MST Chapter 243 : Running Man Premiere

Edited: XiaXue

The show broadcast schedule has been determined, just waiting for release.

In the past few days, Ye Guang has nothing to do. His main job is to start preparing for recording of the next episode, but he mostly just gave orders, there’s not many places where he needed to do it himself.

Occasionally, I had a small meeting with the two leaders of the Beijing Satellite TV and discussed the show with Shang Shan or found a quiet place for date with Liu Chiyan. During this period, Ye Guang also went to Liu Chiyan’s home once. After playing with Yiyi for a day, he felt this days still quite comfortable.

Originally, Ye Guang was still curious, if Father Liu and Mother Liu went to work, who would bring Yiyi at home? This time he come to Liu Chiyan’s house, he finally understood it. It turned out, Liu Chiyan’s family had a full-time helper. It was a distant relative of Liu Chiyan’s family, just ordinary family. Her family has no financial resources after being laid off. So, Chiyan’s family is taking care of her. They specially invited her to help tidy up the house, take and bring the children, and her work is easy. When Ye Guang came last time, she just went home for a few days because something happened, so Ye Guang didn’t see her.

These days, Beijing Satellite TV’s movement is very big. Zhang Zhi also watched Running Man’s first issue. After watching it, he shot his thighs and said yes. His hanging heart finally released, and he repeatedly said that he was betting on the right treasure. Beijing Satellite TV’s advertising for Running Man is very strong. Both online and offline advertisements, such as posters in subway stations and mobile TV on buses, all vigorously promoting this program.

For a time, Running Man has attracted the attention of countless viewers. Just watching some of the highlights and flowers on the advertisement made many viewers have full expectations for this show. Moreover, Liu Xuecheng and Liu Chiyan’s gold signs is there. This is the first time Liu Chiyan and Liu Xuecheng were on one stage except for The Strongest Voice, so many viewers become very curious about this show.

There’s a lot of heated discussions on the Internet, such as big investment, big production, and the joining of Heavenly King and Queen. This series of people have a lot of interest in the discussion, which makes this program hot before being broadcasted.

Finally, it’s Saturday night.

The long-awaited Running Man, which has been discussed by countless viewers for several days, finally came online on Beijing Satellite TV.

The staff members involved in the production of the show has gathered in a screening room early. The TV in the screening room was connected to the TV signal of Beijing Satellite TV. Now the advertisement is still being broadcast, but everyone’s been waiting for show time.

Ye Guang, Liu Chiyan, Shang Shan and others are also there. Ye Guang didn’t want to come. He had seen it before, and it’s not like they can see if it’s popular from the screening room. Now they watch it is nothing more than to watch the program again, no effect could be achieved.

However, Liu Chiyan advised him, “All staff members is present. Everyone have high hopes and expectations for this show. The ordinary staff have gathered here spontaneously. As the chief director, how can’t you not present? Right?”

Ye Guang didn’t say anything, just go and chat. Anyway, it’s not a troublesome thing. Just watch the show again.

The show broadcast time has counted down.

After an advertisement, it finally arrived at 8:10 in the evening.

The show officially started.

Like Ye Guang and the staff member, many domestic audiences also in front of the TV. They want to see what this hot-selling programs in the past few days.

IN Ye Guang parents house. Mother is still cleaning the dishes, looked at the wall clock, it was 8:06. Mother quickly put down her work, got the remote control to turn on the TV, switched to Beijing Satellite TV. But her mouth still shouted to the room, “Old Ye, come out quickly, it will start.”

Father came out of the room, “What’s the matter?”

Mother: “Watch TV. Today’s my son show is broadcasted. Let’s watch it.”

Father took two steps quickly and sat down on the sofa, “It hasn’t started yet. Look, it’s still broadcasting commercials.”

Mother snorted, “Wait, it’s two minutes away. Let’s take a good look at this show and see how our son work. One hundred million investment… Don’t do it wrong.”

Father hummed and didn’t speak, his eyes staring at the TV. There’s expectation and worry in his eyes.

The show time is up.

A piece of title animation was played. Then a paragraph of advertising narration. Finally, the show entered the topic.

“Hello everyone, welcome to Anda Running Man! I’m running captain Liu Xuecheng!”
Heavenly King Liu dressed in a black formal suit, facing the camera and smiling very handsomely as he introduced

After Heavenly King Liu appeared. The picture frozen, then switched to a short video with Heavenly King Liu personal characteristics. Heavenly King Liu personal video is a mature and stable type. In the video, several people in black is besieging Heavenly King Liu. However, Heavenly King Liu is calm and composed, with a confident smile at the corner of his mouth. When the man in black approaching, he saw Heavenly King Liu drew a short gun from his waist, “bang!bang!bang!” several shots, he killed the man in black. Then he breathed into the muzzle coolly, and said, “Who is still fighting with you these days, is it stupid?”

The show just started, and this short video has aroused many viewers.

“Haha, are you stupid? There’s a gun, will I fight you hand-to-hand?”

“Heavenly King Liu still handsome as always.”

Everyone in the screening room without exception also laughed, even if some of them have seen it twice or even three times, but still can’t help but laugh.

The show continued, the next few resident MCs appeared one by one. Each guest played their personal short video when they appeared. These short stories make many viewers find it interesting.

From the beginning of the show, it seems that the laughter in the screening room has not stopped, but it is more or less, higher or lower.

Ye Guang wondered, you have all seen it, is it really so funny? In some places, it’s not funny at all. Why can you laugh so happily? Or is it just that your smile is too low?

The show continues.

The first game session, Acupressure Mat.

Countless viewers are watching Running Man tonight, the laughter is constant, but the place where the laughter is most intense is the Acupressure Mat game.

“Hahaha, I laughed so hard, no, how could it be so funny. Hahaha.”

“Lan Bao is so funny, this aunt is two times Lan Bao, right? I feel sorry for Lan Bao for three seconds.”

“Mu Huang is good!”

“Isn’t Zhong Jing a tough guy, haha, he met Acupressure Mat and immediately scared, haha, made me laugh.”

“Goddess Liu, my Goddess Liu, distressed Goddess Liu.”

“This game is too cruel, who designed it.”

“This Acupressure Mat is so cruel and inhuman, I really feel sorry for these celebrity, but why do I want to laugh so much, hahahaha.”

“Is it really okay to abuse celebrities like this? How much are they being paid to suffer like this? But why do I still want to laugh so much, hahaha.”

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