BTC Chapter 240 : New Generation

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“This is just an idea. If you want to achieve it, there are not only technical difficulties, but also management difficulties, and relevant laws and regulations should be followed up.” Lu Zixin said.

“This is of course, the emergence of each new thing will inevitably encounter a series of problems, but someone has to do it.” Di Chao said, “Like the urban management problem brought about by the sharing of bicycles, it is not gradually improving?”

“And our Yinjiang Logistics has obtained the qualification to carry out the pilot operation of drone logistics in Kangnan City. The policy aspect is not considered at present. It is most important to make the products that can be commercialized first.”

“Well, this is the truth.” Lu Zixin nodded, using drone logistics would create too many problems, traffic management, safety hazards, noise pollution, etc., but in any case, the product is the first, only to come out and know how to improve.

“This project is very good, I believe Red Letter will definitely be interested.” Lu Zixin said.

“Take your words.” Di Chao raised his way.

“You believe that there is something to use, you have to wait for Zhu An to be good.” Chen Daming said in an inappropriate time.

Upon hearing this sentence, Xue Yao couldn’t help but smile, making everyone somewhat inexplicable.

Lu Zixin also smiled and said: “Zhu An and I are good brothers, and I will help you to say a few words.”

“Thank you in advance.” Di Chao thanked.

Everyone did not agree. Chen Daming’s heart was even more disdainful. You thought it was the same as when you was in college. When you talk to Lu Zixin, people may not be happy to listen.

Di Chao was pulled to accompany the wine, which could not be avoided. Chen Daming continued to talk about him, eloquent, and a group of classmates blowing one by one, one by one, call Brother Chen, and two female students were extraordinarily diligent, making Lu Zixin feel a little boring.

Half of the banquet, Di Chao said: “General Zhu went to the station, I drank the wine, no way to drive, who did not drink, help me drive to pick up.”

“General Zhu arrived?” Chen Daming showed an excited look. “It can be counted, nothing, I didn’t drink, I drove to pick him up!”

Lu Zixin only noticed that this guy had been sitting for a long time, but it was really not a drop of wine.

He drove his own car and was diligent to pick up people. In less than fifty minutes, people received it.

Zhu An came to the door, a group of people greeted in the past, enthusiastic terrifying. Lu Zixin also had to follow them out, he saw the hotel entrance, Chen Daming stopped, immediately got off the car to help Zhu An drive the door, the smile on the fat face fluttering, from time to time to shoulder back, as if the two are not seen for many years, the same as the brother.

“General Zhu came, warmly welcome!” A female classmate greeted him and immediately praised: “You to be a boss, more and more handsome!”

“No, groom official, Di Chao, happy wedding!” Zhu An joyfully said.

“Many thanks, come, hurry in, just wait for you.” Di Chao quickly called him.

Chen Daming took Zhu An and enthusiastically wanted to take him in. Zhu An saw Lu Zixin and Xue Yao behind.

“You have come, too good.” Zhu An greeted, Lu Zixin said with a smile: “General Zhu, there is a board. Special car transfer, the whole class welcomes.”

“Which I know, I know you will let me help you.” As long as he is not in the company, Zhu An is very casual with him.

“General Zhu, here!” Chen Daming took the lead in front.

Zhu An reveals a helpless expression, whispering to Lu Zixin and Xue Yao: “This person is too enthusiastic, in fact, I am not familiar with him.”

“Take him, go, drink,” Lu Zixin said.

After entering, Chen Daming saw that the food was half eaten and said: “General Zhu came, how can let him eat leftover? Di Chao, look at this, let the kitchen make a special table, let’s come back. ”

“Well, I will arrange it.” Di Chao nodded.

“General Zhu, I heard that you can do it in the Red Letter game…” Chen Daming continued to look for Zhu An to chat, not only him, but other students also came over.

Chen Daming said with a smile: “To tell the truth, when I went to school, I thought that Zhu An is not simple. It is a person who can become a major event! You see this aspect, that is the phase of Wolong, you must have a big success!”

“This is called the show!” said a female classmate. “I have always had a deep impression on Zhu An. I think he can do things practically. Come, Zhu An, do you drink one?”

They toasted with Zhu An one by one, Zhu An was helpless and speechless, but for the past two years he has become accustomed to this scene and can handle it.

Soon, Di Chao also came, drinking and chatting together. When it comes to career, Di Chao said that his request was euphemistic.

“Drone logistics project?” Zhu An said, “Brother, you know, I am doing game operations now, I don’t know much about this.”

Di Chao immediately said: “I know, I just think, you should know the top level of Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology? Help us to take a line, when our company talks to them, just a legitimate cooperation project.”

Zhu An is hesitant, and the company’s subsidiaries operate independently. Even if there are cooperation projects, they must follow the company’s rules and regulations.

If he helps to mention this project, it is a bit inappropriate. And Lu Zixin is here too, and the more you replace yourself, isn’t that all the more?

He frowned: “You can directly find the red letter “Science and Technology” to explain the willingness to cooperate.”

“Looking, it’s useless.” Di Chao reluctantly said, “Their principals said that they have too many research projects and will not consider them for the time being. I want to give them a detailed explanation and fight for it.”

Zhu An said euphemistically: “Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology must have their own considerations. This is not something I am not helping you. It is really that I am not familiar with the business there. I am afraid there is no way.”

His refusal was already obvious. Di Chao was somewhat disappointed. He expressed understanding and said: “That, nothing, drink.”

At this time, Lu Zixin interjected: “You don’t want to refuse first. I just listened to Di Chao and I learned about it. This project is a bit interesting. You can help him.”

He has already asked the relevant person in charge of the company. This cooperation project has indeed been reviewed, but it has not passed.

The reason is that drone logistics has great difficulty in implementing technology and policies, and it is not profitable in a short time. Furthermore, the research on drone logistics is not limited to Yinjiang Logistics. The domestic Shunfeng, Jingdong and Santong are all in the same place. Foreign large-scale logistics companies are studying and even have preliminary products.

The person in charge of the company believes that Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology has not started investing in logistics projects yet, and does not need to study this. Even if you want to study, the priority partner is not Yinjiang Logistics.

Lu Zixin asked him to send some information. After watching it, he found that all aspects of Yinjiang Logistics were not bad. This is another forward-looking project that can give an opportunity, so I will speak.

But he said this, everyone looked at him. Zhu An has just explicitly rejected it. Lu Zixin wants him to agree. Isn’t that what is not interesting?

Chen Daming said: “Lu Zixin, I am going to criticize you. General Zhu, have his own considerations. The affairs of big companies can not be determined casually, you can not help others make decisions!”

“Yeah. Everyone is a professional person, and some reason should understand.” One classmate said, “This is a friendship, work is a job. Lu Zixin, Brother Chen is right, you have to pay for this glass of wine.”

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