MST Chapter 203 : Save Scourge Ye

Edited: XiaXue

Ye Guang’s life is back on track and he is busy shooting Journey to the West storytelling program for several days.

During this period, Boss Huang family members went to the door several times, but Ye Guang didn’t come out. There’s property security guards, and they didn’t cause any trouble.

Liu Chiyan took Yiyi back to the capital, but Liu Chiyan didn’t stay in the capital city. She returned the next day after sending Yiyi back.

Since the last time Ye Guang visited Teacher Fan. He’s not only solved his heart knot and because this incident, he has become more mature than before. That day, Ye Guang remembered Teacher Fan teaching in his heart.

Studio’s employees were the first to notice. Ye Guang has obviously changed a bit in the past few days. It’s not that his appearance has changed, but his behavior makes the employees feel the changes are not small.

Ye Guang original scourge name is not for nothing. He can’t stay idle and always likes to find things to pick up. It turned out to be foolish. When he sees an employee fiddling with something or doing work, he is curious about it, because I don’t understand anything, and I like to point fingers, I often mess up the staff’s affairs. There are some minor damages on many equipment in the studio. At least half of them are from Ye Guang hand. Until now, Wei Haijun special camera lens cover is still broken, it was accidentally broken by Ye Guang, for this reason Wei Haijun chased Ye Guang two floors.

But these days, the staff found that scourge Ye almost like change of person, and the behavior is very different from the original. For example, the lighting division is adjusting the lights, Ye Guang coming up, the light division hastily watched him like an enemy come. They fear Ye Guang would cause damage again, but this time there was no expected action, Ye Guang quietly looking, occasionally make a noise to ask the light engineer why he did this, as if he was humbly asking for advice.

This situation has occurred many times in the past few days before and after, which made the employees feel very surprised. Director Shang also felt his body was not vigorous. Ye Guang hadn’t challenged him for several days. Sometimes he deliberately picked Ye Guang details. Ye Guang actually listened to him in a honest manner, and he had changed before he couldn’t blame him.

During the lunch break at noon, a group of employees gathered together to discuss.

“Hey, have you noticed that Scourge Ye isn’t normal these days?”

“Yeah, it’s weird. I haven’t seen him harm anyone for several days. It’s very honest.”

“”Even in our side, he won’t cause trouble. Just asking questions.”

“Hm, I deliberately find him and he didn’t talk back. You said it’s not strange.” It’s Director Shang who said this, and only he dared to look for Ye Guang’s embarrassment.

An employee nearby said abruptly, “But… isn’t this normal?”

Some employees immediately said, “This is not normal! Scourge Ye does not harm people, is it still Scourge Ye?”

“Yes, yes, this is not normal. Isn’t it because of the thrilling event?”

“Ah –? Shouldn’t he think about it? The old saying goes, there must be a demon when things go wrong.”

“No… But… it’s not impossible, it’s too abnormal.”

“In the end, Scourge Ye is actually just an older child who has just left school. It’s normal to feel vulnerable.”

In the afternoon.

Ye Guang had just finished recording a program and was about to drink some water. An employee handed him a bottle of drink and enthusiastically helped him twist the bottle cap.

“Advisor Ye, you are fortunate, drink water, drink water.”

Two or three employees surrounded him, some holding snacks on their hands, some holding bread, and others holding towels.

“Advisor Ye, tired. Eat something to pad your stomach and add extra strength.”

“Advisor Ye, it’s hot. You see you’re sweating, come, wipe with a towel, no, I will wipe you.”

“Advisor Ye ……”

Ye Guang is stunned. What is the situation? Why did you become so enthusiastic all at once? Flattered, flattered.

Ye Guang is puzzled, “What are you singing?”

The staff laughed, “Nothing, it’s nothing, it’s hard for you to record the show. Everyone cares about you.”

“Yes, yes, Advisor Ye, we all care about you. You think about it before you make a decision.”

Ye Guang is puzzled. “What do you mean?”

Employee: “Advisor Ye, you see that so many of us concerned about you, care about you, even if you don’t think for yourself, you have to think for everyone.”

“Yes, Advisor Ye, you think about it for your family, think about your father, your mother, and your lover.”

“Don’t think about doing something stupid.”

Ye Guang understood it, this group of guys thought he was irritated and couldn’t think about it. Thinking about the past few days, it seems he’s not the same as before. It’s no wonder, he made the employees thinking about it.

Ye Guang couldn’t laugh or cry, “You guys are all itchy, right? You can’t expect me to be okay!”

Employee: “Advisor Ye, we don’t mean this, this isn’t afraid you…”

Ye Guang has a black line, “Go, go, go, go.”

All employees scattered.

Then grouped in small groups to speak quietly.

Some employees patted their chests, “It seems to be normal. You see, just now he was so short of breath. This is what Scourge Ye looks like. Normal is good, normal is good.”

“It seems that our probation is effective, we must continue to work hard, through our care, to make Scourge Ye completely return to normal. We must not let him go further and further on the road of deviation and cause tragedy.”

“Okay! Come on, comrades! Save Scourge Ye!”

“I will bring him breakfast tomorrow!”

“I bought him milk tea. ”


All employees echoed.

So, the next few days, Ye Guang fully feel the enthusiasm from the studio staff. This enthusiasm  made him flattered, he was particularly awkward, mainly too warm with excessive enthusiastic, the staff said to use caring for Ye Guang. In this warmth, the staff play the most vivid. Even when Ye Guang went to toilet, the staff enthusiastically handed him white and soft toilet paper.

Finally, one afternoon, even Director Shang bought a cup of coffee for Ye Guang, and after graciously handing it to him, Ye Guang finally couldn’t stand it.

“You guys,  can you stop a bit, what is wrong with me? Don’t think I didn’t hear what you said, am I abnormal? Is it me? It’s you who is abnormal!” Ye Guang couldn’t laugh or cry, “What’s the matter with you? You just like me making trouble for you, have you got a bone disease or what?”

All the employees were stunned when they saw Ye Guang go crazy. Then looked at each other, and finally burst into applause.

It’s finally normal. This is Scourge Ye. The humility and low-key Ye Guang in the past few days is definitely not normal. The employees are very pleased with their efforts and saved a deviated youngster. This merits is immeasurable.

Ye Guang looked at the joyful employees, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

But my heart is warm. Although the employees enthusiasm was too much for him to bear. But everyone cared about him. How could Ye Guang heart not warm.

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