MST Chapter 40 : As long as it’s you

Edited: XiaXue

Ye Guang pushed the door into the bedroom.

Liu Chiyan also kept her original sleeping position and heard Ye Guang’s incoming voice, whispering: “It’s not for you to go to sleep.”

Ye Guang, while pulling the quilt down on the bed, said: “I don’t like the feng shui of that room.”

Mmm! Very good reason.

Liu Chiyan was not talking, the head was buried in the quilt as an ostrich, Ye Guang lay down, and Liu Chiyan trembled nervously.

There was a dimly lit table lamp in the room, and Ye Guang was lying on the bed, but he complained why the bed was so big. He lay on one side, and Liu Chiyan leaned sideways on the other side, with a multitude of people in between the distance.


Move again.

Continue to move.

Ye Guang moved a little to Liu Chiyan. Liu Chiyan felt Ye Guang approaching. Then Ye Guang moved a little in the middle. She moved to the side and moved a little further, always keeping a distance from Ye Guang.

In the end, Liu Chiyan almost hangs on the edge of the bed, Ye Guang does not care about the three seven twenty-one, took Liu Chiyan and pulled her into his arms.

“Ahhhh…” Liu Chiyan exclaimed softly, then twisted and struggled.

However, in the end, it was a girl, and she didn’t have the strength like Ye Guang. Liu Chiyan didn’t break away from Ye Guang. Finally, she accepted her life and hugged him.

“Don’t do this, I am afraid.” Liu Chiyan pleaded with Ye Guang’s unwise hand.

Ye Guang has a little brain congestion, where is it, his hands are dark, and he wants to break away from Liu Chiyan and hold his hand. Suddenly, Liu Chiyan has always given up his hands and gave up the struggle to loosen, Ye Guang’s resistance suddenly disappeared, but he also had some doubts. How did Liu Chiyan obey? Slightly looked up at Liu Chiyan.

For a moment, Ye Guang seemed to have been poured a bucket of ice water in the sky, and the brains that were full of brains disappeared without a trace, instantly disappeared.

Liu Chiyan’s hair was scattered and she burst into tears. She looked at him so straight. The tears of the beans kept rolling from the eyes and immersed in the pillows. The eyes were full of helplessness, pleading, sadness. disappointment, fear, loss, etc. Ye Guang is difficult to describe emotions in words.

This kind of look, Ye Guang has never seen it, has not seen it in Liu Chiyan, and has never seen it in Dream World wife.

At this time, Liu Chiyan is like a frightened rabbit that was forced to a dead end by a tiger.

Frightened and helpless.

Her heart will be broken.

What have I done?

Some trembling hands were taken back, and they were raised high, and they dared not touch Liu Chiyan.

Gently greet Liu Chiyan, Ye Guang softly, “Sorry, I shouldn’t be like this, my bastard. I am sorry.”

Liu Chiyan was held in his arms, and her body was crying and crying, crying and crying: “I am afraid.”

Ye Guang tightened Liu Chiyan in his arms, softly said: “I’m sorry.” At this moment, besides he is sorry, any words are pale and weak, and he also has the urge to leave, because for the current Liu Chiyan, he is the tiger that exposes her to the dead corner, but he can’t leave, to leave is the biggest damage to Liu Chiyan.

Ye Guang was so quietly holding Liu Chiyan, gently stroking her hair with one hand.

Now, besides he is sorry, he can only be silent. The rest is to hold her gently, give her a warm chest and arms, and let her frightened heart slowly calm down.

A long time.

Liu Chiyan gradually calmed down, and Ye Guang’s chest was soaked by her tears. She was not really afraid of Ye Guang. On the contrary, she was holding in Ye Guang arms, listening to his powerful heartbeat. Let her feel very peace of mind, very warm. She is not afraid of such a Ye Guang, she is afraid of Ye Guang, who is just like a beast, and his mind is full of desire. Although they are all the same person, they are essentially different. One is dominated by the brain and emotions, and the other is dominated by instinct and desire. This Ye Guang is like an irrational beast to her. Wanting to swallow her, Liu Chiyan is naturally afraid.

Furthermore, Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang are legal couples, and the marriage certificate is a testimony! Since she was determined to marry Ye Guang, she did not say that she did not want or did not fulfill her obligation to be a wife. Otherwise, she would not be able to cohabit with Ye Guang so easily, and she also acquiesced to sleep with him in a room. This is what she did. As a wife of a husband, I am working hard to fulfill my wife’s obligations. But Ye Guang’s unreasonable behavior dominated by desires did make her a little scared. She finally tried to stop Ye Guang, which was out of a girl’s reserved.

I was being afraid, but I remembered that he stopped at the last minute, and there was still a feeling of warmth in her heart. What he cares about is herself, not just her own appearance…

“I’m not ready yet.” Liu Chiyan’s voice is still crying. “I am afraid.”

Ye Guang gently kissed her on the head and said, “I am not good, sorry, I should not be like this, you are so beautiful, I am… I am sorry.”

“I do not blame you.” Liu Chiyan shook her head gently, and the voice was just crying, like a hoarse voice, “I am not ready yet, don’t force me to be good, you give me some time, you wait for me… you wait for me…”

Ye Guang’s heart is about to be given by Liu Chiyan, holding her lower hand slightly and gently rubbing it on her little mouth.

“Well, I am waiting for you, as long as it is you, no matter how long I will wait…”

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan were talking on the bed and said a lot of love words. The sweet love words slowly smoothed out the gap that had just been created, and the two hearts seemed to be closer.

Liu Chiyan was very comfortable in Ye Guang arms. She was a bit reluctant to come out. The arms of Ye Guang made her feel very warm and very kind.

The ear was against Ye Guang’s chest, listening to his thumping heartbeat, Liu Chiyan murmured: “Do you know that I haven’t really wanted to do anything until I met you.”

Ye Guang silently rub her head: “Do you still have something you want to do? You are Heavenly Queen, and now you are the boss of studio.”

Liu Chiyan shook her head: “In fact, I when celebrity is also accidental, on the middle school with classmates to cross shop play, inexplicably was director fancy, I also feel novelty, in that play ran a lucky star, later that the play fire, I also was the brokerage company to fancy, actually become Heavenly Queen are the brokerage company packaging and copy of the good, without their packaging and all kinds of copying, it will not be so easy when the Heavenly Queen it.”

Ye Guang: “That is also because my wife has a look, talent, wisdom and beauty. Otherwise, how to pack a person is not a Heavenly Queen.”

Liu Chiyan smirked with a sigh of relief.

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