MST Chapter 202 : Ye Guang with low EQ

Edited: XiaXue

After dinner at night.

Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang said something.

“My mom called in the afternoon and said that she wanted Yiyi to return to Beijing for a while.”

Ye Guang was startled, but it’s not too surprising. Yiyi came to Nanchang for a while, and went back to Beijing on May 1st. Liu Chiyan’s parents haven’t seen their granddaughter for a while, and it was normal to think about it.

Ye Guang touched Yiyi’s head, “Yiyi, do you miss grandparents.” Ye Guang is talking about Daddy Liu and Mother Liu.

Yiyi swallowed the food in her mouth, “Somewhat thinking.”

Ye Guang smiled, “Liu’er, when will you take Yiyi back to Beijing for a while?”

Liu Chiyan nodded, “Well, my parents are fine, but my grandfather miss Yiyi. I will send Yiyi over the past few days and let her live with my grandfather for a few days”

Ye Guang nodded. Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan is married couple, but Ye Guang never see Liu Chiyan’s parents and her grandfather. This is hidden marriage rhythm.

When Yiyi heard, she would have to live in Taigong’s house. She immediately unhappy, and her face drooped, “Don’t go, don’t go to Taigong’s house.”

Liu Chiyan gave her a white look, “You have to go, even if you don’t want!”

Yiyi mouth was aggrieved, and the chopsticks stopped moving.

Liu Chiyan’s grandfather lived in a place where life and shopping is not very convenient. so Yiyi can’t eat snacks when going to Liu Chiyan’s grandfather’s house. For a foodie at Yiyi’s level, not having snacks is the most uncomfortable thing.

Liu Chiyan saw Yiyi posing like this, and it was so angry and funny, “Taigong loves you so much. You still don’t want to go. He loves your little girl for nothing. Don’t squat your mouth. When you go, I will prepare your snacks are on the way.” Liu Chiyan still knows Yiyi.

When Yiyi heard it. Her rained face instantly cleared, and she didn’t squeeze her mouth. She said nothing, and continued to devour the fragrant food.

Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang smiled at each other.

Continuing to eat, Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang searched for the topic and chatted with each sentence.

Ye Guang: “Liu’er, you think, we have married for so long and I haven’t meet your parents. Do you find a suitable opportunity to tell them? You can’t hide it, and we can’t keep hiding it.”

When talking about this, Liu Chiyan had a headache, “I think too, but I really don’t know how to open this mouth with my parents.”

Ye Guang came up with the idea, “Why don’t you talk about it first, let’s not say we get married, just ask for a boyfriend and see what your parents attitude is.”

Liu Chiyan collapsed her shoulders and looked helpless, “Let’s take a look, I’ll find a suitable opportunity to try.”

Telling her parents about marriage, not Liu Chiyan didn’t think about it. On the contrary, she often considered this matter, but she really didn’t know how to talk to her parents. After all, this marriage is too sudden, it’s difficult for her to went back and say to my parents in a carefree manner. Mom, Dad, I got married. If she really dares to do this, she won’t be able to delay it until today, didn’t she see Ye Guang’s parents reaction when knowing how he secretly got married? Liu Chiyan marriage to Ye Guang is considered as married into family and Ye Guang’s parents reacted so much. Not to mention Liu Chiyan’s parents, who said abruptly, even if Liu Chiyan’s parents didn’t blame Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang. But, Ye Guang’s impression in their heart will greatly reduced.

You just married my daughter without saying a word, it’s strange such a son-in-law can please.

After finishing this topic, the three people had a good meal and played around for a while, and they all went to sleep.

Today, Ye Guang untied his heart and felt very comfortable. When he’s sleeping with Liu Chiyan. His hands is very dishonest, making Liu Chiyan amused and embarrassed. Liu Chiyan couldn’t stand it and yelled to bite him. Let Ye Guang be honest.

Ye Guang remembered when he was in the Hangzhou hotel. Liu Chiyan said after they come back and didn’t know how long she had said this.

Ye Guang tempted and asked, “Liu’er, when we in Hangzhou. You said that, when we come back, round the room… this matter…”

Liu Chiyan was so ashamed that she shrank down, almost retracting her head into the quilt, acting like an ostrich.

Ye Guang waited for a long time,

Seeing that she has been burying her head and not talking, he thought Liu Chiyan still reluctant, a little disappointed, “Then… for a while.”

Ye Guang EQ is really not high, and, the most important thing is he has no love experience. Whether in the dream world or in this world, he has no love experience. When he enters dream world. He’s already married. How about this world? He and Liu Chiyan got married quickly and hadn’t talked about love for a day. So, he was just a little white about the love scene. He didn’t understand. Sometimes women didn’t talk just because they were shy and reserved. Not talking actually meant agreeing.

Seeing Ye Guang hadn’t moved, Liu Chiyan couldn’t say anything in her heart. She now no longer afraid of what Ye Guang would do to her. At the beginning, just because it’s the first day cohabitation, first sleep together, Ye Guang again strong, this scared Liu Chiyan. Now, after so long. He basically touched all over Liu Chiyan body. This violation didn’t make much difference if Ye Guang wants to do that to her, Liu Chiyan won’t be afraid or resisted anymore. On the contrary, Liu Chiyan is actually a little bit curious about that, um, just one Little bit.

However, Ye Guang didn’t open her lie, she was very helpless. Could it be she must put down the last bit of restraint, take the initiative to say to Ye Guang, come on, face me.

In the final analysis, I can only blame Ye Guang for not competing, low EQ, too small white, and miss N+N times in a good way with Goddess Liu.

Of course, there are many opportunities for this kind of opportunity. As long as they are legal couples. They sleep in the same bed every day. He has the opportunity every day, but he’s not in a hurry.

Next day.

Ye Guang sent Yiyi to Kindergarten and then returned to Studio to work.

Convene all the employees, “Come here, start work, today I will record Journey to the West storytelling program.”

Xia Hai asked, “Advisor Ye, recording the show today? The injury on your face…”

Ye Guang waved his hand nonchalantly, “What is this little injury? The bruises almost gone. They can’t see it with a little bit of makeup. Besides, this is a storytelling show. It just little injury on my face. Record it. After finishing this section, let’s understand one thing earlier.”

Xia Hai nodded and then whispered, “Advisor Ye, I have a cousin who works at CCTV and hears a little wind. It seems to be because of the impact of jumps into river in the past few days. Journey to the West storytelling program ratings have fallen, plus you have a bad opinion right now… cough… My cousin said, our program will be withdrawn, or it’s broadcast in other unpopular time periods. But, I don’t know if the news is reliable.”

Ye Guang frowned and thought about it, “No matter what the decision is, it’s useless for us to worry about it. CCTV has the final say. It’s going to be raining. We can’t control so much. We just need to make our own show. This news is not reliable yet.”

Xia Hai nodded, “Yes, then I will call everyone to work.”

Everyone started to get busy. Today, the focus of Studio staff and Ye Guang has returned to the recording the show.

The show was recording normally. Apart from studio staff becoming busy, the happiest thing is the property staff, cleaning worker and security guards, because after the show started recording. They have rest place and can listen to story and have free tea and snacks.

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