MST Chapter 204 : Talented man and Beautiful woman

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Over time.

The heat and attention of River Jumping Incident has slowly decreasing. In the era of information explosion, no one will always pay attention to one thing. Within a few days, other hot news topics will divert their attention from River Jumping Incident and Ye Guang. Basically, I don’t see much on the Internet.

Ye Guang has been busy recording the Journey to the West storytelling program these days. Yiyi went to Beijing and didn’t need him to pick up and drop off to and from school. So, there’s plenty of time and it was progressing very quickly. Ye Guang recorded a full 10 episodes of the show. This is still not working overtime. Practice makes perfect. Ye Guang has improved a lot by himself and he cooperated with the studio staff a lot. The progress of the plot has already reached the second half. Keep this speed. Within a few days, the entire plot could be recorded.

In addition, because of the river jumping incident, Ye Guang’s current reviews are not very good. The Journey to the West storytelling program has also been affected. The ratings of the program have declined somewhat, but fortunately, the worst decline is only two days ago. Finally, it can stabilize the ratings at 0.8. This result is worse than the original, but overall it’s ok. CCTV has not really withdrawn Ye Guang program or put it to other time period because the program ratings declined.

On the other side, Writers Association also didn’t remove Ye Guang because this river jumping event really. The Provincial Writers Association has been silent. The most anxious one is Kong Xiulian. She has been jumping up and down in front of several leaders in the past few days to secretly send the knife for Ye Guang. Fortunately the leader is not blind, he has his own judgment and can see right and wrong. He didn’t take Kong Xiulian words too seriously, but he was perfunctory and would consider things for the organization.

This river jumping incident news and Ye Guang smashing shop fight video spread on the Internet, and the impact on Ye Guang is still quite large. Let’s not talk about himself, let’s talk about Weibo fans. He already has 1.5 million fans on Weibo. During this time, the number of fans didn’t rise but declined. Now there are only 1.1 million. More than 400,000 people have canceled his attention because of this incident. Moreover, his current reputation is not good. For Ye Guang who wants to develop into a star, this is a very deadly thing. It’s not liked by the public. It’s too difficult if you want to be hot. If you want to wash yourself out, you don’t know how much work you have to do.

This weekend, the studio was on vacation, and Ye Guang was going to the hospital to see Teacher Fan. In the past few days, he also made a few calls to Fan Qingwen and asked about Teacher Fan’s situation. Listening to Fan Qingwen meaning, Teacher Fan seems to be getting more serious.

Liu Chiyan heard that Ye Guang was going to going to see Teacher Fan, and after thinking about it, she asked, “Can I go?”

Ye Guang was taken aback, “You wanna go?”

Liu Chiyan: “If it doesn’t work, forget it.”

Ye Guang thought for a moment, “Nothing can’t work, then go.”

The relationship between Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan is still confidential, but it’s not really necessary to keep such absolute confidentiality. The confidentiality is only for the majority of people. However, some acquaintances around them, if they are a little strict and can’t publicize it, there is nothing to know. After all, it’s impossible to hide this matter for a lifetime. Sooner or later, it will be exposed. If Liu Chiyan wants to see Teacher Fan, then go there. It’s okay to see Teacher Fan, but Liu Chiyan is so famous, I don’t know if she will frightened Teacher Fan. Ye Guang’s mind had already begun to see Teacher Fan’s reaction when he saw Liu Chiyan is his wife.

In the afternoon, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan bought some fruit to visit Teacher Fan.

Liu Chiyan still did enough protection work. Sunglasses and masks were enlarged. The weather was hot and wearing a mask was very uncomfortable, but there’s no way, since it’s necessary to hide the eyes and ears.

In the ward, there’s only Teacher Fan and Fan Qingwen who takes care of him.

Ye Guang knocked on the ward.

