MST Chapter 160 : End of First Game

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He Xing abandoned the question, and it must be eliminated. The other few people are safely promoted tonight. The voting support rate can only reflect their popularity and who is better at singing this evening.

Several judges spoke in turn.

Huang Bin: “My vote was originally for He Xing, but this product is not up to date. He just abandoned it. There is no way. Therefore, I will give Goddess Liu this vote. She has a unique country tonight. The style singing method opened my eyes.”

Sui Si: “When Heavenly King Liu finished singing, I said that I will support Heavenly King Liu tonight, and I voted for Heavenly King Liu.”

Chun Yumin: “You all voted very casually. It seems that He Xing is abandoning today, it is destined to be eliminated. So you have no pressure on who to vote for? In this case, I will also vote for it. I will give my ticket to Feng Qiu Huang.”

Yu Fengnan: “I support Han Yurou, her song is really amazing.”

The last vote was Teacher Zong Zhengguang: “Leave me at the end, He Xing this youngster abandoned the problem, I will definitely not vote for him, everyone voted for one, no one fell, leaving the problem to me.”

Huang Bin laughed: “Old Zong, you are highly respected.”

Zong Zhengguang: “Okay, Okay, hold me, throw it all the time, then I will choose one. Today Han Yurou’s singing is really amazing. I haven’t heard such a good national style song for many years. Your first visit is really rare.”

Han Yurou laughed: “Thank you, Old Zong.”

Feng Qiu Huang and He Xing looked at Han Yurou, and looked at Liu Chiyan, thought it seems Zong Zhengguang tonight this ticket is to cast Han Yurou, Han Yurou was the biggest winner tonight, but Liu Chiyan, not from the ticket rate, the fact that she was caught in public by Han Yurou made her look bad tonight, the key is that she can not attack Han Yurou regardless of her carelessness, but she, Liu Chiyan, not lost her identity, and if the two of us were to choke on the live, the fun would be great.

Zong Zhengguang continued: “Your singing is good, but…”

But? But?

“But I do not agree with you, you think Liu Chiyan sang that is not national style, this I do not agree, I still that sentence, music is sung for others to listen to, popular like is the most important, no one has ever stipulated how national style must be sung, take your song today, although the tone is still old national style tone, but you also made some changes, plus your voice more ethereal, just can meet the tune, so this song will be good. In fact, you and Liu Chiyan are making changes, but your steps are smaller and Liu Chiyan is a big step.” Zong Zhengguang said, “I don’t know what your young people think, but even my old man knows that the poor is the reason for change. Then why does national style come to this situation and don’t want to change it? Today, Liu Chiyan’s national style is a pioneering work in my opinion. I believe that since then, national style must have been popular in China, so today my vote is for Liu Chiyan.”

The smile on Han Yurou, who was about to win, was frozen.

Liu Chiyan got up and succumbed to Old Zong, “Thank you, Old Zong.”

Zong Zhengguang smiled at her with a slight smile. In fact, Old Zong voted for Liu Chiyan. He also had some personal selfishness. He didn’t like Han Yurou, why? Han Yurou would have to sing honestly. She said that she did sing better than Liu Chiyan tonight, but when she spoke, she said that she had beaten Old Zong face.

Old Zong originally expressed his opinion. Although several judges have different opinions, it is only an opinion, and Han Yurou? Directly negating the whole, even directly to the problem that does not exist for national style, she said that when playing the words of Liu Chiyan, it was the same as the face of Old Zong.

Old Zong pre-event is to give Liu Chiyan a return to the city. It can be said that Han Yurou has made a wave of death for herself. Otherwise, Old Zong may also be voted for her.

The five judges and teachers all voted, the off-court voting was over, and the notary public comrades were making the final vote fair.

Yi Shan: “Our voting has all been terminated. Next we will announce the results of the vote.”

Ren Keling: “First, we will announce the results of the voting of five judges.”

On the big screen behind the stage, there are five avatars on the big screen. Above the avatar is a voting scale with green bars.

Currently, Liu Chiyan leads 20%, He Xing 0% bottoms, and the remaining 10% each.

Yi Shan: “After the vote of five judges, Liu Chiyan’s performance is currently leading. Below we reveal the results of audience’s vote.”

As a result, the green bars above the avatars of several players on the screen began to grow. In order to distinguish the voting ratios of different channels, the growth bars are yellow.

The result is.

Han Yurou had the highest audience support rate, 9% first place, Liu Chiyan’s audience support rate increased by 6%, Feng Qiu Huang’s total support rate was 4%, and Heavenly King Liu support rate was 5%. He Xing was the poorest, not good enough. The audience voted for him with a support rate of 1%.

In fact, it can be seen from this that Han Yurou is actually better than Liu Chiyan. Of course, there are many viewers who think that Liu Chiyan’s song is not national style.

The results of off-site voting were also just completed and presented in red bars.

The off-court voting support rate is more interesting. Heavenly King Liu is 8% ahead, Liu Chiyan is 7%, He Xing 4%, Feng Qiu Huang 4%, and Han Yurou only 2%.

Han Yurou’s song tonight really sings very well, but the support rate outside the field is only 2%. I have to say that in fact, the off-court audience vote is often directly voted for the players they like, not really according to who sang good, He Xing abandoned the title with a 4% support rate. From here, we can almost see the popularity of several players in The Strongest Voice competition in China.

The result is already there, Liu Chiyan’s total support rate is far ahead, Heavenly King Liu 23%, Han Yurou 21% third, Feng Qiu Huang 18% fourth, He Xing 5% bottom.

Speaking of Han Yurou, she really sang the best one tonight, but the first one did not contend, the second place was won by Heavenly King Liu, she can only be ranked third, some awkward, but have to say, sometimes, popularity are really important. The ancients said that the disaster was not unreasonable. Liu Chiyan was so popular, and her fans were countless. Han Yurou smashed Liu Chiyan and undoubtedly made this part of Han Yurou out of consideration.

Sing well and if? Just don’t give you a ticket!

There is no doubt that He Xing has been eliminated tonight.

He Xing made a few comments, saying that he will continue to work hard and strive for a cloud that can be revived.

After that, the five judges announced the proposition of tomorrow’s game.

Well, the proposition is very partial, the scope is small, very detailed.

The proposition is: Teacher!

The Strongest Voice ended the first game.

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