BTC Chapter 364 : Corner of Black Industry Chain

Edited: XiaXue

“Brother!” Lu Hai screamed in the back, thinking about copying the stool to help, but he only saw the shadow in front of him, the four young people all fell to the ground, there is no power to fight back.

“Is this too amazing?” Lu Hai was shocked. He never knew that his second brother had this kind of skill!

“What are you doing? Why are you going to fight for?” The flat-headed youth at the bar ran over and scolded.

“Get out of the way!” Other players are also used to this kind of scene, there is a fight at both ends of the three days.

“I am not coming to fight.” Lu Zixin swept them flatly and said, “But if someone doesn’t have long eyes, I don’t mind teaching him.”

As he said, he punched his fist on the table next to him, and suddenly the table was hammered with a big hole, and the sawdust was still falling.

“Shit!” The flat-headed youth was shocked. Although this table is a splint, it is double-layered! Change it to him, let alone with hammer, it will hurt the hammer, this person is a great strength!

“Calm down!” He forced himself to calm down and threatened: “Do you know who our boss is? Do you dare to make trouble here?”

“I really want to know who your boss is? Let him come!” Lu Zixin coldly snorted and said.

He came here not to find the troubles of a few gangsters, but to know who made this real bloody violent projection game!

It is only in the vicinity of He County, or it has spread to the whole country! If it is the former, it is still within the controllable range. If it is the latter, the impact will be too bad!

If it is a few incidents that have a bad social impact, the most affected ones will be Red Letter Group! Everyone will question the virtual projection game, question this technology, and bring huge losses to Red Letter Group!

Lu Zixin wants to find out the black industry chain behind this scene!

“Brat, don’t be crazy. Our boss is not what you are provoked, that is, the Public Security Bureau here has to sell him a face!” The young man is still threatening, Lu Zixin suddenly stepped forward and grabbed him as a whole. In the air, said: “I will give you a minute, call your boss, or else… your end is like this!”

Lu Zixin pointed at the table that he was piercing. The young man had a lingering sorrow and gritted his teeth: “Well, you wait for me, dare to make troubles with us!”

He quickly called and called, “What? Three, touched!” An impatient voice came from the phone, and there was a mahjong noise.

“Boss, we have a trouble here, our guests hit people and smashed everything!” The young man rushed to report.

“Why is there a dare, who dares to make trouble in the labor-management site?” There was a loud voice screaming over there.

“Boss, he still has to see you, saying that if you don’t come, he would smash us here!”

“Rely, labor and management still do not believe, let that brat do not go!” There was an angry voice, and the sound of mahjong collision.

“Get up, still have a fart card!”


In the backyard of small room, the young man and the four little punks were watched by Lu Zixin, and Lu Hai was paid by Lu Zixin. In the corner of the yard, two big wolf dogs, one person tall, also screamed on the side.

Seeing this scene, several people are still worried. This person is too terrifying, two big wolves, if it start a madman, you can kill and die, but in front of this person, you will fly directly to the cockroach, and almost become a dead dog!

“A few of you, are there long memories?” Lu Zixin pointed at the four little punks.

The four little punks nodded quickly and asked for mercy: “Big brother, we know it is wrong.”

“Know it?” Lu Zixin said with a big eyebrow, “What if you retaliate in private later?”

“No, we will never!” One person promised.

“Do you think I will believe it?” Lu Zixin coldly snorted and said, “Some of you, stay here now, take a good look, my younger brother is you can bully?”

“What do you do with your mobile phone? If you want to call the police, feel free, if you call someone, don’t blame me for being impolite!” Lu Zixin shouted, the guy who sneaky mobile phone scared and quickly put the phone aside.

“You don’t want to be too arrogant!” said the flat-headed youth with a sigh of relief. “When the boss is here, you have a good look!”

“Less than the ratio.” Lu Zixin shouted, “Between the time he didn’t come, if you want to be like the two dead dogs, I can fulfill you!”

The flat-headed youth feared and shrank his head, and dared not let go.

“I ask you, where did you play these games?” Lu Zixin interrogated.

“On the game machine!” one replied.

“Crap, I don’t know if it’s in the console?” Lu Zixin yelled. “I asked where you downloaded it from? Or who gave it to you?”

“I don’t know!” The four little punks shook their heads again and again. “We are playing games, it’s not clear.”

Lu Zixin looked at the young man. He quickly shook his head and said: “I don’t know, it’s the machine that the boss gave, and the game is good.”

Lu Zixin is too lazy to ask, these people are not informed, it seems that only the boss can be found, in order to ask something valuable.

In less than half an hour, the boss of this “shadow bar” arrived.

He didn’t come alone, but he came with three men with thick waists and fierce men.

As soon as he got to the place, the boss shouted to the customers who were still playing the game: “Brothers, I have something to solve. I will suspend business now, I can’t help you, come to me next time!”

People complained and left here.

“That brat is finished!”

“So many people, can’t break their legs?”

“Hey, I just disguised as a taxi driver in the game, had XXX a woman, and the sin value has risen by tens of thousands! I was also rewarded with a million, really unhappy, not fun!”

“Go, go! Be careful!”


“Take something up!” The boss directed a few people and collected all their equipment before they went to the backyard.

“It’s you, what’s the trouble with me?” The boss stared at Lu Zixin, and he saw the scene in the yard, and the anger came to his face.

My customers and employees have been cleaned up, and even the two big wolves he raised have been overturned to the ground in his own shop, deceiving too much!

Lu Zixin is also looking at the boss. He looks like he is in his forties, wearing a fancy vest and shorts, and he is not a serious person at first glance.

“Boss, it is him! He just arrogant one, not only hit us, scolded us things, but also packing you!” flat headed youth saw the boss came, and quickly went to ask for help.

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