Fan Qingwen came over and opened the door. Seeing Ye Guang, Fan Qingwen smiled. “Little Ye, come.” She looked at Liu Chiyan who following Ye Guang, and looked up and down at Liu Chiyan, “Little Ye, is this?” Liu Chiyan is wearing mask and Fan Qingwen couldn’t recognize it.

Ye Guang smiled, “Sister Qingwen, let me introduce you, this is my wife. It’s okay today, I will take her to see Teacher Fan.”

Fan Qingwen nodded with a smile and asked the two to come in.

Teacher Fan has heard their movement and turned to look towards the door.

“Teacher Fan.” Ye Guang entered the room and said hello to Teacher Fan.

Compared to when Ye Guang came two times before. Teacher Fan’s condition has worsened. He’s more emaciated now.

“Little Ye, coming.” Teacher Fan’s voice was weak.

Ye Guang nodded, “Well, weekend. I’m coming to see you and buy you some fruit.” Ye Guang raised the fruit in his hand.

Teacher Fan smiled and looked at Liu Chiyan.

Ye Guang quickly introduced, “Teacher Fan, this is my wife.”

Liu Chiyan also rushed to say hello to Teacher Fan, “Hello, Teacher Fan.”

Teacher Fan nodded with a smile. “Okay, hello.”

Fan Qingwen poured a glass of water for Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan, and when she handed it to Liu Chiyan, Liu Chiyan took it and said thank you.

Fan Qingwen has been looking at Liu Chiyan. Seeing Liu Chiyan wearing a sunglasses and mask, Fan Qingwen is a little confused. Why is she wearing a mask on this hot day? Or is it because she was afraid of germs when she came to the hospital?

Teacher Fan was also puzzled and said, “Little Ye, why is your wife wearing a mask all the time? Why doesn’t she take it off and let teacher see it.”

Ye Guang smiled and glanced at Liu Chiyan. Liu Chiyan quickly removed her sunglasses and mask, “I’m sorry, Teacher Fan. I forgot about it.”

When Liu Chiyan took off her sunglasses and mask. Fan Qingwen could see her appearance, she was startled. She covered her mouth in surprise and pointed at Liu Chiyan, “Liu…Liu Chiyan!”

Liu Chiyan smiled at Fan Qingwen and nodded.

Fan Qingwen was amazed. She pulled Ye Guang and asked, “Little Ye, I’m not mistaken, right? Is Liu Chiyan really your wife? This is too…”

Ye Guang laughed and said, “Sister Qingwen, don’t be surprised. You see, Teacher Fan isn’t surprised.”

Teacher Fan didn’t show any surprised expressions. He looked as usual and smiled like in the beginning. Teacher Fan really not surprised. People were old and experienced. What strange things he hadn’t seen. This is nothing. However, Ye Guang found a more famous wife and didn’t care to surprise Teacher Fan.

Teacher Fan looked at Liu Chiyan and nodded, “It’s you, yes. It’s talented man and beautiful woman. Little Ye is blessed.”

Teacher Fan boasted two people, and Ye Guang grinned.

Liu Chiyan also smiled back, “Thank you, Teacher Fan. It’s also my blessing to marry him.”

Teacher Fan very satisfied with Liu Chiyan’s statement and nodded, “Good, good, good.” He said three times in a row.

Fan Qingwen still in shock and didn’t come back, also, how can she not be surprised, this is Liu Chiyan, Although Fan Qingwen is not chasing star, also not Liu Chiyan fan, but she isn’t a person not know the news. She still knows how famous and what status Liu Chiyan has. just seeing it, but this originally unattainable figure suddenly appeared next to her, and she appeared as Ye Guang wife. How could she is not surprised?

Ye Guang talked with Teacher Fan for a long time. It stands to reason Teacher Fan is a patient and shouldn’t talk much, but Ye Guang is happy with to chat with Teacher Fan, and Teacher Fan is willing to say a few words with Ye Guang. There seems endless topics between the two.

Liu Chiyan sat quietly beside Ye Guang, not interjecting, smiling and listening to Ye Guang and Teacher Fan talking.

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