BTC Chapter 234 : That man

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Beijing, Lianxiang building, this is one of Lianxiang Group’s Headquarters, and the other Headquarters is located in New York, USA.

Lianxiang Group is not only a domestic science and technology giant, but also a top-ranking company among the world’s top 500 companies. Even if the group is divided into several business groups, the business scope and scale, although red letter wins, but the corporate heritage is still a lot worse.

Even thinking about cloud service business group, intelligent product business unit, several important leaders of the group are experiencing the smart glasses of Red Letter.

Prior to this, smart glasses have always been an unpopular product. Few companies have researched and developed, but even already had mature products, and have been fighting with Google smart glasses.

But even so, the sales of smart glasses have never been up. Who knows, when red letter smart glasses exits, it directly pushes this portable wearable smart product to the hot spot. Whether it is a newspaper or a TV network, you can see the news of smart glasses.

Even the big guys in the Science and Technology world have also commented on HX GLASS smart glasses in a circle of friends.

“So small, so light body, actually contains such a rich function, convinced!” A man in his fifties took off his smart glasses and said with emotion.

He is senior vice president of Lenovo Group and the president of Huaxia District Cloud Service Business Group, and each of Lenovo Group’s business groups has an independent president and a president of the group. This is the case, Xiang An is also an important figure in the core.

Just now, Xiang An personally experienced the HX GLASS smart glasses, and found that this thing is really not blowing, but really powerful!

“Our Lenovo’s “New Vision” series of smart products, including the use of AI technology for smart glasses projects, and cooperation with international intelligent electronics companies. Originally thought to have been ahead in China, even the world, but see this smart glasses…” Xiang An did not say anything.

Red letter smart glasses bring them a sense of frustration, their smart glasses, the quality is more than ten times that of HX GLASS! And the function, but did not reach HX GLASS 10%!

Such a gap is like being behind for more than a decade. This is a shame for Lianxiang Group, which has been in the field of innovation and the forefront of Science and Technology!

“How did they make it?” Even a senior vice president of cloud service business group wondered, “Red Letter’s cloud intelligence technology is indeed superb, but when did their photonics field reach such a high level? ”

A senior technician analyzed: “We have demolition of several studies, which use a further red core smart chip, signal and red letter cloud connection, no significant improvement in voice intelligence. But laser projection is doing more than us. Well, the sensitivity of the sensor is also very high.”

“When can we do this?” Xiang An asked.

“This…” The technician paused and revealed a distressed look. “The total gap is not one aspect. Chips, sensors, projectors, intelligent information processing systems, etc. Do them like that.”

“Then study their technology directly, drill through it! Red letter can do it, we can do it too!” Xiang An said in an unquestionable tone, “The act of Red Letter also let us see, smart glasses also exist a lot of blank markets, so next we will also increase investment in smart glasses projects, and strive to make even better smart glasses!”

I don’t know when, he has already made Red Letter Group a competitor in the subconscious and a year ago, he didn’t even put a red letter in his eyes.


Rice company, Tian Xiangshan is watching the company’s latest market research report, but not Rice’s performance, but the market report of Red Letter smart glasses.

After HX GLASS smart glasses released, the sales volume reached tens thousands on the same day, and this data is even higher than some popular smartphones!

In the next few days, the sales of this smart glasses will remain stable. In just one week, it has reached the sales of high-end smart glasses in the Chinese market last year!

It can be said that 99% never pays attention to the consumers of smart glasses, and buys smart glasses as a consumer product after smartphones.

Of course, there is also a need to follow the trend, because many celebrities are showing off their smart glasses.

For example, the local tyrant Zhang Kaile on Weibo sent a photo of wearing smart glasses for his fans, which attracted a group of netizens to envy and hate.

“Great, amazing!” Tian Xiangshan was very impressed. “This data is too explosive. I am afraid that everyone has not thought that the era of smart glasses is so fast, so sudden!”

“This week is not just Red Letter smart glasses, our sales of Rice smart glasses have tripled.” Tian Xiangshan said, “It seems that we have to use this product as the second important core product!”

“General Tian, you still have the foresight!” said the assistant, “Sure enough, red letter has opened up a brand new smart product market. I see this year, the proportion of smart glasses in all domestic wearable smart devices squeeze into the top three!”

“This is another slogan of the Internet!” Tian Xiangshan looked at the news and said: “We have to increase investment in smart glasses projects; the East and Germany’s electronic science and technology enterprise Cooperation, research and development of new smart glasses…”


In the United States, Apple, CEO Cook, although in the interview, said that the products of Red Letter are not very optimistic, but HX GLASS smart glasses came out, and it was placed on his desk in less than one day.

He rubbed his forehead and felt a little headache. The crisis has been constant since he took over the management of Apple.

No matter what the problem is, it is Apple’s own problem, what innovation is insufficient, product problems, and its own problems can be solved very well.

But if there is a strong opponent, it is not so easy to solve!

Cook was even too lazy to read the news. There were some reports on his own, because he had only questioned smart glasses not long ago.

He saw the sales of Red Letter smart glasses, which almost surpassed Apple’s smart watches in a crushed position. Fortunately, it is only in the Chinese market. Red Letter has not been reviewed by the United States and other countries, and it is impossible to carry out the North American market. Otherwise, his pressure will be even greater.

However, one day, Red Letter’s products will enter the North American market. At that time, how should Apple respond to such a strong enemy?

Cook can’t help but think of the man who is called Godfather of Apple. If he is, he must have a solution. He will even be full of fighting spirit.

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