BTC Chapter 365 : Legal Weapons?

Edited: XiaXue

“Brat, you are rushing to death!” The boss said, igniting a cigarette without hesitation.

Behind him, several robot man stood behind him, and he was very angry.

“Boss, educate him, we are here to play games, and was given a slap by him!” The four little gangsters saw it, like finding a backer and running over to scream.

The boss patted the shoulders of one little gangsters and said: “Little brother, you can rest assured that you are playing here, I will give you the opportunity to get back, or how do I do business in the future?”

“Thank you boss, Ko him!” The four little punks got excited and finally got this bad smell!

“Boss, be careful, this guy will work hard!” flat headed Youth reminded.

“Kung Fu? My four brothers are all punched out!” The boss spit out a ring of smoke. “It’s a tiger. It’s also brought down to you today!”

“You are the boss here? What is your name?” Lu Zixin ignored the evil guys in the towns and asked.

“Hehe, counsel?” The boss sneered and said: “Me, your Grandfather, called Luo Jinchui, you go outside to inquire, the whole He county, there are several who do not know my Luo Jinchui! Dare to make trouble in the labor and management, I see you bring death?”

“Luo Tiechui.” Lu Zixin just yelled at birth, Luo Jinchui was angry again: “Labor and capital is said to be Luo Jinchui, gold hammer! Iron you XX!” [X-N: Tie for iron so Iron hammer]

Lu Zixin didn’t take it for granted and continued: “You are not legal to open this game? The virtual games provided are all serious and violent!”

“Turn off your ass!” Luo Jin hammered. “You don’t have to give a lot of labor to you. You are here today. I will give you two choices, either to talk to my brothers or to accompany me 200,000 yuan! Choose it yourself.”

He was afraid that the words were not enough, and threatened: “I remind you that the last one does not lose money, and now lies in the county hospital, the legs are broken, tsk tsk!”

Lu Zixin didn’t change his face and said: “You are a threat of violence. I am on the phone.”

“Report, ah, just call the police!” Luo Jinchui said indifferently. “Now you have to figure out that you came to my house to make trouble, hit people, and smashed things. The alarm is also catching you, just my little brother. Medical expenses, say less than 120,000! Spiritual loss, 10,000 one person.”

“My two dogs are expensive, 100,000! And my family’s equipment is worth a 100,000! You should try your best!”

The man with the baseball bat next to him also sings with a smile: “You just call the police, seeing the police come is arresting you or catching us.”

Lu Zixin said nothing, dialed the alarm call.

Luo Jinchui also dialed a phone call and shouted: “Hey, Captain Liu, Hahaha, find you a little help…”

After the phone call, Luo Jinchui was even more proud, and there was no fear. He said: “When the police have not come, I will give you another chance. 200,000, people are private. Otherwise, there will be more than 200,000!”

“Boss, do not beat him ah?” Flathead youth asked cautiously.

“Off your farts!” Luo Jinchui scolded. “What ages are there, and sticks are used. I have told you long ago that you must learn to protect yourself with legal weapons!”

Lu Zixin heard this sentence and couldn’t help but laugh and ridiculed: “You still have legal weapons. Do you know that this shop is illegal? And where is your game content from?”

“Do you ask me? Brat, how many pounds have you not figured out?” Luo Jinchui scorned, “waiting to lose money. I am illegal or not here, not you have the final say, the police have the final say.”

“Look at him, don’t let this brat run! Yes, both of you go and pick up things.”

Luo Jinchui has been quite experienced, people put things together, the house is also organized, and the virtual projection game equipment is locked.

Lu Zixin didn’t do anything. Since the other party is looking for a policeman, let the police solve it. Ask yourself this way, the other party will not answer honestly.

The police came very quickly because the county public security bureau was near the county middle school.

Two police cars, a small car, a medium-sized police car, and five police officers.

Luo Jinchui heard the sound of the police and quickly went out to welcome.

“Captain Liu, you can count it! A few hard work, I am here to come to an unreasonable guy, hit my guests, and smash my things, you must take care of this matter!”

The policeman, known as Captain Liu, nodded and said, “We will deal with it, who is the one who controls the person first.”

Several police officers went on and wanted to catch Lu Zixin.

“Wait!” Lu Zixin yelled directly and asked, “Do you understand the situation when you handle the case? When you come up, you will catch people?”

“What else do you know? You are smashing things and hitting people!” Luo Jinchui shouted. “Police comrades, look, what are these brothers, they are beaten by him?”

“Right, and the dog I raised, was killed by him!”

The guys who were shackled also mourned with the sorrow, as they were going to die.

“We have already understood the situation. You are suspected of causing trouble and damaging private property. Please cooperate with us to investigate back to the police station!” Captain Liu just looked at it casually and made a conclusion.

“Police comrades, are you too arbitrary under this conclusion?” Lu Zixin asked. “This store is suspected of operating without a license, and it is still an illegal entertainment venue. I started with them, they are the self-defense that they attacked me first.”

“As a result of your self-defense counterattack? It is clearly the person you hit!” a police officer shouted.

“Everything is about evidence!” Lu Zixin said. “This incident has let my lawyer explain it to you.”

“Responsible lawyer! Who is scared? You watched more TV dramas?” Luo Jinchui said with a sneer.

“You illegally operate entertainment venues here?” Captain Liu interrogated and looked at Luo Jinchui.

“Where? Captain Liu, don’t be fooled by this brat!” Luo Jinchui said quickly. “You don’t believe, you can go in and check. I have nothing here.”

“Go and see.” Captain Liu told the other police ande two police officers went in and searched. They came out in less than three minutes. The report said: “There is nothing here.”

Lu Zixin decided that they certainly didn’t search well, and their vision was not good. The layout of this decoration inside is not a normal home.

“A few of you have taken a trip with us!” Captain Liu said.

“Slow!” Lu Zixin shouted. He already saw it. Luo Jinchui knew these people, maybe there are still some relationships.

This matter must not be perfunctory, and it is necessary to find out the people behind this black industry chain.

“What do you have, go back to the police station!” Captain Liu shouted.

“I am afraid that the evidence will be difficult to find at that time!” Lu Zixin pulled out his mobile phone and said, “I still invite others to check it out.”

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