MST Chapter 244 : I’m very serious

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This  amused the audience and made them laughed. The various interactions and various abuses of the guests in the program made them love to hear and laugh, and they laughed and laughed. How can you ever see a variety show where a star is so miserable? Today is really the first time.

When the other guests besieged Ye Guang, it became another intensive laughter.

“Deserve it! It’s right to be self-sufficient. Who asked you to design such abusive link!”

“But… I like it, this kind of link can’t be less in the future!”

“Although I feel sorry for our goddess Liu, I still want to see it. When it’s over, I’m a fake fan.”


The next series of game sessions also made the audience burst into laughter. In the game of diving in the Flying Chair, Ye Guang unforgettable ability surprised countless audiences.

Does Ye Guang has this operation? Long experience.

However, the front is only an appetizer. The really exciting part is Name Tag Elimination, especially when Zhong Jing leads Lan Bao and Mu Huang to attack other groups, which made the audience feel straightforward.

The fighting scene of Ye Guang, Heavenly King Liu and Zhong Jing, pushed the atmosphere to the climax

In the end, Heavenly King Liu won the final victory. After the entire episode was broadcast, many viewers still not satisfied.

“Huh? It’s gone?”

“Why it’s gone, I just watched it for a while. Ah, it’s already ten o’clock.”

Happy times always pass quickly.

After the show was finished, the screening room where Ye Guang and all the staff of the program team were located also gave a warm applause.

Many employees have already begun to say that they have achieved great success, congratulations and the like.

On the contrary, Ye Guang still humbled, “The program has just been aired. I don’t know what the ratings are. We have to wait for the TV ratings to be released tomorrow.”

Wei Haijun said, “Don’t wait, our show must be popular! If it doesn’t, I will eat my camera.”

“Hahaha!” Everyone laughed.

Ye Guang said, “Okay, the show is over, and the time is not too early. Let’s leave, go back to rest early. There’s still work need to be done tomorrow. For the next episode, I hope everyone will continue to work hard and strive to do better!”

The crowd gradually dispersed.

The next day, Ye Guang is awakened by the phone.

“Little Ye, good news! Good news!”

The caller is Zhang Zhi, the deputy director of Beijing Satellite TV. Probably because he was in better mood, he became familiar with Ye Guang.

Ye Guang rubbed his sleepy eyes, and before he could speak, Zhang Zhi on the other end of the phone said anxiously, “The ratings has come out! 1.43! 1.43! We are! We are! First in the country, hahaha, first!”

Zhang Zhi was very excited. The results of Running Man really surprised him. He had watched the video of the show before the broadcast. At that time, he felt very good, but no one would guarantee the ratings before the show was broadcast. There is geometry, even if the program can be welcomed by the audience, but this is just first period, the word of mouth and the heat have not yet risen, but the ratings rose directly on the top of the country’s first throne!

The audience rating is as high as 1.43. This is an achievement that Zhang Zhi didn’t even dare to think about before looking for Ye Guang to make a show, and this is just the beginning. This is the first issue. After that, the show’s popularity and reputation are all available. The ratings must go up, 1.43 is definitely not the end, 1.5, 1.6, or even 1.7 is not impossible! As for how much, Zhang Zhi didn’t dare to think about it.

Ye Guang heard Zhang Zhi’s words clearly, and he sat up from the bed, “Congratulations, Director Zhang!”

Zhang Zhi laughed, “Thank you and same to you too! Little Ye, this show is thanks to you, I really didn’t read the wrong person. Little Ye, the show is relying on you, do it well, just tell me if you have any difficulties! With this achievement, it is certain that our TV station should give priority to it. As long as we can help, we will definitely not refuse.”

Ye Guang smiled, and said, “Thank you, Director Zhang, there are no difficulties at the moment. If there are difficulties, I will certainly not be polite to you.”

Zhang Zhi: “Haha, okay, Little Ye, don’t call Director Zhang, listen to it like stranger. If you don’t dislike it, call me brother.”

Ye Guang laughed, “How can I dislike it? It’s my honor, thank you Brother Zhang.”

The two said a few words and hung up.

The person next to Ye Guang twisted and sat up, “Congratulations.”

Yes, Liu Chiyan stayed in Ye Guang’s room last night. When Ye Guang’s phone rang, it also woke up Liu Chiyan. Zhang Zhi and Ye Guang’s call, Liu Chiyan didn’t hear clearly, because Ye Guang didn’t press amplification key, but through the dialogue between Ye Guang and Zhang Zhi, Liu Chiyan has already guessed.

Liu Chiyan yawned and leaned against Ye Guang a little lazily, resting her head on his shoulders, and asked, “What is the specific ratings?”

Ye Guang: “1.43.”

Liu Chiyan startled and asked again, “How much?”

“1.43, not bad.”

“Ah~” Liu Chiyan yelled, then rolled over and rode on Ye Guang, pecking on his cheek several times, “Haha, 1.43, great! Husband, you are great!”

Ye Guang looked at Liu Chiyan amusedly and said, “So excited, isn’t it 1.43? Look at you.”

Liu Chiyan excitement not passed and said, “What is just 1.43, this is 1.43! Do you know what the ratings of domestic variety shows? In addition to The Strongest Voice, Happy Camp with the highest rating of 1.38. And us 1.43, this is a record-breaking, the first in the country!”

Ye Guang patted a very flexible place in Liu Chiyan, “Well, I know.” There was not much excitement in his tone, it was very plain.

Liu Chiyan looked at Ye Guang, “How are you not happy?”

Ye Guang smiled, “No, I am very happy.”

Liu Chiyan: “I can’t see it.”

Ye Guang: “You don’t need to write happiness on your face, right? I’m secretly happy in my heart, and…” Ye Guang paused.

Liu Chiyan asked hurriedly, “And what?”

Ye Guang: “1.43, haven’t reached my expectations yet.”

Liu Chiyan looked at Ye Guang, “Then what are your expectations?”

Ye Guang thought for a while. Then said a relatively conservative number that he felt, “…At least, the ratings are up to 2. ”

Liu Chiyan stunned and thought of the words that Ye Guang said when he talked to Zhang Zhi about the contract. At that time, Ye Guang also said that the ratings were going to be much, so he was not bragging!

Liu Chiyan: “Are you serious?”

Ye Guang exclaimed, “I have always been serious, but you don’t believe me.”

That morning.

Running Man’s first-day ratings also shocked many people in the industry and outsiders. The television industry was in an uproar, and the major variety shows were even more stunned.

Finally, Happy Camp, which has long dominated variety show ratings, has been pulled down?

Many variety artists do not know whether it is sad or happy.

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