MST Chapter 84 : Ye Liu

Edited: XiaXue

Ye Guang can only say that the reason for getting married is blocked by Mother in the room, and then sleep with Liu Chiyan, otherwise he really does not know how to say to his parents, say love at first sight? Father can slap him to death, and he will be married at first sight? So he can only say that, to say so, with the spirit of father, at least not too angry with him and Liu Chiyan flash marriage, more is that it is holding his parents.

Ye Guang: “Dad, sorry, this is my fault. I shouldn’t hide this from you, but you also know that Liu’er identity is too special. I really don’t know how to tell you, you said that if I want to go back and tell you, I married Goddess Liu Chiyan to be your daughter-in-law, you must be scared.”

Father snorted. “You don’t scare us if you don’t say it? You let me say what is good for you, remember to eat or not to fight, do this kind of idiots all day long!”

Mother also said, “Son, not mom say you, you want to marry mom don’t oppose, where parents do not want their children can soon married, but marriage is big thing, how also have to pay attention to a parent’s life matchmaker, now new society, no matchmaker a said, but do parents always know sentiment, your father is not angry you marry, he is angry you cheat parents.”

Ye Guang has repeatedly admit his mistakes.

Father cold face, “Marriage is a big thing, listen to you said that you realize that now, add up to less than a month, see two or three sides will dare to marry, I said what you think, marriage has such a play? It’s just a mess!”

Ye Guang looked at Liu Chiyan and turned back, “Dad, I shouldn’t be hide it from you. It’s something I did wrong, but I got it right when I got married, from the time I saw her first. I knew that she was the only one I wanted to marry in this life, and it can only be her. I believe this is the arrangement of heaven. This is my destiny.”

Father, “Shit! Don’t give me your little young love at first sight!” Father waved, “Is it the same thing to get married and fall in love? Marriage is a lifelong, not a child’s house, is to match rice, oil, salt and vinegar tea, is the mutual support of the two husbands and wife, you said she a scene … celebrity, will you live?” Father may have said the play because of his excitement, but considering that Liu Chiyan is right next to him, the dangerous car is stopped.

Liu Chiyan heard the words, a trembling, a mist of water in her eyes, her heart was wronged, what happened to celebrity? Will celebrity not live? The young married woman who has not yet officially entered the door is not liked by father-in-law, and whoever is placed on it will be wronged.

Mother sneaked a peek at Liu Chiyan and saw her look down with a low head. She felt particularly weird in her heart. Is this gorgeous Goddess Liu Chiyan on the screen? It looks like a little daughter-in-law who just enters the door when she sees it.

After looking at Ye Guang, Mother couldn’t help but feel that it was really a bit of tofu in the brine, a thing to drop.

Although Mother also thought that the father said something reasonable, Liu Chiyan was sitting next to him. In front of others, he almost said that people are acting, and that people would not live, it is not very good.

Mother pulled the corner of Father clothes and whispered, “Old Ye, what do you say, people are… in the face of outsiders, talk and pay attention.” Although Mother is talking about the point of attention, but the meaning of the words is very obvious, she also thinks that Father is right, but it is not easy to say in front of the outsider.


Liu Chiyan groaned and felt aggrieved.

Ye Guang’s face sank. “Mom, it’s okay, you let Dad say, there is no outsider!” Ye Guang bites particularly heavily on the word “Outsiders.”

Liu Chiyan is his wife, his legally registered wife, the wife who will live with him for a lifetime, the wife who will give birth to child for him in the future, and Ye Liu who will be buried in the grave of his Ye family after her death!

Outsider! How can you say that it is an outsider?

One said that actors would not live a life, one said that it was an outsider, Ye Guang was a little angry, yes, yes, he was deceiving his parents and doing something wrong, so how did Father and Mother get angry with him, how to beat him, he can be accepted, this is what it should be. He has no reason, he can’t and doesn’t want to have any rebuttal. All of this can be, but only, he does not want Liu Chiyan to be wronged, nor can he let her be so wronged for no reason.

Father and Mother of course also noticed the accent of Ye Guang biting, knowing that he was dissatisfied. Father snorted and watched Ye Guang not speak.

Ye Guang: “Dad, Mom, I know, you are angry. This is my fault. I apologize to you again. It doesn’t matter how you get angry with me. I can accept it. I deserve it.” Ye Guang paused. “But I don’t want you… I don’t want you to say that to Liu’er!”

Father and Mother gloomy watching Ye Guang, Ye Guang face sinking, “Do you know her? Do you know what kind of person she is? No, you don’t know anything. Except for her radiant side on the screen, you don’t know anything about her. Yes, she is celebrity, Heavenly Queen-level big celebrity, what you can tell for sure is that your son and I will be celebrity in the future! It will definitely be! I will be celebrity in the future, can’t I be your son? Will not live? Aside from the identity of celebrity, we are just ordinary people, she is just a beautiful girl, why do you say she will not live?”

Ye Guang said that he was still energized, and got up, pointing to Liu Chiyan, “Yes, she is big celebrity, but this big star got up at 7 o’clock every day to make a breakfast for your son and spent the day Class still has to cook dinner for your son in the kitchen. Look at this house. Inside and out, it ’s not her clean and tidy cleanness. The rice, oil, salt, vinegar and tea are not what she controls. She is gentle and considerate, virtuous family, where will not live?”

Father and Mother eyes flashed a little.

Ye Guang continued: “And, I repeat, we are married, I am her husband, she is my lawful registration wife, is to be with me for a lifetime, to give me a son to you born grandson, will be like mom, home outside the house to run even dead will be buried in our Ye family Graveyard, my wife with Ye Liu engraved on the tombstone! She is not an outsider!”

Ye Guang still wants to say something. Liu Chiyan pulled him gently and motioned that he wouldn’t say it. Liu Chiyan felt aggrieved at first, and tears were spinning in her eyes. When she saw Ye Guang defending her, she felt so much better in her heart. She was full of happiness, but she was a girl who knew the difference. Ye Guang kept her, she was happy, but she didn’t want Ye Guang and his parents unhappy, so she quickly pull Ye Guang and told him not to say it.

Ye Guang looked at her, opened his mouth, and finally said nothing, sitting back on Sofa.

I really can’t say it. I’m afraid I’ll be averse to my parent’s dislike with Liu Chiyan.

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