking is a bit more “human” than before. This is because in the past few months, it has been improving the learning of voice system.

As for Iron Head, this guy is idle and has improved the villa. Its “garage” is simply a mechanized small castle. Of course, there are also audio equipment for recording songs.

“Daddy, are you going back from Japan? How Is the service girl over there? I found it online, some customs shops are very good! If I am human, I must go and experience it!” The first sentence to see Lu Zixin is this.

“I am going to work! Do you understand?” Lu Zixin scornfully said, “Can you think of something serious in your shovel’s head all day long!”

“You have wronged me!” Iron Head stood up, nearly two meters high, and it said: “I have completed the task you have given me!”

“Look, not only the electric jet device, I even gave you the drone!” Iron Head pulled out a disc-shaped flying saucer from a pile of mechanical waste in the corner of the room and threw it to Lu Zixin.

“Is this handsome? It’s a small UFO!” said Iron Head.

“This?” Lu Zixin took over the drone it made, to be precise, a small unmanned flying saucer. The size is equivalent to the cross section of a bucket, and the shape is similar to the disc UFO.

There are five jet holes under the disc to provide ascending power. Inside, there are motors, smart chips, and special lithium-air batteries.

These things add up to a little weight.

Iron head said: “The outer casing is made of titanium alloy aerospace metal. In addition to the fumarole, there is a hook hole underneath, which can be installed with a grapple to hang the cargo. This small load can reach 15 to 20Kg. If you grow bigger, you have more problems.”

“Try it up.” Lu Zixin said.

The two came to the courtyard of the villa, and Iron Head took a small unmanned flying saucer and made a preparation for throwing a discus. It was a fierce battle in the sky: “Go away!”

The small unmanned flying saucer was thrown into the air of tens meters high at a time. Then Iron Head activated it by a wireless signal. When it saw that it was about to fall, there was a sudden sound of air, the motor was running, and the jets produced a lift, to maintain its stability in the air.

Iron Head manipulated it for a while, then gave it a heavy object and loaded it with weight. After a 20Kg parcel, the speed and power of this small unmanned flying saucer remain unaffected.

Iron Head is proud to say: “It is raining and windy, and it can fly smoothly. The flight radius can reach 50Km.”

“Yes, you have done something right.” Lu Zixin praised it with a rare compliment.

Iron Head suddenly laughed and said in a metal-sounding voice: “What is the unmanned plane in the area for my mighty Iron Head? I want to make a spaceship and go to the sea of ​​stars!”

“Daddy, give me a hundred billion investment. When I make it, the patents are yours!”

“Get out of the way!” Lu Zixin looked black. If Iron Head said that he would want a few million, he would definitely not refuse to buy any metal or parts. One hundred billion! The liquidity of the Red Letter Group is not so much.

“Small gas!” Iron Head spit out, “only one hundred billion, you just make some missiles, aircraft carrier or something, sell it is not enough?”

“I can’t do it, sell the big RI-8901 block? Maybe two billions of countries have to buy it!”

“This is your original purpose? Don’t think about it.” Lu Zixin said, “You are staying here anyway. If you are bored, you can let RI-8901 ride you out as motorcycle. But it must be within the control.”

“Impossible, I will never let a base ride!” Iron Head said, “Unless you give me a beautiful girl rider!”

“You ask so much, we will talk later.”

The information on the manufacture of unmanned UFOs by Iron Head has been brought to R&D team of Red Letter by Zhang Qiang, and they have studied it.

This does not mean that their drone logistics has been successfully developed, and can carry heavy drones, many companies have.

The most important thing is that if you ensure long-distance transportation, how to manage logistics, how to ensure safety, and how to control costs so that the cost of drone logistics is much lower than the labor cost, such research results are meaningful.

In short, the actual running process is definitely more complicated than trying in the yard, and it takes a lot of work to improve the completion.

For this matter, Lu Zixin took R&D team of Red Letter and the finished small unmanned UFO to go to the experimental base of Yinjiang Logistics, Nankang City.

Nankang City is located in the south of Xijiang Province. It has many mountains and waters and is inconvenient for transportation. The cost of logistics and distribution here is particularly high, and many logistics companies can only stop in the town and cannot reach remote villages.

Therefore, after approval by National Civil Aviation Administration, Nankang City will be used as a pilot area for national drones. The drone logistics project can be piloted in this area, and if it can achieve excellent results, it can be extended to other regions.

Nankang City, Yinjiang Logistics Drone Research Base, the research and development team of Yinjiang Logistics is in a meeting. According to the news of the company Headquarters, the R&D team of Red Letter is about to arrive. The company requested that they fully cooperate with the research and development of Red Letter, and this is also the reason for their meeting.

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