BTC Chapter 241 : Wine Table

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Di Chao said to Lu Zixin: “Lu Zi is also kind, I have a drink for him.”

“Don’t!” Zhu An stopped him and said: “Lu Zixin said it makes sense. I am busy with this.”

“Ah?” Di Chao stunned, and this promised, and made him somewhat unprepared.

Lu Zixin’s sentence, how does it work? He just said for a long time, Zhu An did not agree, even if they have a good relationship, but this is a business!

He immediately said: “Zhu An, if you are inconvenient, this is not a problem. You don’t have to be stubborn.”

“Not reluctant, not reluctant.” Zhu An waved, “Lu Zixin agrees, of course I have no opinion.”

“Why?” asked a female student. “Zhu, are you so good?”

Chen Daming also said: “It is, private relations are private, and business affairs should not involve these. General Zhu, don’t listen to Lu Zixin, how do you deal with it.”

Zhu An is a bit unhappy. When these people raise themselves, they also put Lu Zixin in the eye. How difficult is it for him? He simply said: “Let’s say, as long as Lu Zixin agrees, Di Chao, your business will become.”

“Don’t ask me why, at Red Letter, Lu Zixin speaks more than me!”

“What?” Zhu An said, everyone was surprised.

“In the red letter, Lu Zixin has more weight than you?” Di Chao surprised. “Lu Zi, are you also a red letter?”

“Yeah.” Lu Zixin nodded.

Hearing that he admits, Di Chao reveals an incredible expression. He always thought that Lu Zixin was in small company, who knows that Lu Zixin is also in Red Letter Group.

And as far as Zhu An is concerned, Lu Zixin’s identity is still above him. Zhu An is already the vice president of Red Letter Games, and Lu Zixin is also vice president!

This kind of identity, let alone here, is to go to the business community, it is also a well-known figure!

And this person is actually his college roommate!

He was so surprised, and other students looked at Lu Zixin with wide eyes, and their face was astonished and puzzled.

The female student who had a lot of words immediately asked: “Lu Zixin, are you also vice president of Red Letter?”

“Then you are a little jealous of him.” Xue Yao had already had opinions on these people and said: “Lu Zixin is veteran in Red Letter Group. He is talking at the head office and everyone has to listen carefully.”

“Just kidding?” Chen Daming does not believe that this character can be his old classmate, still drinking on a table? That kind of person should talk and laugh with the big guys and talk about construction projects with provincial leaders.

“No kidding,” said Zhu An. “Okay, Di Chao, you see Lu Zixin think that you can do this project, that’s OK! Go back and give me the details, I will write a project report to the head office.“

Zhu An is sure again, the full table suddenly silence.

Di Chao patted his head and suspected that he might be drunk, not awake.

Chen Daming’s eyes were erratic, and his thoughts flew. Lu Zixin actually has this identity, and this brat is too low-key!

If you know him and hold his thighs, my God, if you climb the relationship with Lu Zixin, then you can’t mix it! But why is he so cow? It is already a red letter veteran!

Chen Daming’s previous sense of superiority suddenly disappeared. He knows that compared with Lu Zixin’s identity, it is more than money.

Think about what he had brag about before, Chen Daming suddenly became full of shame, the so-called Kuan Gong is a big knife in front of him, this face can be lost!

However, he reacted quickly and immediately raised his glass, said with a laugh: “Āiyā, General Lu, you are too hidden! Our old classmates don’t tell, it really is low-key. I admonish the wrong wine, take a penny!”

“Which cup is enough, people want to drink with General Lu can’t drink it! At least three cups!” The female student next to him also said with a laugh. She used to be lazy and Lu Zixin said that now it is not called General. It seems to be a child.

“General Lu is too deep, I will respect you!”

“I also respect one, I don’t think there are such a cow in the old classmates!”


Several classmates toasted, and the core of wine table suddenly became Lu Zixin. Lu Zixin is helpless. He doesn’t want to say anything. He is foreseeing such a situation.

Originally it was to celebrate Di Chao’s marriage, and now it has completely changed.

Lu Zixin is coping with everyone’s “excellent feelings are difficult.” As long as Lu Zixin’s wine glasses were empty, Chen Daming immediately got up and poured him down, one General Lu, and it seemed like Lu Zixin was married today.

Even Di Chao, also toasted: “Lu Zi, you can do your job so well, buddies congratulate you! Thank you for your help!”

“Dry.” Lu Zixin didn’t say much, toasting.

A wine can not wait to drink the dawn, Di Chao drink unconscious, it is estimated that the cave is not to count. Lu Zixin and Zhu An were toasted and took a lot of drinks.

“General Lu, General Zhu, it is my fault to not accompany you both today. Tomorrow, if you have time, I will treat you, just in this Mu city, I will arrange for you to play wherever you want!” Chen Daming also pat the chest is guaranteed.

“There is still something tomorrow, next time!”

“General Lu, you drink too much, I will help you sort it out.” A female classmate got together and wanted to hold Lu Zixin.

“No need to worry, I will come, you rest.” Xue Yao blocked her in front of her, smiling and refused.

The female classmate still had a bit of a look and wanted to leave a deep impression on Lu Zixin. Seeing Xue Yao, who can kill her both her body and her face, she was short-lived.

She is jealous with a smile: “Then come.”

Zhu An was already walking unsteadily at this time, and was taken back to the room to rest. And Lu Zixin, also squatting back to the room to rest.

The place for the wedding was in the hotel, and the room was already ready.

Chen Daming and others still want to communicate with Lu Zixin, stay with business cards, call or something, Lu Zixin eyes fight, as if they are going to fall asleep, they just give up.

Watching Xue Yao take Lu Zixin away, Chen Daming, who is full of red face, said with a sigh of relief, “I really drunk me today!”

“General, General, Lu Zixin actually became General! What a special thing!”

“Yeah, I don’t think there are such people in my classmates.” Another classmate said that he was envious. “Man is really incomparable with people.”

“We have been drinking for a long time, I still haven’t figured out what role Lu Zixin is in Red Letter?” Someone asked.

“He won’t say it, but it must be very powerful! You think, Di Chao business is so big that Zhu An can’t guarantee that Lu Zixin can do it. How big is the right to speak!” Chen Daming admired, “If I knew early, I should have picked him up at the station.”

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