MST Chapter 50 : Raised by a rich woman?

Edited: XiaXue

A whole day in the office, Ye Guang actually wrote the first unfinished story of Ghost Blows Out The Light, a full 250,000 words, this speed is simply!

Pack the written Ghost Blows Out The Light and send it to Li Delong, call him and say, Ye Guang, look at the time, it’s almost six o’clock in the afternoon, it’s time to get off work.

Liu Chiyan went to Beijing this morning. She can’t come back today. Ye Guang thought about it. In Hexin Gardens, there was no Liu Chiyan. No one went to cook for him. He didn’t go home for a few days. Go back. I have to confess some things with my parents,  otherwise he would still suffer when the incident happened.

Ye Guang lives in the north of the city, Hexin Garden and studio are all in the south of the city. One is far from the south and the north is far away. On the way to work, there are many roads to gamble. Ye Guang took an hour to get home.

Enter the door.

“Parents. I’m back!” Ye Guang shouted when he entered the door.

Father is not there, mother is cooking in the kitchen, and when Ye Guang comes back, she quickly comes out of the kitchen.

Mother greeted him and said happily: “My son is back, why don’t you make a call in advance, Mom will give you a good meal!”

Ye Guang smiled and said: “No mom, I’m not an outsider, everything you make is delicious.”

My mother is very useful, and said with pleasure: “Your dad hasn’t come back yet, I will call him and let him buy two dishes back.”

Ye Guang: “No need.”

Mother hehe said: “Yes, want! You are resting, I will call your dad.”

Not long after, Father came back with a bag of cooked food.

Mother took the cooked food bag from Father’s hand, “How to buy these.”

Father: “Hey, you don’t look at it anymore. The market is closed early, and the supermarkets are all a few dishes.”

Mother didn’t say anything, turned around and went to the kitchen to work.

Ye Guang heard the sound and came out of the room.

Ye Guang: “Dad.”

Father: “Well, come back.”

I have said hello to each other, and the two have no words. This is actually the normal state of getting along with many Chinese families. There is no woman at home to reconcile, the father and son can even have a gossip for a few days. In fact Chinese relatives, most of them are not good at expressing feelings in words.

When I was eating at night, Mother gave Ye Guang a dish and let him eat more. She said that he was definitely not eating well outside and was thin.

Ye Guang is speechless, which is thin, these days have been very moist, and the food made by Liu Chiyan is fragrant.

As long as they are out of the door, the parents under the sun will feel that their children are thin.

Taking advantage of the family’s eating atmosphere, Ye Guang said: “My parents, I have given you a mistake. In fact, I came back the day before yesterday.”

Mother: “Ah? You came back the day before yesterday? Then why not go home these days.”

Father did not move the chopsticks, and looked at him with doubt.

Ye Guang quickly explained: “Daddy, don’t be angry, let me explain to you.” Ye Guang quietly nodded, “Liu Chiyan studio moved to Nanchang. I went to Beijing a few days ago because I had to go to the studio and I came back the next day. The company has projects in these days, too busy, and did not come back.”

Mother was surprised: “Moving to Nanchang? Is Liu Chiyan not a Beijinger? How can she move the studio to Nanchang?”

Ye Guang said: “I don’t know about this, but it’s very good to move to Nanchang. I don’t have to leave my hometown.”

Mother think about it, right, there is no more question on this question: “That’s a good thing, but you are really good. You haven’t talked to the family for a few days. I and your dad always thought that You are in Beijing.”

Ye Guang smirked, “This is not afraid of your worry, and it is too busy.”

Mother: “Why don’t you go home for a few days?”

Ye Guang: “Studio has assigned apartments to employees. I am the management. I have a two-bedroom apartment. It is quite good.”

Mother doubt, but did not ask what, son big, do things have their own ideas, do parents also not good ask too much, Ye Guang a meal to eat down, can be regarded as half-truths of the belly lied, can say all said, deceive also all deceive, no way, some things now say not time, But he still in the mind some difficult, this is deceived parents, ah, in how there is reason to have excuse heart how much or some awkward.

Ye Guang said something about studio with parents. He also said that he had shoot advertised. After a while, it was able to air on CCTV. Father and mother was surprised.

“My son has to go to TV! Great!

The atmosphere has been renewed, the family happy side to eat while chatting, father also opened conversation, “I just came back to see downstairs parked a Skyhawk, hey, guys, this car can striking, atmosphere, beautiful, is expensive, how to get 1,5-1,6 million, son, you seize money, Later developed also buy a car like this, out with more face.”

Mother: “Hey, you guys, the car is your little wife. I like it a lot. You said that it is useful to buy such a good car, but you can’t eat it and you can’t live. It’s better to buy a suite, even if you put it back. Can appreciate, the car is a step, a few years of wear and tear, the old can still be worth a few dollars, all to float. I think that the Anda of the family is very good. Anyway, it is all on the road. Who is worse than anyone else, he has to face his face and live a crime.”

Father is ashamed: “Which is this you, I don’t want to say a car, as for a big bunch? I am motivating my son to ask him to have a future!”

Mother snorted, “Is there a good time to buy a good car?”

Father : “You are lifting the bar!”

Ye Guang saw the situation is not good, and quickly discouraged the two, otherwise the two old people have to quarrel.

Ye Guang: “Dad, do you like Skyhawk?”

Father: “Like, which man does not like this car.”

Ye Guang took the key out of his pocket and put it on the table. “Yes! Then this car will open for you.”

Father doubts: “What do you mean?”

Ye Guang touched his nose and said, “Downstairs, that long Skyhawk  is mine!”

kacha” Father’s chopsticks fell on the table.

Father exclaimed, “What are you talking about, you are saying it again!”

Ye Guang smiled. “The skyhawk downstairs is mine.”

The father was stunned and couldn’t speak without a word. The news surprised him. He had to digest and digest.

Mother is anxious, she just heard what he said, the skyhawk is going to be 1,5-1,6 million. Who is the son? She still doesn’t know, where does he come from?

Mother hurriedly said: “Son, you honestly told Mom, are you doing anything illegal?”

Ye Guang glanced, smiled bitterly: “Which can be a mother, who is the son, you still don’t know.”

Mother did not believe, and then said: “There is nothing wrong with your car, son, mother told you, don’t do anything illegal, if you do, then go to surrender, don’t wait for the police to come to the door, strive for the lenient treatment.” Mother said excitedly. “Son, you have to obey, you can’t be wrong. Mom is only you son. You don’t have anything to do. You can surrender, you can judge for a few years, and your mother will wait for you to come out, son, you are obedient.”

Ye Guang is full of black lines, helpless explanation: “Mom, you can rest assured, not what you think, I really have nothing to do with the law, I promise!”

Father came back to God, said after long time: “Son, you will not be raised by rich women?”

Ye Guang sweats, I thought, father is really a torch!

I am covered by your daughter-in-law!

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