MST Chapter 33 : Finally Called

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It is already the fifth day.

Liu Chiyan’s phone was turned off, Weibo didn’t return, and she didn’t give him any message. Ye Guang was in a hurry, really anxious!

Go to Beijing?

Ye Guang knows Liu Chiyan’s family in Beijing, but Ye Guang does not know where she is. Beijing is so big, where do you go look for her?

Wait a minute! Maybe Liu Chiyan will contact him today?

Moreover, today Ye Guang does have a little bit of work to do, he has to rush to write the follow-up story of Ghost Blows Out The Light, otherwise the Late night story will not be broadcast, this is the promise with Li Delong, To be a man, honesty still has to be, and a gentleman can’t back down with promise.

So, Ye Guang wrote the follow-up story of Ghost Blows Out The Light, waiting for Liu Chiyan’s news, or phone, or information, or Weibo news, as long as there is, everything is fine.

Ye Guang for a whole day, the whole person is full of spirits all day long, and the Ghost Blows Out The Light story is also written with many typos and small flaws. However, Ye Guang couldn’t care much, and sent the written storyline directly to Li Delong, then called and said something to him. The typo will naturally have a program editor to proofread. Some little mistakes don’t matter. He doesn’t bother to change it. Anyway, he is the original of this world, and there is no need to be the same as Dream World.

At night, father and mother didn’t look at him when he was eating. After dinner, mother whispered to father: “What happened to my son?”

Father shook his head.


The next day, on the sixth day of Liu Chiyan’s loss contact, Ye Guang got up early and dragged his suitcase out of the room.

Mother wondered: “What are you doing?”

Ye Guang: “Go to Beijing!”

“Ahhhh…” Mother is surprised, thinking, “Yes, Liu Chiyan is Beijing, and Studio should be in Beijing.”

Ye Guang nodded, “Mom, I am leaving.”

Mother hurriedly said: “How come this is gone, don’t say it in advance, you have a meal and go.”

Ye Guang said as he walked: “No, mother, I am in a hurry. Going, I will come back to see you in a few days.”

“Well, so anxious, you slow down, be careful on the road, what’s the matter…” Mother said something, Ye Guang was already gone. “This kid, such a big man, still impatient.”

The mother counted Ye Guang, and suddenly thought of something, and quickly chased it out.

“Son, remember to help your mother sign!”

Ye Guang: “…”

Go to Beijing! Ye Guang can’t wait, Liu Chiyan has been off for 6 days, and Ye Guang can’t deceive himself. There must be something going on. He is going to find her and go to Beijing to find her. Even if it is a sea of ​​people, even if there is no direction, he has to go to her! Be sure to find her!

Ye Guang took a taxi and went straight to the airport, bought a ticket to Beijing as soon as possible, economy class. The money is the emergency credit given to him by Liu Chiyan. When he took the money yesterday, he took 10,000 more. Ye Guang actually took a total of 210,000 and gave mother 200,000. He secretly left 10,000 and put it on his body. Stand by, I have 500 yuan on my body. To be honest, I have no confidence in going out.


Have passed the security check.



A whole set of processes took a lot of time, and Ye Guang was so anxious that he couldn’t wait to fly his wings to Beijing.

Fortunately, the weather is better today, the plane is not late, and finally, the plane slowly slides.

It is basic common sense to fly, the cellphone will shut down.

Just when Ye Guang was ready to shut down, the phone came, and it seems that the electric display: Liu Chiyan.

Ye Guang is dumbfounded.

After waiting for so many days, I finally got a call!

Get up and pick it up.

Ye Guang anxiously said: “Hey, Where are you!”

Liu Chiyan at the other end of the phone stunned and seemed a bit strange to Ye Guang’s tone of speech. “At Nanchang.”

Ye Guang: “The trough! How are you at Nanchang?”

Liu Chiyan: “How can I not be in Nanchang? Where are you? I am coming to you.”

Ye Guang: “I am on the plane, I am about to take off.”

Liu Chiyan asked in surprise: “Ah? How are you on the plane? Where are you going?”

Ye Guang thought about it, and said nothing, “You are too embarrassed to say! Where have you been in these days? Phone off! Weibo does not return! I am going to Beijing to find you!”

“Ah –? Sorry, the cell phone is broken.” Liu Chiyan whispered.


Ye Guang just wanted to say something, the flight attendant came over.

“Hello, sir, the plane is taking off, please turn off the communication equipment.”

“Ah, sorry, trouble, wait. I will be fine soon.”

Of course, the flight attendants refused, repeating: “Hello, the plane is taking off, please turn off your communication equipment immediately.”

Ye Guang helpless, can only quickly say to the cell phone: “The plane has to take off, it will be shut down soon, you will stay in Nanchang! Don’t go anywhere! wait me back! The phone can never be turned off again! Did you hear me!”

Liu Chiyan with weak voice, replied: “Oh, I know.”

Hang up the phone.

Under the watchful eye of the flight attendant, Ye Guang shut down the cell phone, but it seemed to rush over 10,000 horses, I am going to Beijing to find Liu Chiyan, but she is good. When he got on the plane, she called and said that she was in Nanchang. Should she be so clever? No way, the plane has taken off, and Ye Guang will certainly not do anything to pretend to suddenly become ill or other uncivilized moves, causing the aircraft to delay taking off. His business is a matter of things. There are so many people on the plane. It is also a matter of people. How can you be so selfish? Moreover, knowing that Liu Chiyan is in Nanchang, nothing happened, Ye Guang’s hanging heart was put down.

Is the cellphone broken? The reason… Forget it, nothing, just fine!

Closing his eyes, Ye Guang leaned against the seat and fell asleep.

In the past few days, Ye Guang has been nervous because of Liu Chiyan’s affairs. It is indeed a little tired.

The plane flew for more than two hours and landed at the Beijing Capital Airport. Ye Guang was awakened by the flight attendants.

After getting off the plane and taking the baggage, Ye Guang went straight to the ticket counter.

“Hello, give me the fastest ticket to Nanchang.”

The ticket seller’s polite smile: “Okay, please show your ID card.”

Ye Guang handed the ID card to the conductor, and then saw a ticket attendant standing next to a flight attendant looking at him strangely.

It was probably the flight attendant who turned him off when the plane came. How did this person fly back from Nanchang? Are you free to do the flying game? This is really, some people’s world does not understand.

Ye Guang smiled slightly at the flight attendant.

“Hello, sir, the fastest flight is an hour’s flight. There is only one first class position.” The conductor smiled and said in standard Mandarin.

Ye Guang for a moment, is it only first class? No way, the first class is in first class. Just wanted to hand the card to the conductor, and thought about it. He took out the phone and called Liu Chiyan.

“Hey, I am here in Beijing. Buy the ticket now and go back.”

“Well, I will come to the airport to pick you up.”

“So, can emergency credit be used? They only have first class, I don’t have enough money.”

“Ah –? How much?”

Ye Guang asked the flight attendant on the phone and said, “5100 yuan.”

Liu Chiyan immediately said, “Well, you are waiting, I’ll transfer it to you immediately, the emergency quota cannot be used!”

In less than a minute, Liu Chiyan texted, “The money has arrived.”

Ye Guang paid for the ticket with the ticket seller and the flight attendant next to counter under some strange eyes, and did not call Liu Chiyan to ask her why she shut down in the past few days. Some things are still good in person, the phone said not sure.

Humph! Go back and pack her up! Actually dare to play and disappear.

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